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3 months is not a lifetime, I’d just stick it out, day by day, and it’ll be all gone by the time the little one is in your arms. You won’t remember it!

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((Hugs)) I’m so sorry. πŸ™  While I don’t have all of the problems you do, I’m suffering with nerve pain in my leg for almost a week now. I’ve had to take tylenol w/ codeine and now my OB prescribed Percocet today, plus three days of an anti-inflammatory (which I’m so scared to take) but if I don’t, my leg pain is so painful and I can’t sleep or hardly function. πŸ™  It doesn’t seem as if my pain may get any better during the rest of pregnancy based on what she thinks it is, so I’m so scared that I’ll deal with this pain for another 5 months. πŸ™  So I totally relate!!!! I’m so sorry you and I both have to deal with pain. You sure have been through so much!! ((hugs))

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Pregnancy certainly can make pre-existing physical and mental health problems flare up, especially when you have to go off your meds for the baby’s sake.

It will be worth it in the long run.

ps how did the glucose test go?


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I am so sorry all of this is happening to you.  I think you are very brave in facing it all.  This means you’ll get karma points for later, right ; )

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Can you take a day and just relax and treat yourself to some pampering, go to your favorite restaurant, etc? You deserve some “me time”!

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((HUGS))  I remember feeling utterly miserable at certain times during my pregnancy.  I had horrible morning (all day/all night) sickness.  I couldn’t stop throwing up.  And when I couldn’t throw up any more it was the dry heaves and they were very painful.  Even then I couldn’t escape the “seasick” feeling.  I was nauseous all the time.  Once I even had to crawl to the bathroom and after puking I remember lying on the floor, crying, thinking that if I didn’t want this baby so very much I would wish I were dead.  I even puked in the tub trying to take a bubble bath once, it was so disgusting. 

But let me tell you this – as a mother – it is truly worth every single, solitary, painful, excruciating little moment of suffering you are going through.  It really is. The joy of holding your beautiful newborn baby in your arms will completely wipe all of this away.  I promise!  Just hang onto that thought. 

Communicate with your baby, stroke your tummy, talk to him or her.  The bonding begins now.  It will help take your mind off the suffering, which I know is really bad, and focus it on the creation of the human being who is growing inside your body, and who was created from love.  It will all be OK!

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@PandasWifey:  I’m so sorry you’re still having an awful pregnancy! I know that it seems really tough that you’ll have to go through another 3 months of this, but I know you can do it. You’re so strong to have made it through the first 6 already!

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I don’t know if this is truly relating, but I had 3 days of severe morning sickness during the first trimester and seriously thought that I wasn’t cut out to be a mother and felt that life was hopeless. 

…and that was THREE DAYS. So in that sense, you have my heartfelt sympathy!

Since then, it has not been exactly a picnic. I’m sitting here right now completely nauseous, which is affecting my concentration, and the baby (even though I’m only 20 weeks, so it’s still a peanut) is moving which also heightens the nausea whenever s/he kicks/rolls/air guitars/whatever. Can’t sleep well at night, exhausted during the day, can eat all day but only teeny amounts at any one sitting, can’t take (or well, I’m trying NOT to take) anti-depressants which I would need normally…Sigh. No one ever tells you that pregnancy can be like having a low-grade flu…for weeks on end. 

If it’s any consolation, i know several mommies who had to take migraine meds as well and had perfectly healthy babies. THey wouldn’t prescribe it to you if the risk was severe–and when I looked up the reasons why they tell you not to take aspirin or NSAIDs, I found that the risk really concerns women who are on an aspirin regimen (ie, one pill a day) AND in the third trimester. And the risk is relatively small even then. If you’re an American, you know that we’re really good at panicking over the extreme scenario and then creating policy to address the extremes. Plus, we’re litigious. So, put that together and you have a bunch of pregnancy recommendations that are mostly a tad overcautious. (IMHO–and note, I’m not a doctor!)

PS–if it’s really that severe, you might see if your doctor will be able to get you medical leave from your work. 

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I’m so sorry. Migraines are HELL. There is seriously no describing it to someone who hasn’t had them.

I don’t have any words of wisdom, just sympathy. It will all be worth it in the end, yes, but it sure sucks right now!!!!!!!

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I’m sorry honey. I know how rough this pregnancy has been on you. It might not help in the least, but maybe you can try changing the way you’re thinking about it? Like instead of thinking “god, 3 more months of this!” maybe try to tell yourself “I’ve already made it through 6 months of this, I can do 3 more!” Or don’t even think of it in months at all…maybe think “Less than 100 days!”

You can do this. Big hugs!

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@PandasWifey:  I know, I’m scared about taking too much pain medicine, too, but as you said we don’t have a choice. My leg pain is excruciating (The way I describe it is like it is a migraine, but in my upper leg) and I can’t function without the medicine. Plus, I can’t sleep when I have the pain. And we have to sleep and take care of ourselves. Try not to worry. You are doing all you can and you will get through this!! And with a beautiful baby in just a few months. πŸ™‚

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I can relate. This pregnancy has just not been fun for me. I’m at 12 weeks left and have many conversations a day with this lil one that after 36 weeks I’m ready to meet him/her.

I do feel a little bad not enjoying it – but whatever. This is my body and I’m ready to have it back. Just cause I’m not enjoying pregnancy does NOT mean I’m not SUPER excited to have this little one join our family πŸ™‚

Knowing this is *hopefully!* my final pregnancy I’m REALLY trying to find the little things I can enjoy – like sporting my bump (I do like that) and feeling all the movements. (And hopefully the nesting soon) But otherwise I find myself focusing on all the things I CAN’T WAIT TO BE ABLE TO DO after the baby. And the things I won’t miss – like the nausea, and heartburn, and severe rib pain, and peeing constantly, and the not enjoying food, and the poor excuse for a night of sleep, and the constant feeling of ugh.

So vent away – you are not the only one πŸ™‚ And I hope these next 3 months FLY by for you. Maybe you can spread out some ‘treats’ every 2 weeks to keep ya going! I’ve got a massage I’m saving up. Or a pedicure. Or frozen yogurt trip!

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Hugs Panda!  Just think, we’ve already made it 6 months, 2/3 of the way!  In one more week we’ll be in the third tri and then 10-13 weeks later you’ll have your beautiful little girl!!!  I’m sorry pregnancy has been such a horrible experience for you, but I’m sure she will make it all worth it πŸ™‚

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