(Closed) At my wits end with my kitten.

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@SouthernGirl:  Have you taken her to the vet?

Since she is seeking out soft things to pee on, it may mean there is pain associated with her peeing. If peeing is painful, she may see the litter box as the source of the pain and is finding softer surfaces to try and alleviate the pain. The most common thing causing pain while peeing is a UTI. I’d get her checked out by a vet ASAP to rule this out. 

Also how many cats do you have and how many litter boxes?

The general rule is that you should have 1 litter box per cat (plus an extra box). So if you have 2 cats, that means 3 boxes. I know that may not be feasible, but you should at least try to have 1 box per cat if any of the cats are having issues using the box. 

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@SouthernGirl:  Can you close her in your bathroom with her own box, food, and water when you leave?

Re-acclimate her to using the litter box?

Maybe she’s been bullied by the other cats (or dog) while using the box so she’s now afraid to use it. 

At least by closing her in the bathroom when you aren’t home, if she has an accident it’ll be easier to clean and it won’t traumatize her like when she was crated. 

Getting her spayed should also be top priority. 

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Some cats can get upset if they share a litter box so I’d recommend having a seperate litter box for this kitten

Also some cats just cannot settle and she may be better off in another home with no other cats. My friend had a cat like this and since she was rehomed has never peed/pooed in a house again. Its a sign that the kitten is not happy for whatever reason

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My cat did the same thing (and sometimes still has lapses). My vet recommended this product called Feliway. It comes as a spray and as a plug in. It releases pheramones that calms down the cat. We call it the kitty crack…and its the best thing EVER. He stopped peeing on things almost immediately!

Here’s a link

Also, take the cover off the litter box if you have one…some finicky cats don’t like them!

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I have a similar problem with my cat…. she has actually peed on me while I was in the bed and not giving her attention.   We are often terrifed to come home when we’ve been gone for a while cause you never know what you will come home to!!

She has been A LOT better sinec we got a second litter box without a lid!

But i’m really excited to try the feliway!  I am so tired of having to dry clean my duvet!

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I definitely recommend a second litter box….unfortunately you might just have to find a space for it.  When I lived in 400 square feet, I found a way to have two litterboxes to keep my cats chilled out.

Also, I agree with PP that spaying her should be a top priority.  And I also think a vet visit is definitely in order.  Can you go to a vet in a nearby town or something since you don’t like the one near you?

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I had an older cat and introduced a kitten last year. It is very tricky as cats are very territorial and introducing them takes time, alone with litter training!

I agree with everyone above-get her spayed, also vet checked for any health issues, and buy more litterboxes! Keep everything closed, and buy natures miracle to get out the smell. For the time being, until this stops, keep her confined to a large room with her litterbox in it and watch her! Keep taking her to the litterbox and showing her to paw and use it. Keep this separate from the others for now. Also, talk to your vet about what he would suggest…asap!


These behaviours are so hard to undo and her behaviours could be territorial as well, which could be an issue which, if not taken care of, will result in her having to be a feral or outdoor cat as she will jsut do it again in the next home and the next and the next!


Good luck with your cat!!!

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My cat used to do this ALL.THE.TIME.  It was friggin annoying!!  We took her to the vet, nothing was wrong. 

It was a friend of ours that suggested putting out water dishes for her.  We added 3 water dishes around the house that I fill daily.  One in the living room, one in our bedroom and one in the sink in the laundry room basement. 

The added water dishes have gotten us from her peeing on things daily to peeing on random things every couple months.  Which is still sucky but way easier to deal with.


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I agree with the PP’s who say to get another litter box and to take her to the vet. I know you said you got a second litter box, and she didn’t use it. Cats are very picky about litter boxes, so there could be a number of things she didn’t like about it. Some cats prefer litter boxes with lids, some like them without lids. Some cats need larger boxes, so they have room to move around in it. Some cats are also picky about the type of litter used. Experiment with different things to see what she likes.

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