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Blushing bee
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Ok, so I have returned items at Target several times without a receipt.  They just ask for your ID (to record god knows what.  Lookout!  shes a serial returner!!!) and then they give you a gift card for the current selling price.  I don’t know if I have just encountered very nice Target people (yay El Cerrito, CA) or what, but I have honestly done this at least 3 times in the past year or so. 

I am registered at Target, and while I haven’t had to return anything from the registry, it has been a great experience so far.

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Buzzing bee
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I think that their policy is that you can do that a limited number of times a year (I heard 3, but don’t know if that is correct).  So if you were trying to return a bunch of gifts, you would run through your allotted times pretty quick.

As long as you get gift receipts for most things I don’t know that you would have any issues.

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looks like this person is just going around to any wedding site to post. Shes signed up for weddingbee the same day she posted and it looks like she hasn’t decided to post back to people’s comments. kinda annoying.

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Blushing bee
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we registered for target cause they’re everywhere and they have everything. yes, their return policy isn’t great, and yes, you only get 2-3 returns without a receipt per year. but we have plenty of family nearby, and if need be, we can send them all in with three gifts to return. 🙂 it’s clearly stated – you can’t gripe about it if you choose to register there. :/

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Unfortunatly rules are made because people have found ways to gain money and get around the system.  When I worked at a retailer that used to be owned by Target I had people who would steal items and then come back two days later to return the item to get cash/credit/store credit.  So it does happen and retailers have to protect themselves in order to keep costs down.

I still LOVE Target, but you just have to understand their policies.  Then again I live in MN where Target is headquartered so I am biased since many friends work for the company and I have visited their India offices.


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Buzzing bee
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I actually dislike Target as a bridal registry location for an entirely different reason. I’m completely aware of their return policies because I shop there quite frequently and their receipts should be safely tucked away the moment you purchase something because I’ve never been able to return anything without it. I’m sorry you had trouble with the return policy – it is something to definitely look into when considering where to register.

My reason for disliking Target as a registry location (for either bridal or baby) is how incredibly difficult it can be to locate several items on the registry. Usually the aisle or general location of the item is provided, but often without a photo or a sufficient description to ensure that the gift-giver is purchasing the gift that the couple actually wanted! I’ve had this problem several times on several different registries. 

Because of this, I’m choosing to register at Bed Bath & Beyond for all of our daily household needs. The staff is much better to work with (probably because more of their revenue is based on registry items) and they have a special registry center located in the fine china department with a person to help you locate items and answer questions. If you live close enough to a Bed Bath & Beyond, I would strongly recommend choosing them for your registry to save your guests the headache of trying to locate items on Target’s registry!I love Target, but they get a D+ in my book for registries.

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Blushing bee
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Another reason that Target may have declined ATCMAN’s daughter’s gifts, is if some items came from target.com.

The dot-com store sells a huge variety of stuff not available in-stores. Because of this, those items cannot be returned in-store, because the stores don’t have a location for singular items and wouldn’t have tagging and skus for the items.

I’ve ordered many things at target.com that I could return in-store, and many others that can only be returned by mail. Since target.com is affiliated with amazon.com, it’d be like trying to return an amazon item to a brick-and-mortar store… it’s just not going to work.

Yeah — target.com’s return policies aren’t the most flexible, but we registered there, partially because their prices and selection are often better than BB&B. 

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Bee Keeper

I’m registered at both stores.  I like them both, but Target seemed to have a better selection and prices for what I wanted.  Just remember to tell guests to have a gift receipt.

And ladies, if you’re hosting a shower 1500 miles from home and you don’t register just for gift cards, don’t expect your guests to shell out extra $$ for you to ship it home!  It’s your responsibility to figure out the logistics, it’s their generosity that got you a gift in the first place.  What next, hosting a party 1500 miles from where the guests live???  Come on!

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Helper bee
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My Fiance and I considered registering at Target, but were talked out of it by friends who didn’t have a very good experience there.  They understood the return policy when they signed on, but they discovered that Target is very, VERY slow to update the registry when items are purchased off it.  The result: they had many duplicate gifts and could only return a few of them.

My matron of honor registered at Kohl’s and loved it — they have a similar selection to Target and their prices are really very good.  If you don’t want to register at Target but you do have a Kohl’s near you, check it out! BB&B is also great, but I thought I’d throw another option out there.

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I intended to register at Target, but I changed my mind after a bad experience buying a baby gift for my friend’s shower when she registered there.  (The item was not taken off the registry, and NOBODY at the store was able to remedy the situation for me.  I spent 2-3 hours trying to sort out the situation, and I didn’t want any of my family/friends to have to go through the same thing.)

Anyway, my sister had a great experience registering at Macy’s, so that’s where we went.  I know there are pros and cons of any store, but when one of her wine classes arrived broken, Macy’s shipped her a new set no questions asked.  And, when she had an out of town shower, she was able to return all the big items she received and then rebuy them in her home-town Macy’s – very convenient!!

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