At what age did your kid learned to use the potty to poop?

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I’ve read about some children being potty trained as early as 9 months using sign language cues, but of course this isn’t the norm. Many daycares start potty training on a toilet around 2 years and require children to be fully potty trained by about 3 to move up to the next classroom. I’d say 15-18 months is probably the soonest, depending on how well you and baby are communicating, but a daycare might not accommodate it that early.

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My sisters and I used cloth diapers, so my mother potty trained us before the age of 1, so by 1 or so, we were already pretty much trained, but with some help or course. My brother on the other hand who’s 22 years younger than me grew up using disposable diapers, so he wasn’t fully potty trained until he was about 3. If you want to potty train him already, you surely can, you just have to set up the schedule yourself, and sit with him on the toilet so that he doesn’t feel alone. Where I used to work though, depending on how mature the child is, we potty train them before the age of 2 if possible.

Edit: I’m sure you can tell when he’s about to pooop, so when this happen, bring him to the toilet immediately and sit behind him on the toilet. He will eventually get used to this and wouldn’t wanna poop in his diaper anymore.

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My 3 year old refuses to poop on the toilet. She is almost totally potty trained and lets us know when she has to go, but she literally asks is to put a diaper on her so she can poop. I just think every kid is different, and poop could be a wild card.

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My kids were fully potty trained by 3 1/2. It had to be done before they entered preschool.

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Both my girls were almost 3 by the time they were potty trained. However, when they decided they were ready it was done within a week. My youngest even was dry at night after the first week. I think they had to come to it by themselves.

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Boy #1 by 2 1/2. Boy #2 by 2 1/2. Boy #3 not until a week or two before his 4th birthday. Stubborn child. 

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candy11 :  My son turned 2 in July and we’re casually working on potty training now. He doensn’t seem quite ready even though he’s very verbal (he talks like a 4 year old!). He poops or pees on his little potty once in a while and we make a big fuss about it but he’s definitely not close to wearing underwear or anything. We also cloth diaper and I can barely handle his dirty diapers as I’m pregnant and very nauseous. Anyway, my friend started putting her son on the potty at 6 months, she knew his general poop schedule by then. She just hated changing dirty diapers and it worked out great for them. He’s the same age (2 days apart!) as my son and although he’s not potty trained per se and still wears diapers, she doesn’t end up changing poopy ones very often- mostly when they’re out and about and he’s busy playing or whatnot.

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My son got the hang of it just after age 3. My daughter got it down just before age 2. 

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My little girl was fully potty trained at 2.5.  She had no trouble peeing and pooping into the toilet. She just had had enough of pull-ups and wanted to be in real panties and caught on very quickly. She did it in 4 days.  At her preschool (she’s 4 now), she goes to the bathroom by herself all the time and doesn’t ask for help as she can wipe herself and she does that at home too, so I’m very happy about that.  Your son is still young.  He’s got lots of time so don’t worry, he’ll get it when he’s ready.

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candy11 :  Depends on the child, some children will learn how to pee/poop early and some are late bloomers on that like my son.  He was potty trained for day wise at 4.5, he just turned 5 in late Sept.   Just take it 1 day at a time and when the time comes do not push potty training.  They will do it on their own time

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I’m a preschool teacher that works with 2 year olds and potty train on a regular basis. Children are usually ready between the age of 2 and 3 years old. They might be really good at peeing on the potty but have difficulty with bowel movements. It’s definitely harder for them to control. Give it time, don’t push it. If you do, they can become envious of the potty and it will take them longer to be potty trained. Let them come to you, you will easily be able to tell when they are ready. 

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montrealbride2017 : in total agreeement with this. My daughter coudl tell anyone who wanted to know how to use the botty…. ( “push with your tummy! wipe! flush!)…. she knew when she was 2 and I really thought she was ready…..  but she chose not to use the potty until she was about 3. it was frustrating for me becuase I knew she was completely capable… but she was still in diapers. once she decided that she was a big girl and that diapers/[pull ups were for babies, she went accident free almost immediately.

after my experience with my daughter i figured i wasn’t going to to thru the same drama again, so I was very low key about it all with my son. He saw some spiderman underwear at Target and wanted to wear them.  I told him that I would buy them when he wasn’t wearing his pull ups any more because no one should poop on spiderman!! He would be so sad! So…. he got up the next morning and went and sat on the potty and said, ” I putting my poo in there.” And he did! Fast forward about a week and we went back to Target to buy the spider man underwear. he was so proud! He told the check out clerk that he was a big boy and went in the potty all the time! It was hilarious!

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My first was 2 when I would call her potty trained, by second was 3.  Both girls.  My DS is 18 months and has no signs of readiness.

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As lesbeeinlove :   Mrs.DK :  shared you could start now. They call it elimination communication. I recently heard about it from one of my employees whose Brother-In-Law is trying to do this with his 6 month old. The video she showed us totally freaked us out but this website is more tame:

Please note, I am not a mom. I am just passing along what was shared with me. Good luck!

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