At what age would you feel comfortable going on a trip without the baby?

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  • poll: Is 6 months old too young to leave baby with grandparents for a few days?
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    I think you have to take a few factors into consideration…

    If you’re breastfeeding and pumping, are you able to pump/freeze enough to last while you’re gone? Do you already leave your baby with grandma (or a sitter) for visits to run errands or have date night? If so, I would say plan head and make sure you’ve got enough pumped and then go enjoy yourself.

    I was raised by parents who continued to travel both with and without us kids. We regularly went to our grandparents for weekends and over nights even as babies. Darling Husband was also raised the same way, and while I think you can’t 100% say what you will do when you have kids – I feel pretty confident should I be able to pump enough I would be ok with a quick trip without baby.

    I have friends on opposite ends of the spectrum, and really within my circle is actually has more to do with the age of the parents than of the kids…lol.

    I have a friend (early 20’s) hardly leaves her Dirty Delete (now 15 months) for even a couple of hours with grandma let along a weekend or even overnight. She has gotten better about leaving her Dirty Delete with her mom to do dinner, and even leaves her with Darling Husband and I to run errands or if she has something she needs to do. Outside of that – not a chance. This seems to be a common theme with a lot of younger moms I know.

    I’m in my early 30’s. Most of my mom-friends are also pretty much between the ages of 32-38. All of them have always left their kids with babysitters (both family and non-family) for date night or other things, and have all vacationed without them many times of the years. 


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    my son started sleeping at grandma’s one night a week when he was 10m.  my mom is our nanny and we live 30 minutes away without traffic.  i was sad but we video chat to say goodnight, and i’ve come to enjoy the one night to myself.  he is 14m old now.  he’s very close with his grandma and comfortable.

    Darling Husband wants to take me on a trip just the 2 of us for 3 nights next month (before baby#2 arrives), my mom would watch him, but she is going away a few days earlier and could take him with her. 

    i am trying to decide if i want to be away from him from 6 days.  i know he’ll be fine. he’ll be with grandma and uncle at the beach.


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    My daughter is almost 2, I have spent nights away from her (the first time being when she was only 4 months old).. not multiple nights though. But I wouldn’t be opposed to it, the situation just hasn’t come up yet. However my husband and I are going on a week long cruise in November, she’ll be staying with my parents and I can’t wait to get some alone time for a week! She loves her grandparents and hanging out with them, I’m sure she’ll msis me, but I know she’ll be just fine. 


    Long story short, yes I would go. If the grandparents are with your daughter often and she’s comforable with them, I don’t see any reason to not go. You’ll get some time alone with your hubby, she’ll get time with grandma and grandpa, they get time with their granddaughter. Sounds like a win win to me.

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    Up until recently (last year) ladies in the military could deploy and go on one year long unaccompanied tours as soon as the baby turned six months old. So to me, that age seems fine…

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    Hm…3 days I probably could do (in theory haha).  5 days would be too much for me for a 6mo old.  But my 6mo old is a clinger and breastfeeds overnight and won’t go to bed without my boob yet so not leaving him.  Plus that’s a lot of milk to pump.  But we have a trip planned when he is 11mo so I’m trying to work on him by then and he’ll probably be down a few feedings by then.  11mo will be the earliest for us, my first we left her overnight at 13 mo for 3 nights.

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    Oof, this is definitely a personal question!   I don’t think I could do a trip that far away from him at 6 months…I had a hard time leaving him in my home with my mother the night we went to a wedding (he was 5 months)  And we came home that night.

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    It sounds like *you*, mom, think you could handle it and baby could handle it, but your letting your friends unsolicited mommy advice creep in.

    Since you asked, I think 6 mos is fine if YOU are comfortable with it. Your parents obviously know how to keep kids alive, healthy and made sure you and your Darling Husband made it into adulthood, I think they can manage a weekend/ 3-4 extended days without you.

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    i can’t speak from personal experience because I don’t have any kids but my best friend did a babymoon after having the baby for a week and the baby was 2 months old. so i guess it just depends. the grandmother stayed at their house and kept the baby. 

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    My daughter is almost 2 and I’ve never left her overnight. I would not have been ready at 6 months! I’m trying to be ready to go for 2 nights in November (she’ll be 2 and 3 months by then) but im still not sure.

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    I think the baby will be fine; it’s more about your emotions. My Dirty Delete is 17 months and I would start feeling more comfortable now. But I’d probably miss her every second.

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    My kids are 14, 17, 25, and 27 and I STILL haven’t taken that trip. If they don’t go, I don’t go or either my hubby would travel alone and I would stay home or I would travel alone and he would stay home with them. With us it was always, “we will take that trip when…”  Girrrrrrl, go on your trip. #Don’tBeALeila sitting up in the house all old buying jewelry. They will NEVER feel “old enough” for you to leave with someone. 

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    My baby would have been fine, but I would have gone crazy missing her and worrying about her.  I think you have to know yourself.  I was fine with leaving her with someone a few hours during thr day, but I don’t think I would be able to sleep if I left her overnight.  But everyone is different.  My husband has gone on multiple week-long business trips since she was born, and he seems to have survived.

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    I don’t have a baby yet but oh my gosh i remember when I was 3 or 4 when my mum went on a trip for 3 weeks and my grandma looked after my sister and I. I was traumatised from being apart from my mum…I am 31 now and I still clearly remember how stressful it was for me. I remember clearly when mum was leaving and I knew she was leaving me and I tried to follow her. 

    Maybe 6 months is okay for a couple of days? I heard that up to about 10 months, babies are not supposed to be frightened of strangers etc…

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    Darling Husband and I left our 4.5 mo this past weekend to go to Vegas. And she is EBF, so that certainly made things interesting (for me)! We knew she’d be in good hands with the grandparents and it was so nice reconnecting with Darling Husband. Do it!! (But I agree with others who say maybe just meet him after the convention… 5 days is a long time to spend in Vegas)

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