(Closed) At what age would you stop TTC?

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We’re hoping to start TTC around 25 and will hopefully be done by the time we’re 30. I don’t think I would want to TTC past 35, but it depends on how quickly we’re able to conceive.

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@hardtoconcentrate: +1


OP, as the others have said, I think it is different for everyone. You wouldn’t know how you feel about the situation, until you have to go through it. Growing up I always wanted to be a “younger” mom and have children in my early to mid 20’s. When that didn’t happen I thought 30 would be the latest. Well…of course that didn’t happen, this is one thing I’ve learned I have absolutely NO control over. DH and I started NTNP when I was 26. Here I am at 31, still struggling to get pregnant. At this point, I don’t care how long it takes; I’ll take it as a blessing and as perfect timing when the time comes. I guess when my body says it’s time, that’s when I’ll give up.

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I would follow my doctor’s advice, but I know multiple women who have had healthy pregnancies in their 40s. My FI’s mom was 40 when she had him (he was their last child) and my dad’s cousin had both of her children in her 40s – she had her youngest at 47! As long as my doctor said it was ok, I would feel fine having children into my 40s. The cutoff used to be 35, but with today’s medicine, the risks are really so much lower for older women and their babies.

I know in our situation, we won’t be financially ready to have kids until we’re at least 30. So, if it doesn’t happen for us right away, or we decide we want another kid later on, that’s fine with me!

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I wouldn’t want to have a baby after 35.

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42. I want to be done paying undergrad for my kids by the time I plan to retire at 65. So 42 is the latest age I would be able to get pregnant and still meet that goal.

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I think we’ll probably stop trying if we don’t have children by the time I’m about 38-40. We won’t make a definite decision though without consulting a few doctors first and also my Mum. She knows a lot about these things, and first hand too. She had me at almost 38 and I turned out fine 🙂 I wasn’t her first child but it was a very long pause between my brother and myself.

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I would want to stop around 39 or 40.  I know you can still have a safe pregnancy after then but I don’t really want to be in my 60s and still raising kids.  Ideally we will TTC and be done by the time I am 35.

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@Aquaria:  I would stop at either 35 or 37.  Give it a good 10 years if nothing happens. 

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I’m 36 now and due in May with our first baby! We definitely plan to have one more for sure…we’ll try to get ‘er done before I’m 40! But really, couples are waiting much longer to have children to make sure they are financially secure and what not. Sure there are risks, but there are risks with driving a car, and flying in a plane but do we still do it?  As many other posters have stated, I didn’t meet my husband until I was almost 29. I wouldn’t have my journey any other way 🙂 

I’m a young 36 for what it’s worth…Most people think I’m 25 and are shocked when I tell them 36. Age is just a number, you’re only as old as you feel.  My pregnancy is considered high risk just because of my age, but things are going great! I say, don’t let age scare you one bit.

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I was SURE that I’d have all my kids before 25.  But then I didn’t meet my husband until 33.  I didn’t want to be older than 36 when I had our last, but here I am at 38, pregnant, and hoping that this little baby is the fighter I believe it will be and goes the distance to become our first earth baby.  We haven’t decided whether we’ll try for a 2nd one after this or not since it’s been such a struggle to get this far, but I can very honestly say that as circumstances changed, so did the age I was willing to keep trying until.

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I had my first child at 22. We started trying for another when I was 24, by 28 (and many many miscarriages later) we stopped ttc. It wasn’t that I felt I was too old, but my son was now 6 at this point, and I didn’t want such a big age difference, I also didn’t want to go through another miscarriage when another child wasn’t something we HAD to have (it wasn’t a deal breaker for DH or me). I’m 30 now and my son is 8, and while we are trying to adopt (likely wont happen until I’m at least 31-32, because it takes a long time where I’m from, and it may or may not happen at all depending), I’m glad I stopped when I did. 

Im glad that ill still be young when my kid(s) are grown and gone. I personally couldn’t imagine having kids into my 30’s-40’s, tho I know that’s the norm for a lot of people

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I agree that I have an ideal age in my head now and I am no where near TTC so if i have difficulty it likely will change. Ideally, I dont want a baby after 34/35. However, if I Was having serious problems conceiving, I would probably say 37, definitely before 40.

I personally dont want to be 50 with a 10 year old. 

Usually its after 35 that your risks increase, however, we all know people who are 40+ and had a healthy baby so its more so about preference for me. I personally dont want to be 50 with a 10 year old, in my family usually around 50-55 people are beginning to have grandkids, not still raising teeenagers. So I guess my absolute cutoff would be before 40. 

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Eh, maybe mid-40s, but I wouldn’t set a hard number.  My mom had my brother and I at 38 and 41, and we’re fine… and this was 30 years ago, when that was less common.  With our current plans, we will hopefully be done by early 40s, but if things changed, I wouldn’t necessarily say no way.

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I would probably stop after 35. My husband is 14 years older than me, and even if we had a successful pregnancy, he’d be a really old father. I’m 28 right now and not ready to have kids yet. Can’t wait too long, though.

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My sister just had a healthy girl and she’s 39 and her husband is 45. And she didn’t even mean to get pregnant. I dont think she expected to still be so fertile.

My mom was 39 when she had me and i don’t have any crazy health issues that the rest of my family doesn’t have (well i do have a slight birth defect but its nothing that effects me too much and theres zero proof that its because of my mothers age.)

You can have a healthy baby at 45 or you can have an unhealthy baby at 20. Age doesn’t matter. If you are physically capable of having children and your body is still able then a number shouldn’t stop you!


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