(Closed) At what age would/will/did you allow yourn child(ren) to use/have electronics?

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I’d be fine with my kids using iPads and the like in school for educational purposes, but I refuse to purchase my child an iPad or iPhone until they’re like in high school (at least) and actually NEED one. I see 12-year-olds walking around with brand new iPhone 6+s/iPad Airs and it’s like wtf, I’m a working woman in my late 20s and I don’t even have that! Not to mention those 12-year-olds are glued to it texting, Facebooking, and taking selfies. Not exactly hobbies I’d like my kid to get attached to when the world is their oyster.

As for laptops, if they need to do computer work at home, they can use the family desktop that’s in the living room. No way would I get them a brand new Macbook/laptop until they go off to college.

Anyway, I guess I sound like I’d be the meanest mommy on the block haha. I just don’t get why kids need to be so spoiled and have the latest and greatest of every single electronic device out there when most grown adults don’t even have them.

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I don’t have children of my own yet, but I like my siblings’ approach to thier children and technology. They *might* get to play on one of their parent’s cell phones on rare occasions, certainly not enough to where they feel entitled to it. There are SO many educational toys these days, that I can’t find it appropriate to give a toddler a laptop or phone of their own, or even let them play with one on a regular basis.

I can see a child (maybe 10-12 or so) having a SIMPLE cell phone that they can use to call their parents. Additional privilages being added over the years if the child demonstrates responsibility, with full privilages at 16 or so.

Yes, I understand that this is a “new age” and kids grow up with more advanced technology than we did, and that’s ok. That just means that we all need to be more responsible.

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My experience is that I had all kinds of parenting ideas, but now that I’m actually a mom to a real life little human and (not to just the idea of one), many things I thought I would/wouldn’t do have changed.

I definitely use LOTS of more restraint with our 6 year old than I do with a curious infant who merely wants to explore sounds and texture.  I think it depends on the age/maturity/responsibility displayed by the child. Individuality is something to consider. Setting limits is the key.


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 My 1 year old loves playing with my iPhone, even if it’s just on the lock screen. That doesn’t mean she’s getting her own. I can’t see giving her an iPhone until she’s 16 and driving.

I don’t think it’s as big a deal as some people like to make it when a child uses or plays with electronics. Sure, my 1 year old thinks my iPhone is great, but she also thinks her dolls, play kitchen, bouncy balls, etc are awesome too.

Basically I think it comes down to another thing for moms, and more commonly non-moms, to judge other people about.

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I would allow it if needed to for school, and maybe access to a family one/my own from maybe age 7 or 8, but I wouldn’t allow their own phone/laptop/ipod/tablet until maybe 12/13. But that is all hypothetical until I actually have children, so I don’t know what I would definitely do/not do. As for electronic toys such as musical mats/toy pianos and so on, I don’t have a problem with one or two, but would want them to have mostly non-electronic toys.

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I would allow it from an early age, since there are many great educational games. The girl I watched who loathed math would happily play Marble Multiplication for a good half hour.  However, she did not use technology without supervision, sine there are so many things on the Internet that are not for her eyes. If she was using the computer or my iPad, I was right there making sure she was in trusted sites only. I think most of the big problems come up when children are given access to things they are not ready to handle, such as live chats and/or adult content. She stumbled upon a minecraft-like game with guns and a live chat, and it was immediately shut down by me and reported to her mother when she arrived home. She was mad at us that night, but such is life. I’d rather have her mad at me than in a compromising or dangerous situation she’s not equipped to deal with.

eta: this doesn’t mean at all that my kiddo will be walking around with a $500 smart phone. No way. To me, smartphones are the worst for kids because they allow a child to go online without adequate supervision and when an adult isn’t present. I’d only allow use of a family computer in a home’s common area or direct supervision on a tablet for a young child. 

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I don’t have kids yet so idk what I will do, but I do work at a before and after school program which is mostly all kindergardeners (age 5-6) and the large majority have cell phones and most also have tablets that they bring with them, in addition to the nintendo type games. It is seriously shocking. I don’t understand why a 5 year old needs their own cell phone and tablet but they all have something and we’re even in a rural area. 

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my daughter got a nabi tablet for Christmas last year (she was 5), but its for kids with restrictions and she doesn’t have internet access without my approval. I do want to get her a phone when she is in the third grade but it will just be for emergencies and not a smart phone. I think all of that should be saved until late middle achool/high school and still monitored though. My 8 year old neices have facebook accounts. I wont even get started, and my five year old nephew that plays call of duty all day?!

my daughter is only allowed to watch rated y shows on tv and pretty much any adult like electronics she is only allowed to use with my supervision. I let her watch G rated movies but only if I have seen them first.

people say I’m way too strict but my daughter is a wonderful kid and I don’t think children should be exposed to a lot that are shrugged off nowadays. Cartoons are appealing to the adults now, suggestive scripts, things are getting a bit too adult. My daughters have toys and with my supervision have access to electronics. The restrictions will lessen as they age but that likely won’t be until pre teen-teen years

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Ugghhh!!!! So tough! My kiddos love electronics just as much as I do. My 9 year old step son has an xbox, playstation, and laptop. My 7 year old daughter is getting a laptop for Christmas. They also have school ipads because our district passed a bond so each student gets an ipad for school. With all this said, they are limited to the amount of time they can spend on minecraft and youtube, and we have parental blocks so they can’t visit the not so good for children sites. Also, those “educational” games got nothin on playing outside with a stick. My children do that too. It’s all about protion size, if you will. I will never agree that any technology game or tv show is educational. It just isn’t. But they are fun and great for sick days or long rides in the car.

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I don’t have kids yet, but my husband and I agree that our children will not have smart phones/iPads/lap tops until high school or later. I’m fine with the educational tablets, but even those will be used in moderation, if at all. We will likely supply them with some sort of restricted cell phone with limited calling capabilities once they’re in middle school, possibly sooner, with no internet or texting, just because I would worry if I knew they might not have a way of contacting me in an emergency. I’m not totally against handheld game consoles, but they will be an earned privilege and used sparsely, and the game selection will be limited. My 9-year old brother is constantly glued to his Nintendo DS, and it makes me sad. God, I would hate me if I was my mom lol.

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FromA2B2013:  I’m a kinder teacher. UGH!!! I am OVER the iPad-parenting! These kids are coming in with more and more behavior problems and less prepared for school! TV-talk has been replaced with gaming obsessions. A third of my class has problems with fine motor skills. I wound up removing the classroom computer because instead of playing legos, my kids were begging for me to go online so they could play minecraft. These kids are 5 years old!! One student was reading a book and I saw him swiping his finger across the page over and over. When I asked him what he was doing, he said he was trying to turn the page like he does at home. WTF?!

I have read countless studies from the most well-respected universities over the last 10 years on the effects of technology on the developing mind. Almost all of what I’ve read cautions against it, especially for children under the age of 7. 

I don’t have children, but I educate them and have so for ten years. I will NEVER have video games and my chidren won’t watch TV for more than a half hour a day and not until they are at least 7. Same with computer time. Maybe I’m draconian, but I know how to occupy children and how to passify tantrums without the help of technology. 


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FromA2B2013:  I don’t have children and am not planning on having them. But if I did, I would pretty much allow them access to technology from birth.

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