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WHITE WINES you want something LIGHT and CRISP… look for a Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, or Riesling.  Chardonnay is the old stand-by but it is heavier… and often oaked, so not a favourite with everyone.  If you are having 2 Whites then go with the Chardonnay and one of the others I mentioned.

RED WINES you want something with decent body, but not super heavy (unless it is to be matched up with your meal of BBQ, Steak, Roast Beef or a Meaty Pasta Course… in which case let me know).  Good middle of the road Reds are Pinot Noir, Merlot or Cabernet Franc.

It is always nice to have a wine from the OTHER CATEGORY… be that a Rose or a Sparkling.  The “newer” wine drinkers tend to lean to these sweeter categories.

Hope this helps,

PS… Is this sipping wine or to be served with a meal.  If it is a meal, tell us your Menu and we can make suggestions for wine pairings.


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My favorite is Moscato but it’s not found at many wedddings. I like white wine so pinot grigio, reisling, or white zin are also good choices for me. I couldn’t tell you with red wine though. Also, I like sangrias at weddings though I have only seen them once.

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@This Time Round:  The “newer” wine drinkers tend to lean to these sweeter categories.

This made me laugh. I guess I would be considered “newer” as I’m only 23 and haven’t done many wine tastings or anything and I definitely do love sweeter wines. I’ll be interested to see if my palate changes over the next decade. I also don’t know enough about food pairings. I need to find a wine magazine or blog or something to follow one of these days to help teach me!

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I would stick with white and go with either a Riesling or Moscato if you’re going to be sipping on it. These two wines are light and sweet and most people will like them(even non wine drinkers)

If it’s with a meal~yes, we need to know your menu.

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@selinak2007:  I am in your boat! I only drink Pinot Grigio (white) and can’t touch anything else really, except a sauvignon blanc – both these white wines are popular and light. We talked to a few red drinkers to find a general consensus and found that Cabernet Sauvignon was the most popular red. One thing you can do is check out a few restaurants and see what their house wines are. They are usually on the cheaper end and they are what the general public will prefer, this way they sell more 🙂

Also we recently bottled our own wine for the wedding, so if you want to hear about our experience let me know! We are having about 130 guests and after doing 1 batch white and 1 batch red for a total of 60 bottles, we thought this might not be enough so we doubled up. We can always give it away as thank you gifts! Oh and the total for our 120 bottles is just over $600 (an awesome price as far as im concerned – thats a bottle per person! and we haven’t even gotten the beer yet!)

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I would go with a drier and sweeter option for both red and white. Sweeter white I would got with a pinot grigio or reisling. Drier white I’d say Chardonnay. Not as dry red I would go with a Pinot Noir (I call this a gateway red because it’s easy to drink even for non-red drinkers!). For the heavier red I would go for a Cabernet. That way you can cover all your bases!

Stay away from from things that are too heavy or peppery (no Malbec!) and you will have a better chance of meeting everyones palate. However I’m not picky and would probably drink anything haha!

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i served a merlot and a sauvignon blanc (both austrailian) at my wedding.  you should really make sure that you have both red and white.  they weren’t too heavy and they are a very good wine for not a huge price tag.

i would suggest going to your local wine store and ask them what they have that would suit your needs.  also, you will be able to see what the prices are like.

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If the wine is free people will drink anything haha.

cabernets are always a safe bet or a Shiraz 

for white Pinot grigio is always a safe bet or Sauvignon Blanc

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@soontobemrsm11:  Same here. I’ve had, um, “oaky” wines that are awful and make me choke. We’ve done a number of wine tastings at our favorite winery and by far prefer lighter/sweeter whites/blushes to reds (unless it’s red moscato). We don’t like dry wines at all. 

I have to laugh at people who say that those of us who only like sweet wines are novices or whathaveyou…some people just don’t like dry wine. I don’t like beer or dark liquor, either, but that doesn’t mean I’m a Philistine. It’s like those of us who are infrequent drinkers and prefer lighter options are looked down on, but people who prefer one type of beer over others are put on pedestals. Different people have different tastes.

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Something basic like Pinot Grigio is your best bet. It doesn’t really have much of a taste in comparison to other whites so everyone can drink it. It’s not a good wine but it’s the least offensive. Stay away from sweet, non wine drinkers might be happy but wine drinkers won’t like it.


Red I would go with a fruit forward Pinot Noir, it’s the easiest red to drink.








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I would do Syrah/Shiraz or pino noir for red, pino grigio or Sauvignon blanc for white. I’d stay away from moscato, white Zinfandel, and Riesling – most wine drinkers find them undrinkable.

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Just a note about Rieslings – dry Rieslings are absolutely delightful. Crisp, clean, vividly acidic, and generally a great pleasure to drink. Not to be confused with the cheap sweet “Blue nun” options most people associate Riesling with…


OP, what kind of food will you be serving at the reception? That will help narrow it down. 


Although if you want generic wine recommencations that will go with anything, I’d go for a medium red like a Merlot (plum, red berries, not too harsh on the acidity/tannins) or a Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon blend and would stay away from bolder, more tannic and acidic reds such as pure Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Syrah, etc. Light red Pinot Noirs are also considered pretty accessible and easy to pair, but in my opinion they rarely stand up to grilled lamb/beef and other “strong” meats. 


Also, I do not consider Sauvignon Blanc to be a “universally appealing” wine. Cat pee on gooseberry leaf, anyone?.. I’d sooner go for an unoaked/very lightly oaked Chardonnay – those are typically fruity (citrus, apples), crisp, and should go with a wide range of food. You could also try an Albarino or a Vinho Verde (those are typically a little “sparkly”, very light and super inexpensive).

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If you can only do one white and one red: Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir

Two of each, add: Chardonnay and either Cabernet or Merlot

Three of each, add: Moscato or Riesling (both sweeter) and Cabernet or Merlot (whichever you didn’t choose for #2)


If you want to get really crazy, my favorite red is a Malbec and my favorite white is Torrontes (both from Argentina), but I doubt they’d be an option anywhere.

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@vorpalette:  women have to feel better than other women…by looking down on someone who drinks “what real wine drinkers find undrinkable” they somehow feel better about themselves. it’s quite sad. do i know everything there is to know about wine? of course not. but im not beneath you because i like moscato lol ridiculous. 

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