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I LOVE  this video. I am a young (23) teacher, just subbing now, but I can’t tell you how many teachers there are that till use textbooks and worksheets to teach the kids. I have teachers in the school who believe because my kids are engaged and completing activities, projects, etc. (and not silent!) they are not learning and my class is a huge party. I joke around and laugh about it with the others on my team, because they have no idea- but it is pretty discouraging at the same time to see these other teachers who think because I am young and teach differently, that I am not an adequate teacher.

Simply put, THIS (simply lecturing and worksheets) DOESN’T WORK. We know that there are SO many kids that don’t even go to college, and many who do don’t use their degree. In school they need to learn life long skills; how to cooperate, collaborate, and communicate with others, how to teach themselves new things, how to think for themselves, etc. These skills (called 21st century skills, if you want to research further) can’t be taught by listening to a teacher lecture or filling out worksheets ever day. The kid are smart- they can do the worksheet at home in 10 minutes by looking up the answers on google, never actually learning anything. That isn’t to say that the kids don’t use their textbooks, take notes, sit in lectures, etc. but it is about making sure that the students who learn differently are able to access the information in a variety of different methods.


Student who are encouraged to be self-guided learners, who are engaged and participating in their education have been proven to retain the information at stunning rates… I could go on and on about this- it is very relevant and a huge issue in many schools. Thankfully I am in a pretty innovative district for the most part, and many of the teachers in my building are creative with their teaching!

 *sorry for the novel*

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I’m not an educator, but I remember being a student and relating to a lot of what he was speaking about in the video.  I was never diagnosed with ADHD (nor do I believe I should have been), but I did struggle with school.

I think a change has been long needed in our school system.  Too many children are just shuffled through and over-medicated.  It’s truly disturbing.

I’m looking forward to reading more comments from our teacher bees.  This is a topic I am interested in becoming more involved in.  

The saying is true- Our children are our future.  If we continue on the way we have been, I’m afraid we won’t like the outcome.

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I’m an elementary teacher and love his ideas.  Kids are generally curious, imaginative explorers.  They love to explore their world and the wonder of it.  But, most schools don’t allow their natural tendencies to be used, and it’s what makes our kids not as successful. 

Why do we insist that kids go through math/reading/science/history at the same grade by the same age?  Some kids need more time, some need less.  Some of my gifted kids are 3 grade levels above their peers.  Why couldn’t kids go through school at their own pace?

I wish we had the time and resources to really allow students to do hands on, exploratory learning.  I wish problem solving, multiple ways to find answers, collaboration, and different ways of thinking were celebrated.  I wish every student got the chance to come to school and actually learn at their TRUE pace, not what ‘grade’ they ‘should’ be in.  

I wish teachers and their professional opinion and knowledge were respected more instead of constantly questioned or criticized. I wish all parents would make their kids accountable for their actions, instead of making it the school or teacher’s problem.  And, I wish more kids valued their education and the opportunities they do have.

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