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  • Wedding: November 2012

It;s not weird.  I for the most part keep my nails unpainted and paint them when I’m bored.  I will say, keep in mind your hands will be getting photographed A LOT.  So make sure you are happy with how they look.  Since painting your nails isn’t really you’re thing, I would suggest considering going and getting a plain $10 manicure with a clear coat, just to polish your nails up a bit.

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You want to feel like *yourself* on your wedding day – your best version of yourself, of course, but you want whatever you do/don’t do to fit with who you are. For some women, that means going to the salon and pulling out all the stops. If they go to a salon regularly, then it makes perfect sense to go that route. Other women rarely go to have anything done, and so they choose to for their wedding because it’s a special occasion.

Other women rarely/never go because they prefer to be in charge of their own appearance rather than putting it in someone else’s hands. I’m one of these: when someone else does my makeup, I usually feel like it’s too heavy and doesn’t look like me. My now-husband is also of the “less is more” approach. For our wedding, I went with unpolished nails and DIY hair and makeup, and I was really happy with my choice. We both love how the pictures turned out. I wore a little more makeup than usual, but I used the colors I already know work best for me, etc., and I was calm and happy getting ready with just my mom. It was almost the only one-on-one time I had with her on the wedding day, so that was really nice for us. I’m also a little more introverted – going to a salon early that morning, having to make small talk with the stylist, etc., would have been a big drain on my energy when I needed to save it for our guests. I know that lots of more extraverted brides would feel like they missed out on something by not going to the salon with all their bridesmaids, but if the low-key route is more appealing to you, go for it!

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My girls and I aren’t getting our nails or make-up done.  I hate nail polish (I always just let it chip off or grow out) and I’m terrible with fake nails.  I’m going to paint my nails in neutral/clear and keep them short like I always do.  I asked both of my girls if they wanted their make-up or hair done, and we were all in agreeance that we didn’t want people touching our faces/hair/nails.  We’re just all going to get ready together, like we always did before we went out, and have wine and cake pops. 

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As a fellow tom-boy I get what you mean. I didn’t do my nails at all and so I don’t think it is weird at all. I did get a pro to do my hair and nails because I don’t even OWN foundation that matches my skin so having a pro do it made it easy because they had a huge amount of product to chose from. I don’t look like I am wearing lots of make up, just look a little nicer, evened skin tone, hide the acne scars and stuff. And my default hair is a pony tail so having someone do that was worth it to me. But it also doesn’t have to be expensive! I got both done for $50 total. If you have a Merle Norman, Sephora, or some kind of store like that around then they usually do a full face for pretty cheap. 

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I grew out my nails and tried to keep them from breaking as much as possible.  I went Friday night before my wedding to get a very light color natural color.  I skipped the whole pedicure thing because no one was going to be seeing my toes anyways.

Here’s a picture of my nails the day after my wedding while I was on cruise ship:

ETA: It cost me $3 to have them paint my nails and shape them up.

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I have a buffing block thingy that I use sometimes. each side of the block (four total) has a different colour surface that you use to get shiny natural nails! You start off with the darkest side to file the nail into the shape you want, then the lighter grey to smooth the ridges on the surface of your nails, the lightest grey after that to make things even smoother, and then the white surface to make them super shiny. Seriously, it looks like you’re wearing a clear polish but you have nothing on! I also like how it’s idiot proof, you don’t have to worry about any bottles breaking in your makeup bag, and no chipping/need for polish touch-ups. I like to wear fun colours but the buffing block is great for days when you just can’t be bothered or want to look natural. Also it’s cheap!

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skip the nails, but consider the hair and makeup. they can do something very natural looking- no “smoky” eyes or anything- but will even your skin tone out for pictures. it doesn’t have to look like a mask or even be very visible. and, well, hair needs to last all day- even if you’re just wearing it down. i think it’s worth it.

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I agree with going for a really natural nail color – nothing fancy, just a spiffy version of your normal look ๐Ÿ™‚

I did soemthing similar for my wedding, and I ended up loving it:

(this pic was the next day)

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I didn’t do anything to my nails for my wedding. Looking back at the pictures I’m wishing that I had. It’s not a big deal; I just think it’s one way I could have felt a little nicer, a little prettier.

I’d say just try it out. If you don’t feel like yourself, don’t get the manicure for the wedding. You might also love it. Getting married can be an excuse to try things you’ve never done before- have fun with it!

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After I got engaged, I went and got fancy fake nails since everyone looks at your hands, but i regretted it for sure.  Once they start to grow out they’re just a pain, and taking them off is a pain too. My nails were so week for months too, even tho I only had fake nails for just over a month.  So I will not be repeating that fiasco for the wedding!

But I do think i’ll get a manucute and a light paint, something sparkly. ๐Ÿ™‚


As for make up? I’m skipping a pro and will just do a tiny bit myself.  I’ve got freckles and pale skin and make up looks pretty bad on me and very obvious.  I love sparkles, so i’ll prolly do a light eye shadow, some sparkles and a bit of mascara. Oh! And some lip gloss, but nothing too bright or sticky! Gotta be ready for that kiss!

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