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Great idea! This is our first month TTC and we are beyond thrilled, shocked, and nervous about it happening so soon!

Date of BFP: 11/28/11

How far along are you? 4 weeks today

Estimated due date: August 7th or 10th (depending on the calculator)

Date of first prenatal appointment: Not scheduled yet but I do have an appointment with my dr this afternoon! I think they will just check me out today and do a blood test to confirm but I really have no idea. πŸ™‚

How are you feeling? I have been super tired and have had mild pulling/pinching for the past 1.5 weeks but otherwise pretty good. 

Who have you told? Just Darling Husband. I’m hoping we will have our first official prenatal appointment before Christmas so we can tell our families. We’ll probably hold off on telling anyone else until after the first tri. 

What are you reading/google searching/preparing for? X-mas gifts for our parents (soon to be grandparents), symptoms in week 4 and what I can and cannot eat. I feel like I can’t start buying anything for me/baby until after the first prenatal appointment. I’m just too nervous that something will go wrong before then. 



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Congrats new August mamas!  I just wanted to say hello as I’m not too far ahead of you guys (6w3d) and will likely be stalking this board.  I love hearing what other ladies early on are thinking and feeling!

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Congrats Mamas!  Like carmel bride, I’m on the tail end of the July board, so I’ll probably be reading here too.  I wish you both the best and a healthy 9 months! 

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Congrats August babies people! I can hardly believe that there is already an August 2012 babies bunch of people….we conceived in August, so I’m on the May babies board.  Just wanted to wish you all good luck and I promise that 2nd trimester is way better than first!  Hang in there!

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Yay!  I didn’t know there was already an August board!

Date of BFP: 28/11/2011

How far along are you? 4 weeks today

Estimated Due Date: 08/08/2012

First doctor’s appointment: December 15th, I wanted to make sure to see her before I leave to the US for Christmas!  I’m nervous because I had prior m/c in August, it happened the day after I flew to the US when I was 5w5d.

How are you feeling? Tired, crampy, gassy, bloated and my nipples are like metal sheilds!  My breasts aren’t as swollen as first time around, and the gassy, bloated stuff is new vs last pregnancy.

I am feeling overall positive but also a little anxious due to my past experience.  I can’t wait for December 12 when I will have officially made it farther than last time! I’m also super nervous about traveling again.  I don’t think it really had anything to do with my m/c but it is still kind of scary to think that circumstances will be similar this time.  But then again, if I had had the m/c at work, would I be scared to go to work for 9 months?  I need to try and keep cool πŸ™‚

Who have you told?  Last time we went crazy and told our families immediately.  Darling Husband wants to wait until our pre-natal appointment this time, so probably will tell my family at Christmas and his family once we return from the US.  Last time my Mother-In-Law blamed me for the m/c because I flew to the US, so I don’t want to tell her I’m pregnant again just before flying to the US.  I have also told two close friends because I need some support and I was way too excited!!!

What are you reading/google searching/preparing for?  I’m reading What to Expect online daily but that’s about it…I’ll do more once I’ve seen a heartbeat and am more reassured that this is my take home baby.

Gut feeling: boy or girl?  I think it’s a boy, we bd’ed on O day and not the two days before so I’m pretty sure that was the winner πŸ™‚

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@chastenet:My next appt is Dec 15, too. Hope you’re feeling good!

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Hi, ladies!

I just got my BFP (well, 3 BFP’s) today. I have an appointment on December 16 to see how far along I am. I’m either 3 weeks along, which would put me due in August or I’m 7 weeks along, which would put me in July. So, until I know for sure I’m not going to post my info just yet. I can’t wait until I can!!!!!

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@missbbc: That is so strange! After reading your post, I called and cancelled my appointment for Monday. It’s so weird having to tell perfect strangers that you’re pregnant when you haven’t even told your own family. πŸ™‚

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Hi all!

DATE OF BFP: December 1st

HOW FAR ALONG ARE YOU?:  4 weeks today

ESTIMATED DUE DATE: August 10th, 2012

FIRST DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT:  I haven’t made one yet, for two reasons. One, I don’t remember what the new insurance Darling Husband got is, so I’m waiting for the cards to show up (hopefully any day now) and two, I know it’s silly, but I want wait until I’m at least further than I was when I miscarried last time (5 and a half wks). I don’t want to hear from a doctor that I’m pregnant again, and then lose it. 

HOW ARE YOU FEELING?:  Physically I’m feeling like crap. I feel way worse this time than I did last time. Last time I was super exhausted, and my nipples were sore, but that was it. This time I feel like I have the flu. I’m achy all over, my head and back hurt, my sense of smell is super-heightened, and any strong smell is making me gag. I’ve been having hiccuping fits, and I’ve been gassy. And I’m super exhausted and my nipples hurt. As miserable as I am right now, I’m hoping stronger symptoms are a good sign. 

Emotionally I’m all over the place. I’m really scared I’m going to lose this baby. I’m trying to relax and just go with it, but it’s really hard. 

Also, shocked as hell we got pregnant this month. We only managed to have sex once this fertile period, 2 days before I ovulated. I keep thinking about all of those months over the past year that we’ve had sex 4-5 times during the high time, including the day of and the day after, to no avail. 

WHO HAVE YOU TOLD? Darling Husband, obviously. I couldn’t wait to tell him in a cute way. It was 5 AM, he had just gone upstairs to use the bathroom, and I sat on our bed with the test waiting for him. When he came back to bed, I just said “I’m pregnant” and handed him the test. I was joking last night that I should have done something like the meal full of baby foods, like Becky did for Jesse on Full House, and he was like “I wouldn’t have gotten it.” 

I also told my SIL (who we’re living with until the house next door is ready for us in January) because she sat me down last night and wanted to know if I was okay because I hadn’t seemed like myself. And my mother, which was a super weird conversation. Her immediate response was “I know.” Later on, after much badgering from me about what she meant, she sent me this text: 

“‘So…it’s a 7 min drive to work & while driving I usually think about work. Last Tuesday I got in the car and just started saying thank you for everything in my life-the car, a job, the apt, people in my life-not really thinking but just saying thank you. And out of my mouth came…”Thank you for these little one’s growing inside (I know 2 others who are pg) and for this little one inside of Sarah (that’s me)-help her to be growing strong and healthy.” And then I went WHAT?!?!? And so I said thanks, God for that, but I’m not going to say anything until she tells me!'”

What’s even funnier about this is that in early June, when I was really depressed about how long it was taking to get KU, she said “I think it’ll be August”…and I got my first BFP on August 29th (DH’s birthday), and this time, I’d be due in Aug. 

WHAT ARE YOU READING/GOOGLE SEARCHING/PREPARING FOR?: The daily emails from The Bumb, Baby Center and What to Expect, but nothing else. I went crazy with it last time, but like chastenet, I’ll do more once I hear the heartbeat. 

GUT FEELING: BOY OR GIRL?: I don’t really have a feeling yet. My mom thinks girl, the entire McK family keeps telling us when we have kids we’ll have girls, but family history on both sides suggest boy. But there hasn’t been a girl born into his family in 73 years, so maybe it’s time. The joke is that if we do have a girl, we’ll just have to name her Princess.  

WOW sorry for the novel, lol. 

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Congrats, everyone!

Date of BFP:  11/24 (Thanksgiving)

How far along are you?  4w4d

Estimated due date:  Aug 8 (our anniversary)

Date of first prenatal appointment:  Dec 20

How are you feeling?  No real physical symptoms other that having to potty a lot.  Same thing happened with Baby #1.  I’ve been sick unrelated to pregnancy so I think I have that to focus on.  Emotionally?  It’s hard to believe I’m pregnant.  I did have the UPT confirmed at urgent care but maybe it will sink in a bit more after my OB visit.

Who have you told? Husband, dog, 10-month-old.  πŸ™‚  We may tell the immediate family around the new year but we’re going to tell everyone else at DD’s 1st birthday party–we may gift her a “Big Sister” something-or-other.

What are you reading/google searching/preparing for?  I had heard that you’re more chill after the first pregnancy and I think I agree.  I’ve only been glancing at this Pregnancy Day-By-Day book that I loved the last time around.  I guess I’m just winging it this time around.  We’ll have to figure out day care and how the kids will share a room and if there’s any way for me to switch job roles within my company.  You know, little things.  πŸ™‚

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Coming over from the Early Pregnancy thread! Hi all!! So excited to be here with you all!!

Date of BFP:  Yesterday (12/2) I had a fairly positive Wondfo – but waited until I took a digital this AM (12/3) to really start to believe it.

How far along are you?  4w1d

Estimated due date:  Anywhere between Aug 10 – 14th, depending on which site you ask πŸ™‚

Date of first prenatal appointment:  Not scheduled yet – hoping to at least see my Dr. sometime this week for a blood test.

How are you feeling?  I’ve had some light cramping for the last couple of days. I’ve had some ridiculous fatigue (wanting to sleep at 5pm, then heading to bed and not being able to sleep). Today was the first day I’ve had to pee frequently. So not too much…hoping that’s ok.

Who have you told? Just DH! Surprised him this AM with a positive test and a little onesie that says “Shrute Farm Beets” (from The Office). Trying to decide if we’ll tell our parents on Xmas or not…

What are you reading/google searching/preparing for?  Miscariage rates, syptoms week by week, possible xmas gifts if we do decide to tell.


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