August 2017 POAS

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Kslim13 :  Best of luck this cycle!!!  I really hope you get your BFP soon!

kb7 :  Welcome!  And it’s nice to see you with the April mamas πŸ™‚

larissakay :  I would assume you missed your surge.  That happened to me my first cycle with OPKs.  Since you’re not temping, it would hurt to use an OPK once per day for the next 3-5 days just to make sure.  

dublingirl :  Ahhh!!  Thank you, dear!  How are you doing??  I feel like I haven’t seen you on here as much.

Dr_dazzle :  ME!  My CM has been watery off and on.  FX for you.  BABYDUST BABYDUST!!


ltj14 :  Thank you, dear!

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Your age/partner’s age: 26/36

Baby #: 2

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD10

Ovulation Date: I think it will be the 7th of August

POAS Date: 19th August – I have really short cycles, like average 23-24 days… No doubt I will want to test as early as the 15th lol

Usual Cycle Length: 23-24 days

Cycles Trying: 1

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): We decided to put off trying until I had settled into my new job and recently have been talking about waiting until next year before we start TTC. But this month we have been a bit carefree when it comes to birth control so I guess you could say we are NTNP? However you just reminded me I better start back on the pre-natals so I will get onto that today! I’m still a bit torn about when to oficially start trying and maybe we will have a bit of a relaxed approach over the next few months. I loved being on these boards when I tried for my first so its fun to be back.

Trying anything new this month? Due to my short cycles I’ve been using OPK’s. Noramlly I think I ovulate around CD12 with an 11 day LP.

Link to your chart if charting: I’m not temping atm but i do use fertility friend to track the basics.


This month has been kinda weird. Hubby has been the one who’s been so relaxed about not pulling out (sorry if thats TMI). We’ve been off birth control and using the pull out method for over 6 months now. If I did get pregnant this month i’d be so excited. I was putting off TTC to be ‘perfect’ position financially but maybe that won’t be the case. This is the first month i’ll have been at work 12months by the time i’d be due so maybe that’s why i’m also fine with being more relaxed.

Congrats to all the ladies who have had their BFP!!! Some of you are familair to me from the March POAS board. I’m so happy for you!

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SeaOfLove :  Thank you! Congratiolations on your BFP!!!

minimalistoverplanner :  Congratiolations!!! Wow! now that is an intense line! So awesome!

larissakay :  Thank you! Your comment about your experience with sore breasts and bloat and not being pregnant is a bit discouraging because I was soooooo hopeful already. But I guess it’s better to adjust my hopes now as apposed to being super sad when AF arrives.

Today it feels like stuff is going on around my uterus. It feels different, no spotting. Of course everything could be a side effect of hormone adjustment from getting off BC.

But it would be so great if it actually worked. We’ll see. Good luck to you!


Congrats to all the other lucky ladies that got the BFP and good luck to all of you that are still waiting to test πŸ™‚

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Kslim13 :  I should o on Sunday. The plan is to dtd now-Monday. but now Darling Husband and I had to stop and take a break because he feels sick πŸ™ like the onetime O lines up with a family-free weekend he doesn’t feel well. πŸ˜‘ I hope it’s just work stress and not the flu or something!! My opks all look the same then I typically have a 4-6 hr window of dark positives, before the opk goes back to negative. Makes it so hard to catch the pos results!  Hopefully in two short (or long) weeks we’ll both have our BFPs! 

larissakay :  your LH can have several surges before finally going positive, this may be what you’re seeing. Or you could be unlucky like me and have a quick surge, but if you’re testing multiple times a day then I think you should see it go positive:) how long are typical cycles for you? 

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Dr_dazzle :  I always got tons of creamy CM a day or two before AF. I too used that as an indicator it was coming. But same happened month I got my BFP, so for me it didn’t really mean anything. 

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minimalistoverplanner :  Congratulations! There’s no mistaking it with those dark lines!

SeaOfLove :  Haha we can only hope! If I O’d on Thursday as I think I did, I’m only 2DPO so I’ve got a bit of a wait. I’m actually feeling much better about this cycle and don’t seem to be stressing  about it, so hopefully this is a good sign so far!

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I’m out for real – AF arrived!! I feel better now at least it was just a few days late and last cycle was 33 days (longest yet but in the grand scheme not that long) 

congrats again to our already many BFPs and hopefully I won’t see many of you on the Sept board! πŸ™‚

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SeaOfLove :  always lurking the POAS boards and wanted to pop in to say a huge congratulations!!!! So happy for you mama! Wishing you all the best these next 9 months! πŸ’—πŸ’™

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I’m spotting. So either AF is coming early or… I don’t know lol. 

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panda_bear3 :  a long cycle is good! Gives the fertilized egg time to implant. This is our first cycle of unprotected sex and AF hasn’t arrived yet for me but I’ve been feeling it’s imminent for a week. From my period tracker app, my cycles are 28-29 days, with 2 of them in the past year and a half being only 26 days. Right now I’m CD 26, really hoping AF holds out for another 2 days just so I don’t have to worry about fertility treatments! 

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Well AF arrived today so I’m out for August. 

It teased me with an extra day on my LP, and temps staying higher than they should have been. But she’s here now. 

Onto September. At least I won’t have to explain why I’m not drinking on Labour Day weekend (which will also be my 30th birthday). 

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AF is officially here. I guess I’ll call my doctor tomorrow and see if they can start any testing. On to cycle 11 I guess. 😒

Maybe I O’d earlier then I think I did and my LP was longer than 8 days.

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mrscorgi :  i got a darker, more then likely positive OPK this morning. Me and Darling Husband plan to BD today anyways, but my original plan was to take a day off in between(tomorrow) and then BD two more times. But now with the + opk, im paranoid that i will miss my window. 

and i dont want to miss the window of oppurtunity. So now im just planning on BDing for possibly 4 or 5 days in a row, lol. Darling Husband might not be to thrilled but im not giving him a choice, ha. 

im basically going down the list of differnet ways to time BD, etc. This is probably the last thing we havent tried (BDing 4-5 days in a row)

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