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posted 6 years ago in Pregnancy
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    Yay!  I felt like we were due for a new poll.

    How far along? 26w3d

    Total weight gain: about 19 – scary!!

    Maternity clothes? Most always.  Some dresses and lounging clothes still work.

    Stretch marks? Not yet.

    Belly button?  Still in, but not very deep.  It’s weird I don’t think I have ever seen the bottom of my belly button until now.

    Sleep: Still pretty good.  I wake up at least twice to pee, but have no problem going back to sleep.  Apparently I am snoring and making weird noises so my husband’s sleep is suffering.

    Best moment this week (so far): Getting a huge bag of super cute clothes from a family friend.

    Worst moment this week (so far): Very swollen ankles yesterday that freaked my husband and co-worker out.  I think it was due to Mexican food and it seems better today. 

    Miss Anything? WINE!

    Cravings: Sweets, all the time

    Movement: Yep, last week it was all concentrated on one side, but all over this week

    Classes? Start in 2 weeks!

    Nursery progress? Furniture is in.  I think bedding and glider are decided.  Can’t wait to put it all together.

    Names picked? 99% sure

    Milestones? Less than 100 days until the due date

    Struggles? Not really. 

    Most worried about? Weight gain, gd test, everything continuing to go well. 


    Most excited about: Overall meeting this little boy….Upcoming putting the nursery together and shower plans!


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    Oh thank god…something to do while I’m completely bored at work.

    How far along? 28w5d

    Total weight gain: Hovering right around 19lbs. That’s pretty scary to me – but I honestly feel like it’s mostly all belly right now…or so I tell myself.

    Maternity clothes? Maternity jeans and work pants, definitely. I have a few short sleeve shirts/tanks that are maternity – but everything else (long sleeve shirts, other tops, dresses, skirts, etc) are still my pre-pregnancy clothes. 

    Stretch marks? None yet – knocking on the fake wood my desk is made out of.

    Belly button? Pretty much level, I guess I’d say? It’s not popping out, but I can definitely see all of it when I’m lying down haha.

    Sleep: This week has been the week of bad sleep for some reason. My husband has been tossing and turning, which wakes me up and then I can’t fall back asleep. Plus, we have a whipoorwhil bird outside of our window at all hours which literally might drive me crazy. I’ve also been falling asleep on the couch, only to walk upstairs to my bed and be miraculously wide awake. Very annoying.

    Best moment this week (so far): We had a friend’s dad, who’s visiting from Poland, over for dinner last night. He told me how well I’m carrying the pregnancy and that he’s amazed I haven’t gained any weight in my face or arms…that made me feel pretty good.

    I also bought these freakin’ adorable little leggings that are giraffe striped and even have a tail on the back. Ugh – too cute.

    Worst moment this week (so far): Probably the lack of sleep. And the fact that my husband tosses and turns, knowing he’s keeping me up, but refusing to go downstairs and let me sleep. Also, yesterday while making dinner for my friend’s dad he refused to help me peel apples because the apple corer/peeler I use to do it is “too hard,” he had a “long day at work,” and he “didn’t want his blood pressure to spike while trying to use it.” So I’m left to make dinner alone while he sits on the couch. Grr…

    Miss Anything? Definitely, wine. Also, missing out on seeing one of my favorite bands this weekend because my friends are going to camp out for 2 nights to see them and I just don’t feel up to it now.

    Cravings: Oreo ice cream (which my favorite ice cream shop has been out of for the past 4 weeks…), juice, PB.

    Movement: Tons, all the time. Except the last couple of days which has really freaked me out. I had some ridiculous chili on Monday night and the baby made me pay for it by moving ALL night long (which it usually never does). My favorite time of day is when I can finally lay on the couch and watch all the movement going on below. 

    Classes? We start June 6th! I’m pretty excited πŸ™‚

    Nursery progress? Walls are painted, carpet’s been replaced with wood, crib and dresser are in. Still working on picking out curtains, a rug and some artwork. 

    Names picked? Boy’s name has been picked for a while. Girl’s names are tough. We both have 1 that we like quite a bit, but I think the nickname for it would end up being the same as our dog’s name….so I’m not 100% sold.

    Milestones? Getting to the 3rd trimester! 

    Struggles? Most recently, sleeping. Otherwise a bit of a worry on weight gain and still dealing with awful acne. 

    Most worried about? Recently? Hoping that I passed my GD test from Monday (still haven’t heard back). Less movement the past couple of days.

    In general: slightly worried about labor and delivery, but not as much as something going wrong between now and then (read: stillbirth). 

    Most excited about: 

    This week: Hopefully passing my GD test, seeing good friends for dinner on Friday, and seeing other good friends on Saturday. Oh – and the long weekend!!

    In general: my baby shower is coming up in just a couple of weeks now (eee!), starting child birth classes, hopefully planning a 4th of July party, going away for the weekend with Darling Husband in June, and closing in on seeing our baby πŸ™‚

    Happy Wednesday!

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    How far along? 27w3d

    Total weight gain: 12 pounds

    Maternity clothes? Still can wear most of my regular clothes. Shirts I can wear as long as they are longer & stretchy, pants I use a belly band. I do wear some maternity clothes now; I’ve taken to wearing black maternity yoga pants as “work pants”, nobody has noticed and it’s super comfy!

    Stretch marks? Not yet, hopefully it stays that way.

    Belly button? Now an “outie”.

    Sleep: Don’t get a lot, mostly because I have to wake up to pee so much. As far as getting comfortable, I think it’s actually been easier the past couple weeks, since my stomach is a bit bigger and can kind of support itself instead of always having to have a pillow under it (the pillow is still helpful sometimes, just not an absolute requirement like it was a few weeks ago).

    Best moment this week (so far): Strangers are starting to notice I’m pregnant and ask me about it, so I’m happy I actually look pregnant and not just like I ate too many Twinkies.

    Worst moment this week (so far): Haven’t had any bad moments this week.

    Miss Anything? Wine, my old body shape.

    Cravings: No cravings, haven’t had any my entire pregnancy.

    Movement: This week I think his muscles are getting beefed up! His kicks have gone from cute little nudges to ones that are sometmes uncomfortable!

    Classes? Almost done with Bradley classes. In June we take the “Prepared Childbirth” class from the hospital, and in July we take “Breastfeeding Basics” and “Bringing Home Baby”, also classes from the hospital.

    Nursery progress? Finally got the room cleared out. So far we have: glider & ottamon, crib mattress, lamp, framed animal prints for the wall, baby-name letters. We still need to get a crib & dresser, and actually put everything in the room.

    Names picked? Ronan Christopher!

    Milestones? Under 100 days left! (88 to be exact!)

    Struggles? I can’t move as quickly as I used to. And I have to pee constantly. It really sucks when those 2 things collide: I really have to pee and am walking to a bathroom, but it is uncomfortable to walk too fast. 

    Most worried about?  My GD test next week. And of course just waiting and hoping everything keeps going well and I have a healthy baby at the end of it all. 

    Most excited about:  Working on getting the nursery done. Having my baby shower (mid-June).

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    @Keppa:  LOL πŸ™‚ I’m having a lousy day at work too. 

    @Mrs Sarah McK:  No change in user name but my OB has my EDD as 8/6…not sure if it matters but that’s what I’m going with for weekly counts. πŸ™‚

    How far along? 29w 2d

    Total weight gain: 15

    Maternity clothes? Mostly. I can squeeze into a few tops and many dresses, but the rest is maternity. 

    Stretch marks? Not yet.

    Belly button?  Still in but shallow. Not sure how I feel about it popping out. yikes!

    Sleep: Better. I’m using a body pillow and stretching regularly which seems to be helping with the back pain I was having.

    Best moment this week (so far): Knowing that I have a 4 day weekend coming up πŸ™‚ 

    Worst moment this week (so far): Learning that the grant funding for my job has been cut so I will no longer have a job to come back to after the baby is born. 

    Miss Anything? WINE! And candy, now that I’;ve officially given it up after failing the glucose test. 

    Cravings: Candy, fruit, soda water. 

    Movement: All the time. Especially when I lay down at night on my side. 

    Classes? We jjust finished our classes on Sunday. They were really amazing. I am actually excited about delivery now (for the most part). πŸ™‚

    Nursery progress? It is painted but that’s about it. Still waiting on furniture from some friends. I do have bedding and some decorations though so all is not lost. 

    Names picked? Charles “Charlie” after Darling Husband and Father-In-Law. 

    Milestones? 29 weeks and counting!

    Struggles? This has been a tough week with the loss of my job but I really can’t complain. Oh, and I failed the 1 hour test so I have to take the 3 hour next week-ugh. 

    Most worried about? Passing the 3 hour test, making it to full term, having him here and healthy. 

    Most excited about: Meeting our LO, working on the nursery and buying a new car! Also really looking forward to maternity leave and hopefully having a few weeks before he comes when I’m not working. 


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    How far along? 28w5d

    Total weight gain: I “gained” 6 at my last visit, but that puts me at -3 still since I lost 9 the first trimester.

    Maternity clothes? Nope! Still wearing regular clothes.

    Stretch marks? No new ones at least πŸ˜›

    Belly button? It’s actually become pretty shallow. Still an innie though.

    Sleep: I always FEEL like I slept crappily. I get up every few hours to pee, and I find  I have to shift position because my right hip hurts if I sleep on it too long.

    Best moment this week (so far): Hearing his heartbeat after a particularly scary 24 hours (see story below):

    Worst moment this week (so far): SO. PREFACE: A week or so ago my Father-In-Law was in a head-on collision (which totaled the car but he was fine, thank god), and we had to return the insurance rental on Friday. It was a long weekend here in ON — of course there are no rentals to be had, so we had to go the weekend without a car.

    Friday night I got home from running around and kind of noticed throughout the night that he wasn’t kicking as much, if at all. I went to bed, then went to work in the morning, and came home by 3. Throughout the night he got REALLY quiet, to the point where I was positively FREAKING OUT that he wasn’t okay in there….and, of course, where we live is about a 45 minute walk to the nearest bus stop. So we left for the hospital around 9 (after a miscommunication with my friend that left me waiting for her for an hour, um, less said about that the better). We got to the hospital around 10:30, got hooked up, and OMFG IT WAS SUCH A RELIEF to hear his heartbeat!!! You have NO idea. They gave me some OJ and monitored me for about an hour and everything was fine. Little STINKER. Anyways. Worst 24 hours of my life so far. My mind went to horrible, horrible places.

    Miss Anything? WINE! Wah. 

    Cravings: McDonalds. Big Macs in particular. I KNOW I’M BAD. Ugh. And I pretty much live on apples and cheddar cheese – quick and easy!

    Movement: He’s usually quiet when I’m at work since I work an on-your-feet, running around type of job, but anytime I’m still he likes to kick and roll and what-have-you. Which is partially the reason I freaked out so badly on Friday/Saturday.

    Classes? I’ve decided not to do pre-natal classes. There aren’t any that fit our schedule, I don’t have the energy, and I figure I can learn pretty much anything I need or want to know through books or internet anyways.

    Nursery progress? No progress WHAT SO EVER. It’s starting to freak me out.

    Names picked? Yep – Andrew Wylie.

    Milestones? I finally kind of popped?! Maybe?! Or I just look extra fat…. I can’t tell.

    Struggles? Not really? My hip keeps doing something weird I guess? He likes to move up into my ribs at night and it makes for a lot of pressure and a slightly harder time breathing. ETA: I forgot to mention that I’m STILL puking about twice a week. I’m pretty sure I’ll be puking as I deliver by this point. Boo-urns.

    Most worried about? Getting everything ready and bought for the baby….

    And, of course, something going wrong between now and then (read: stillbirth). 

    Most excited about: Shower, June 9th, and getting our own freaking car back and back on track regarding finances. And FINISHING THE GODAAMN NURSERY GACK.

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    How far along? 28wks 1day

    Total weight gain: 18-20 pounds…I freaked a little on the inside when I was informed I gained NINE pounds since my last appointment.  It’s so crazy because up until about week 20, I had gained less than 5 pounds.  I’m still all belly and boob, so I really can’t complain. It’s just getting a little harder to see those numbers on the scale rising, even though I know it’s a good thing!

    Maternity clothes?  Oh yes.  They are just so much more comfortable!  I’ve been passing my maternity yoga pants off as work pants for months now.  I’ve been wearing mostly skirts and tanks or dresses…some maternity, some not.  As long as it fits comfortably, I’m happy.  I gave up on the belly band long ago, though…it never felt right.

    Stretch marks? I don’t think I got many new ones…maybe some on my inner thighs.  Nothing on my stomach, and I’m hoping it stays that way.

    Belly button?  It’s definitely an outie…and it totally grosses out my daughter.  I find it hilarious.

    Sleep: I’m sleeping okay….I’ve been having a much harder time falling asleep and staying asleep lately.  Since being pregnant, I’m a reallly light sleeper so ANYTHING wakes me up.  

    Best moment this week (so far): This is going to sound awful, but my most challenging student has been absent all week…and I’d consider that my best moment.  He’s a good kid, but he’s just so hyperactive!  My classroom is a completely different atmosphere when he’s out, so it’s been much more calm and relaxing at work.  The kids are being productive, and I’m not stressed.  

    My husband’s best friend told him yesterday that I am the most beautiful pregnant woman he’s ever seen….so that was pretty fantastic to hear, too.  πŸ™‚

    Oh, and passing my glucose test!!

    Worst moment this week (so far):  I’ve had some pretty bad back pain for the past week or so, and it seems to be getting worse this week.  It hurts most when I walk…feels almost like something is out of place in my lower back by my buttbone!  I went for a massage last weekend, but that hasnt seemed to help.  I want to try to start going for walks every other day again, but I don’t know, it hurts too much!  Any pointers?

    Miss Anything?  I miss the option of having a good, stiff drink on the weekend!  I also miss spicy tuna rolls.

    Cravings: still sugary/sweets and fruit.

    Movement: Movement is getting stronger every day.  He/she is most active between the 9-11 hours (both am and pm).  I’m carrying low and still breech as of Monday, so the low kicks can be pretty uncomfortable.  

    Classes? We’re seriously considering skipping them.  I’m having a scheduled c-section, so I really don’t see the need for a childbirthing class.  And I’ve breastfed before, so I’m not sure that one is necessary either.  

    Nursery progress? Not much.  STILL waiting on my husband to finish our bathroom, so he can get started on the nursery.  I feel bad because I’m getting frustrated with him, but he’s working his butt off every day he has off of work.  It’s just taking much longer than we had planned, and I’m getting anxious to get the nursery set up.  We have the crib and 2 matching dressers, we bought the paint, and I have several prints to frame and put on the walls.  Sooo…once it’s painted, it shouldn’t take long at all.  I just want it done!

    Names picked? John Louis OR Emily Michelle 

    Milestones? 3rd trimester, baby!

    Struggles?  just the back pain

    Most worried about? packing up my classroom.  We are getting a new school, so my entire classroom needs to be packed up and put into labeled boxes that will be moved into my new classroom over the summer.  I already have over 20 boxes packed, and it feels like I’ll never finish!  I’m also really nervous about my room getting set up because we won’t b allowed into the new schools until AFTER my little baby bear is born!

    Most excited about: I love my job, but I’m looking forward to school getting out on June 19th.  I feel like I’m always so exhausted by the time I get home from work, and my home is suffering for it.  The house is a mess and I really haven’t had the energy to help out around the house, and I feel badly that my husband has been picking up the slack.  He does it without a complaint, but I’m sure it’s tough…especially since he did the bulk of the chores to begin with!!

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    Mother effer.  I get to be diabetic for 11 weeks.  Four finger sticks a day for 11 weeks.  I’ll try to write more later but this is obviously the low point for the week.

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    @Mrs Sarah McK:  I don’t think what you said was over the top…I would have been really upset too. I’ve been having a hard time with the job stuff and being pregnant and hormonal ceratainly doesn’t help. I will apologize if I’ve been out of line with Darling Husband but I expect him to understand that everyone has bad days and that will continue to happen when we have kids too. Life is stressful. 

    @bebefly:  So glad you were able to find the little guy-what a scare!

    @candicemcc:  πŸ™ I’m so sorry. Hang in there…

    @bunnylovesbear:  I have been doing glute stretches pretty regularly and that really helped wiht my back pain beleive it or not. The woman I saw for my prenatal massage said a lot of back pain comes from tight glutes. I googled some stretches and modified them for being pregnant. And yay for comments about being beautiful πŸ™‚ That’s always nice to hear. 

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    @candicemcc:  I’m sorry, hun.  We’re here for moral support!!

    @Mrs Sarah McK:  I’m with orvis.  I don’t think what you said was over the top at all.  Your husband needs to understand the pregnancy is a 24-hr job for us…there are no breaks…so if you need help peeling the apples (or with WHATEVER), he needs to be willing to step it up, even when he’s tired.  We’re all obviously allowed our bad days, but hopefully he will be more understanding in the future.  And if not, you’re totally allowed to be cranky!  That’s NO reflection on how you will mother your future child!

    @orvis18:  I just contacted a chiropractor, but I’ll also look up some stretches online like you did.  It really feels like something it out of place, though…and it gets worse as the day goes on.  I spend most of today sitting at my desk in my classroom, which is VERY out of the norm for me.  I’m usually up and about the room with the kiddos.

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    I’ll Play!

    How far along? 29 weeks today!

    Total weight gain: about 25 lbs..ugh

    Maternity clothes? Yeah, mostly in those.

    Stretch marks? Not yet, hope it stays that way!

    Belly button?  I hate being an outie now!

    Sleep: Up before the sunrise every day for at LEAST the past 10 weeks. Then factor in the two pee trips a night and yeah, not so much.

    Best moment this week (so far): Well it’s only Wednesday, can’t say I’ve had one.

    Worst moment this week (so far): Getting severe heartburn from the iron pills from my anemia, and realizing I can’t take them because of my GI problems

    Miss Anything? Booz and Sexy Time (I just feel so gross, I can’t even think about it.)

    Cravings: Just got off a major Peanut Butter kick. I think I’ve been eating a lot more eggs lately.

    Movement: Lots, sometimes I think the best part of my day is waking up in the morning to those first kicks/nudges of the day and knowing our little girl is okay, and one day closer to meeting us and the world!

    Classes? Probably wont do them at all.

    Nursery progress? Paint job, check, new hardwood floors, check. Baseboards and crown moulding are done all except the finishing touches… doors and windowsills still need to be re-installed, furniture moved in, wall decals put up etc. SO much left to do.

    Names picked? She sure has one – top secret til she’s born though!

    Milestones? 29 weeks. Since I’ll be induced at 39 weeks, I have exactly 10 weeks to go!

    Struggles? Getting slower and have some big events coming up where I’m going to be pushing pretty hard to stay active and on my feet for 10 hour stretches. I’m so out of shape!

    Most worried about? Trying to get off my medications before she’s born… cord getting wrapped, still birth… anything my paranoid little brain can conjure pretty much.

    Most excited about: Finally getting to meet our girl in 10 weeks! Also, Darling Husband took SIX weeks off of work, so I’m really excited to have some quality time as a new little family… even if we’ll be running on no sleep.

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    @Mrs Sarah McK:  Actually when I was reading your comment about your Darling Husband earlier my mouth dropped open. I mean, obviously you’re not going to be negative and won’t try to push your bad mood onto your LO – but this was a different situation, where LO isn’t even here yet! My Darling Husband will say things like that to me sometimes too (“ya know, when the baby gets here you can’t be uncertain about the meals you cook for dinner – you just have to say they’re the best”). Well…obviously – but that is then and this is now.

    @PandasWifey: Wow – how awesome that your Darling Husband gets 6 weeks off from work!! That’s great! Also, congrats on hitting the 10 weeks left mark. I think that will be especially exciting once I hit 30 weeks!

    @candicemcc:  Ugh, so sorry to hear that! We’re all here if you need to vent!

    @bunnylovesbear:  I’m so glad to hear fomr someone else who’s gained about the same amount that I have that has a similar attitude. It freaks me out to have gained this much weight so far – but I also know where it’s concentrated, and I’m trying to keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with that. Not sure I’ll be able to hold off on only gaining 25-30 lbs though….but I hope I can!

    Also, I passed my glucose test too! Got my letter in the mail yesterday. There were a bunch of other test results on the letter as well – all of which said they were normal, although a couple of the #’s seemed to be a little lower than the normal range listed. Guess I’ll have to call my mom (an RN) later today and get her opinion.

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