August, September, October brides- hows everyone doing?

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I’m end of Oct and in much the same boat. I started off certain it would be back to normal by then, and every day that goes by chips away at that certainty a little more. Thankfully (kind of), we’ve booked all of our big vendors: venue, photo, catering; and my dress is already in alterations. Everything else we consider smaller details we could easily compromise on. Otherwise, we’d be in the awkward position of getting antsy to book because slots might be filling up, esp with all the spring couples postponing, yet not feeling right trying to do so during this time. We do have deposits down, but our vendors are good people who I’m sure would work with us to rebook if needed, especially since our entire state is under legal shelter in place orders.

Right now I’m just feeling for all the spring & summer brides who are for sure having to cancel and/or lose deposits. I can’t imagine that stress. 

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  • Wedding: October 2020

I got the dress, veil, tiara. Have deposits down for DJ, planner, photographer, caterer, venue. Booked a hotel for family (but I can easily cancel.) Wedding is 10/2. I was planning to talk to another florist and do a hair and makeup trial next week when I’m off. That’s not happening anymore!

It’s been a never ending mindfuck. Our plan is to go with what the health official and government recommendations are, rather than what the vendors are willing to do. 

Our plan is to be married on that date, even if we have to Skype our officiant into our living room. I’m wearing the dress, hemmed or not.

The question is whether it will still fit after all my stress eating!

We’ll get through this!

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  • Wedding: February 2021

Hey, I was meant to be August 29, but that is winter where I’m from and every day the situation got worse and worse.

I just post-poned until February 13, 2021. Summer for us and far away that no stress. Worth for the sake of my anxiety right now.

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twinklinglights :  I’m end of August and chugging along as planned. 

I am taking the virus VERY seriously, but I’m a realist. What’s happening now is not feasible long term (IMO). We’re doing everything we can now to flatten the curve. This has to end at some point, and I really don’t see us still sheltered in place/widely social distancing in 5 months.

All of our deposits were paid before the outbreak became serious in the US. Our officiant actually reached out to me today to make sure our plans haven’t changed. We will be getting married on our wedding date come hell or high water, even if that means changing up the game plan.

Our problem is our venue is only open 4-5 months/year depending on weather and it books out a year in advance. We wanted to elope but it would have crushed our parents so we decided on a small-ish wedding (guest list is 80 which is big to me), so if less people show up because of this, it will get us closer to our original idea.

I’m trying to remain calm and weather the storm. I don’t see a point in rescheduling when we don’t know how this will play out, and who knows what will pop up in 2021. My mom keeps reminding me that everything will work out the way it is supposed to! I’m keeping the faith and I think all of the mid-summer/fall/winter brides should too 🙂

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  • Wedding: September 2020

September bride here. We’re hoping to still be able to have our wedding on our planned date. It’s far enough out that I still have hope, but I’m making peace with our alternative options. No matter what happens, we will be married on our date. It’s our anniversary, so it doesn’t make sense to given that up.

We have decided to postpone our honeymoon due to the situation. It just won’t be financially feasible for us in 6 months. I feel ok with that though, because we’re going to postpone to a better time of year for our destination, and try to get a room upgrade while we’re at it. We’ll have enough time to save for a better experience.

This is a very stressful time of not knowing what will come in a few months. I’ve found it helps to make contingency plans, and try to come to terms with them. I’m prepared for a very tiny ceremony and a delayed reception and honeymoon. If things work out and we’re able to have our full wedding as planned, I will be thrilled. Either way, I’m marrying my partner in 6 months, and we’ll figure out the rest together.

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  • Wedding: October 2020 - Ohio

I’m an Oct 10th bride and also work in healthcare at the VA. I feel confident in continuing planning for our wedding although my heart breaks for all the brides having to postpone their dates. The only thing I have been debating on booking right now is our honeymoon but mostly because I was about to apply for my fiance’s passport and am just concerned in having that in time prior to booking something. Other than that we are being optimistic things will go as planned. 

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I am a November bride and I am starting to worry.  I read a report that says to make sure this is all taken care of properly we need to be home and shut down for 32 weeks which is 8 months.  I dont see life going back to normal at all this year.  A vaccine will take til the end of the year, and if there is just 1 case out there and they let life go back to normal we are back to square one.

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  • Wedding: September 2020

Here is a September bride. Actually, I am happy that it is not allowed to invite relatives. We will have 10-people ceremony and that is all

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Hi bees! I’m an October bride and I’m so sorry for what everyone is going through! Take care and hang in there! We have only booked the church for the ceremony and I have ordered my dress, which is supposed to be ready in June. We were really close to booking the reception venue but our second appointment with them was cancelled due to the lockdown. The exact same happened with various other appointments (e.g. photographer, florist). I’m not worried about money as we have only paid a deposit for the wedding dress but I’m worried about the planning. I’m trying to keep calm though and tell myself that we’ll have time to arrange everything later. P.S. The date is important to us so postponing would be upsetting.

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  • Wedding: September 2021 - Beaver Creek, CO

September bride here. My planner and many family members/friends are telling me to keep planning and that by September this will either be over or at least social distancing will be lessened and people will want to come back together and celebrate something. Who knows if that’s true. I picked up my dress from the salon yesterday right before my city went on lockdown and I cried. My mom couldn’t be there (she’s battling cancer), I didn’t get to pick out my veil, and it just wasn’t at all what I imagined trying my actual wedding dress on for the first time would be like.  I know this pales in comparison to what March/ April/ May brides are going through, but it still sucks, and every comment I read telling people they would postpone until 2021 makes my anxiety skyrocket. 

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  • Wedding: September 2020

Our wedding is the first week of September and we’re still going ahead. We will be traveling from Europe to my native SoCal for the wedding. Lots of things are still not settled with our travel plans, but otherwise the wedding details are fairly outlined with deposits paid. 

The wedding venue said they are currently postpoining all events until after 1 May. We have to make another large deposit in May as well, and at that point if things haven’t settled down, we will be open to postponing. 

The stark reality is that if things are not settled by the summer the whole world will be upside down, and our wedding will not be our top concern.

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