(Closed) Aussie Shepherd or Golden Retriever?

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  • poll: Aussies or Goldies?
    Aussie! : (17 votes)
    37 %
    Goldie! : (21 votes)
    46 %
    Either, you can't go wrong! : (8 votes)
    17 %
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    Derp:  You can’t go wrong…however…have you considered adoption?  

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    We had an Aussie and she did have natural hearding tendancies. She was very protective of us as kids, which was great but as she got older she became very protective around strangers that came to the house and would nip towards them. Never at them but if you didn’t know her I’m sure it was a bit indimidating. We also had a lot of land that allowed her to run around and that’s an absolute must with an AS. 

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    I have an Aussie who is beyond awesome! I vote Aussie.

    I love herding dogs traits and that’s what I will continue to get. They are intelligent, loving, loyal dogs-good luck!

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    I don’t think you can go wrong.  My brother has an Aussie and she’s amazing!  Great with the kids, always following his commands.  I have a friend with a golden who is amazing too and great with her one year old.  Perfect family dog, and has been trained well as well.

    I’ve got to say though I find it obnixous when someone has to ask about adoption in a pet thread.  You can’t tell from the OP whether she’s adopting or going to a breeder and it shouldn’t matter.  She should get to make the choice that it right for her family.  It just seems like people push adoption which is great and I’m very for adopting pets but it’s not always the right choice for everyone.


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    we had a Goldie when I was growing up. LOVED her! The biggest downside was the shedding. Omg, it was bad.

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    Derp:  Find an aussie golden mix! Mixed breeds tend to be the healthiest dogs, and they also have traits from both breeds. I also have to advocate for rescue dogs as well. 

    This is a pic on an aussie golden mix, lol.


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    Derp:  Aussies all the way!  I have two of them and I love the dearly. Very intellegent dogs. They learn quickly.  Right now we have a small yard(and I hate it) but the dogs chase each other and they are fine. One is a year the other is 4. My 4 year old would rather sit on the sofa and watch TV my one year old is super hyper and loves to run.

    My fiancee calls them velcro dogs cause they want to be by your side and want to please you. They are protective n my older dog barks when people come by. She also doesnt leave my side when there are people in the house. I have never had my dogs nip at people.

    My older dog does herd by younger dog. Its fun to watch as they run around the yard.

    I got my dogs from the same breeder who is well known and is constantly in contact with us. If I have a question she is quick to answer. I love her dearly.

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    Derp:  my family has experience with both. Unfortunately, you won’t know until you already get one, but Aussies do tend to me a bit more territorial than goldies. My grandparents have an Aussie now, and I have to say, he is too aggressive. He has bitten multiple people ( strangers) and really cannot be trusted around new people or small children. It sucks because the majority of them are NOT like that, but it is more common with that breed than the goldie. However; a lot of it is how you train them… so if you’re invested in socializing and righting bad habits, both dogs are great.

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    My friend had a Golden. Despite multiple obedience courses and training, he was the most obnoxious dog I’ve ever come across, and this is coming from a huge dog lover (2 of my own – mutts from the shelter). He always jumped on people and he was almost 100 lbs – large for a Golden. He would also eat or drink anything left anywhere, including the kitchen countertops. Even glasses of water were not safe. He also broke my screen door jumping up on it. Grrr.

    Granted, that is only one dog, but he sure soured my perspective on Goldens. Every Aussie I’ve met has been great.

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    We have an Aussie/German Shepherd mix.  Our dog is very loyal and very smart.  She is quick to learn anything and was relatively easy to train.  She is great at listening and following commands.

    She is VERY hyper, even as she is nearing 8 years old, she has never really settled down.  She NEEDS to have plenty of exercise and stimulation, which sounds like you live a fairly active lifestyle so you should be fine.  We also have a very large yard though that she loves to run around and play in, not sure how an apartment would be.

    We have never had any problems with her being overly aggressive.  She is territorial and will defend the house (i.e. bark when a stranger shows up) but if we tell her it’s okay she is friendly.  There has only been one time I have ever seen her almost attack someone, but that person was really deserving it and she was keeping us safe, but we were able to call her off.  She is also great with our niece and nephew.

    She also sheds pretty bad twice a year.

    So in short – beautiful dog, loyal, protective but not mean, great with kids, super energetic, loves to play.  If that sounds like something you would be able to enjoy and handle, by all means, go for it!

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