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@kat2014: I’m not the most super educated on this but I do know that it is most likely related to his desire to fit in socially and have something to talk about but also his inability to pick up on what is considered socially acceptable. 

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I have had some experience with individuals with Aspergers, but none like you have had. My guess is that he is just trying hard to get your attention and acceptance. That’s just my theory, but it makes sense to me. Individuals with Aspergers want to belong within a social group, but have a hard time following “social rules” that we typically just pick up on. It makes sense that he claimed to be engaged right after you told him you might be engaged soon. It might have been his way to gain your acceptance.

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My brother is on the scale with Aspergers and he has a tendency to REALLY exagerate stories, if not make them up entirely.

Usually they are “harmless”, meaning its insignificant. Like he would remember one of us siblings saying or doing something when we were little, that we definately didnt do. Or stories about his friends that we cant confirm isnt true, but is just doesnt seem plausable.

I think, like the PPs said, its his desire to have something to talk about.

The other thing my brother does is if he finds he tells a funny story that people like, he will keep retelling it in that same evening for HOURS until someone basically tells him to shut up.

He has no social skills for the most part and doesnt know what is socially acceptable half the time.(like showing up at 9 PM for a 2 PM BBQ) Its all related.

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I agree with @chasesgirl… I have ALOT of aspergers in my family… I have it myself… MILDLY… anyway, it’s definitely a social fitting in issue….

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@kat2014: Not really. He needs to learn that it is not socially acceptable to lie to people. He may not understand why, but its a rule he has to follow.

Just like my father has had to teach my brother that its not OK to not call and not show up to an event you said you would be there to. He doesnt understand why. (He always has an excuse as to why he was busy) But he knows now its just something you do. Like brusing your teeth.

I have no idea if this is your position to teach him this however. That is something for you to decide. But I would venture to say its not because you arent that close to him.  


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My sister has aspergers, and they tend to parrot and mimic people, they dont know how to fit in socially and so they copy everything that they see other people doing, whoever they are spending time with is going to be their influence at that point in time. If you say you are getting engaged, then they will too. If you say you want to dye your hair pink, they will too. They frequently dont understand why lying is wrong, you can tell them a million times that lying is innapropriate but making up wild stories is extremely common and a very difficult trait to get rid of for them. I used to get very angry at my sister because she was a habitual liar and a theif, she just never realized that it affects other people negatively because they mentally lack the ability to put themselves in other peoples shoes. This is just what comes with knowing someone with aspergers, they will never really behave normally, and you just have to accept it and brush off the stories and the personality flip-flops.

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@kat2014: probably not because he will likely exagerate, if not lie, just to connect with you and so he seems “cooler” so the topic won’t matter. You could stick to school topics that you know he knows something about.

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@kat2014: why would he update his status about a pregnancy scare even if it were true? 😛

As someone with a mental disability who has just come out of university I can say that it is nice that you are concerned. No bugger in my class gave a damn about my problem and acted like I was faking it to get “perks” like SAAS funding and extra time in exams. 

Maybe offer to meet up with him so you can have a good chat. I am sure he would appreciate it. He might open up to you.

Not sure what university you are talking about but I was at QMU and they had no idea how to handle mental illness. They made me feel like a waste of space and I was given no support. If I had a physical disability they would have bent over backwards.  I hope that your university is better, but you are aware of his problem and I hope you can somehow help him. Its really lonely when no one understands and I am glad that people with experience of aspergers are here to offer you advice.

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