Average age of getting married?

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I will be married at 25, my FH will be 28. It seems young but we are also the first of our friends to get engaged (although I’m sure some will be engaged VERY soon now) 

the only thing I was worried about was fertility. We knew we wanted kids, I know I will struggle TTC. And the longer we wait the harder it will be.  

31 is absolutely average In My Humble Opinion. 

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I got married just after I turned 30. My friends are squarely divided into “married” and “single” categories. I.e. the single ones generally don’t have gfs or bfs at all. 

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I noticed that with my age group from school, there was a burst of weddings at about 20 to 21 years old. I’m now 26 years old, and haven’t really seen any wedding for a couple of years, apart from one from a couple who are 29 and one at 26. I feel like my younger sisters age group followed this too. I’d say 85-90% of them in relationships are not yet married/engaged. 30s definitely isn’t old!

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My Fiance and I will both be 24 when we get married, although in all my friendship circles we will be the youngest to be getting married (most of my close friends are not even near that stage). Although for me personally, I don’t feel young to be getting married at all. When people find out how old I am and that I am getting married, some have asked “are you really religious then” (which we are not in the slightest), which I found rude but also understand as the majority of couples I know who got married in their early 20’s were fairly religious. We will both have graduate degrees before our wedding, and I know that it is the norm for people with more education to get married later, but it just works for us 🙂

Although to answer your question, I feel like late 20’s to early 30’s is the average age to get married where I come from.

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I’m currently 26, I’ll be 27 or just turned 28 at our wedding and he will be 28 or just turned 29.

In the UK this is relatively young, and definitely young in the city we live in, the national average age is 30 for women and 33 for me. We will be the first to get married in our immediate friendship group. Most of our friends are in long term relationships but will probably get married around the 29-33 age. 

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My friends/family seem go get married in their mid-20s.  I had just turned 26.  My sister got married when she had just turnned 24.  My friends were/are all about 25-26 when they got married.  I’m in the midwest in a fairly big city.

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I was 28 and only 2 of my friend group are married/getting married so far, one was 26 and the other will be 30. (we are all same age)

My husband was 30 when we got married and all his friend group is married except his brother and they were all 30-34. 


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We are the first to get engaged or married in my social circle (27 and 28), but I have cousins that got married in their early twenties. I also have cousins that got married in their early thirties. I don’t think there’s a “right” age to be married, but I think there’s more of a focus with my generation of “having our shit together” (pardon my language) before we settle down (paying off bills, having a solid job, etc…) for us personally, Fiance didn’t propose until he had worked through his 90 days at his new job because he wanted to be financially stable before proposing. 

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sunnierdaysahead2 :  I live in the south so everybody here gets married and starts babymaking at a young age. Lol. With that being said, I don’t think you should compare your life’s path to other’s. What is right for your life is not necessarily what is right for theirs. Shake off the past, and focus on your future.

If getting married at age 31 allows you to have a happy and healthy life, then that’s the perfect age for you. Congrats! xoxo

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i got married at 32, had our first baby at 34 (although it took us 2 years and fertility treatment, not age related).  so I’ll be 36 this year and Darling Husband will be 40.  yeah, we are later than most of our friends, many of them are having their seconds now.  but we were not absolutely last. we have friends of varying ages,  we have a few friends that got married before us and after us and also had their babies the same year we did. 

don’t feel bad and you will meet mom friends, i joined a new mom group at our hospital.  it was an 8 week program.  we are all still friends and get together monthly with the babies. and have mom night out too.

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honestly it really doesnt matter. it depends on when youre ready, and if think you found the one, age is just a number!!

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