(Closed) Average carat size where you live?

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    I think the average I’ve seen here is around 0.25-0.50 and nothing more than 1 carat. I have only known one person who had a one carat ring IRL and her center stone was very low quality. She eventually got a smaller center stone, new set all together that was around 0.75. But between me and most of the women I know, the largest diamond is 0.5 for center stone. One friend of mine has a larger stone but it’s a morganite set in rose gold, it’s beautiful!

    I would also say most (but certainly not all) of the women I know here got their rings at chain/mall jewelers and have no idea about the 4Cs for their rings at all. I think I had more of an opinion at that since I worked in fine jewelry for awhile when I was in school. So my stone is on the smaller end at 0.33 carats but it’s higher quality.

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    Well, since it’s not very common here to get married at all (most Quebecers just live commonlaw, it’s cheaper and we still get the same status, and it’s the same for tax purposes and everthing) I don’t have a whole lot of rings to compare to.    I’d say it’s about .5 carats.   Mine is .5,  my cousin’s is probably .33, my friend’s is about the same as mine, my mother’s was small, but she doesn’t wear it anymore (she got fat, haha) she wears an aniversary band.   My mother in law, who is pretty wealthy, has a .5 stone too.   It’s set in platinum, but her stone is the same size as mine.    She wears a RHR that has probably a 3 ct center sapphire with diamond halo.    Honestly I’ve never seen a bigger diamond than that in my life, on a real person.    In my socia circle, we’re all in our early 30s or late 20s, and only two of us have rings/are married, everyone is in a commonlaw partnership though.

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    I live in a medium-sized Midwestern city. I still see a lot of the older-style marquise with circling side stones here. (like this)

    So I’d say the average is probably .5-1. I don’t see halos (don’t think I’ve ever come across one IRL). I see lots of these, too. 

    Mine is outside the norm, a 2-ct radiant solitaire. 

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    @Clairetoris:  To be honest, I have no idea. I don’t pay that much attention to people’s e-rings other than to ask to see them and say how pretty they are when they first get engaged, and I don’t make any effort to guess what size the main stone is. To be fair, I live in a town that is not wealthy, I don’t have a lot of wealthy friends, and most of us just don’t care that much about material things — we’re pretty laid back. (I hope this doesn’t sound judge-y, because I don’t mean it to be! I’m just trying to give some background to explain my lack of noticing.)

    ETA my stone is a little over 1 ct., but only because it was handed down through DH’s family. If we’d had to buy one ourselves, it’s unlikely I would have chosen a diamond both for cost reasons (we were just out of college and scraping by) and because I’m really fond of colored stones.


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    @Clairetoris:  I’m from the UK; I’d say that the average size here is 0.33-0.4ct. You do see bigger stones (I know a couple of people with 1.35ct stones), but the average is definitely under 0.5ct from what I’ve seen; and I see a lot of rings as I work as a cashier.

    I think there are a couple reasons for this; first, the average spend here is about £1000-1500/$1500-2250. You don’t see THAT many people spending more than that; though obv they do exist (eg the 1.35ct rings above; they’re D coloured triple x Fl stones, and cost around $30k); and £1000-1500 doesn’t get you a whole let over here. Second, diamonds here are EXPENSIVE; I’m always astounded at what bees on here pay/have paid, as you wouldn’t get anything LIKE that over here, even if you know your stuff and know where to buy. Third, most people aren’t massively clued-up on diamonds, and tend to buy from high-street jewellers which are hugely overpriced eg one popular jeweller sells a 1ct round H SI2 solitaire in platinum for $18k; the independent jeweller I went with charges just under half that ($8k) for the same specs. This basically means that the average person overpays, and so gets much less for their money; which drives the average size down even further.

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    I live in an expensive neighborhood in Brooklyn and work in the city- I would say average where I live/hang out is maybe .75ct and average for what I see in the city is probably 1ct.  There’s always the random HUGE (potentially sim) ring that you see on the train, but most are closer to 1ct or less.  I see a TON of halos (mostly on younger ladies which leads me to believe they are newer.)

    My husband works in finance and his family is in law, I was scoping out rings at their latest BBQ and they were mostly around 1ct and there were lots of non-diamond engagement rings (saw many sapphires.) I feel like diamonds are becoming the less popular option now!

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    I’m from the suburbs of a large city, and I would say maybe around 3/4 is the most common.  My finance is from more of the country, and all his friends have tiny stones all .25 or less.  I ended up going with a full carat, but I choose a gemstone (it was what I always wanted).  

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    I live in Eastern Ontario.  And I would say that the average that I’ve seen around here is somewhere in the 0.25 to 0.50 range.

    There are certainly some women (particularly recent Engagement / Brides) that have feature diamonds that are bigger than that, as that is the trend now… towards rings that are bigger, or have halos etc.

    But in general, this isn’t a big city area (like Montreal or Toronto) so people don’t tend to go to lavish here (ie over a Carat for a single stone)

    When I was married the first time (circa 1980) it was a time when the price of Gold was thru the roof… and Interest Rates were ridiculous (over 20%, over 35% on credit)

    So most couples that got married in the 10 year span from the mid 70s to the mid 80s found themselves in a position where they could only afford very modest rings (lol, mostly paying for the gold which was expensive).  I was one of those Brides…

    My First Marriage and I had an Interlocking Bridal Set, which was very popular at the time (This is also when the 3rd Ring trend began, with the idea that couples would “upgrade” their rings at some point… First Baby, Anniversary etc… and add another ring to the “other side”).  My ERing had just a wee bit of a dimond… I’m guessing no more than 0.20 to 0.25 CARATS … but it might have been even smaller, as back then unlike now, people knew even less about Diamonds.  I do remember tho that it was H/I in COLOUR and I CLARITY.

    I was a happy girl none the less, as I was marrying my sweetie.

    PHOTO – 1980s Interlocking Bridal Set (not my photo / set)

    Times have changed…

    Most of the women of my age that are still married to those men from the 1980s, many still wear their original Bridal Sets along with some nice “sparklies” from other occasions… milestones in their lives / marriages

    So many of my friends sporting also Diamond Anniversary Bands, Eternity Bands, Past Present & Future Rings, or Family Rings (with Birthstones). So it is not unusual to see women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s. & beyond here with a handful of rings / diamonds.

    So when I got engaged this time round… I knew I wanted more than the standard Solitaire… I wanted my hand to look somewhat like what my peers had going on…

    (Lol, also knowing full well that our age, the chances of Mr TTR and I ever getting to our 25th Wedding Anniversary is slight to say the least)

    Plus I had done the Solitaire the first time, so I wanted something very different this time.  I was in search of someting more “cocktail” like (for lack of a better word).  A lot more sparkle than just one stone.

    Lucky for me, Mr TTR was onboard with this all.  As he truly wanted to see me happy.  Infact in the process of our reading & researching Diamonds / Rings we both learned a great deal about Diamonds, and over the course of our looking for an ERing, he upped our budget because he clearly wanted me to have something of quality for as much as we could reasonably afford.

    Hence I ended up with what I fondly call OUR ERING… a GIA CERTIFIED CANADIAN Feature Diamond of 0.80 CARATS, Round Brilliants, Very Good in CUT, F in COLOUR – SI in CLARITY and mounted on a Cathedral Setting that features over a carat of G COLOUR – SI Round & Baguette Diamonds.

    It matches perfectly with my 1/2 Eternity 1/2 CARAT WBand that is also GIA CERTIFIED CANADIAN G COLOUR Round Diamonds that are channel set.

    Hope this helps,


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    Average here for a center stone, I’d say less than 1ct.  I see a lot of older antique “family heirloom” rings that have smaller stones, and lots of halos in the past year. I also see a lot of those “invisible setting center stones” that has 4 small princess cut diamonds put together to appear as one big diamond. 

    My ring is a princess halo with a .32ct center stone, with sides stones, knife edge band totalling up to 1ct.  My wedding band is also a knife edge band with diamonds matching the sides of my e-ring.  


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    Is someone taking actual scientific surveys in this stuff?


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    To @Horseradish:  sorry not following…

    What is your Question in response to (which reply etc)


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    I live in Dallas and I would say average is 1.5 ct. All my friends have center stones between 1.5 and 2 carats. My ring is the baby of the bunch at 1 carat. I know 1 carat isn’t even small, but sometimes it feels that way with all these ginormous rocks around me!

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    I live around Atlanta, and it’s about 1ct or so.

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    Where I live I would say the average varies by generation. Most rings I see are between .50 to 1 carat but all my girlfriends have 1.5 carats and above. I think in Los Angeles a girl would be pretty happy receiving a 1 carat stone 

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    @BrandNewBride:  yeah. boston and the general area has an average of at least 2ct. i have .25ctw in my ring, and people look down on it. i’ve had jewelers tell me i need to switch it out for something bigger, because my ring is ugly.

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