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Helper bee

Both Darling Husband and I will be 36 this fall. We’re in our 7th cycle TTC with no luck so far. I ovulate regularly and my AMH and TSH levels are fine. Darling Husband did a home sperm test which came out fine, but just to be sure, he’s going for a lab SA next month.

My OBGYN told me it can take up to 10 months at out age to get pregnant. However, I was convinced it would be a shorter process for us as I’ve had no gynecological issues in my medical history – no PCOS,  no irregular cycles, no known illnesses. 

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Bumble bee

I’m 35, Darling Husband is 38. We got pregnant the second month of trying. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Most healthy couples get pregnant by 6mo but up to a year.  Stastically you have a 20-25% chance each month but that is the standard (so if you have fertility issues that is not true) and I believe it might be slightly lower if you’re 36, maybe 18-20%. Stats littlebuzz posted are pretty correct.  But you won’t know until you try, you can get pregnant immediately or it can take years if you have fertility issues.  I used to think I would struggle because I had these crazy ass cycles before I was put on BCP but over the years my body regulated itself so I had no issues getting pregnant either time (29 and 31). My first I conceived immediately after I went off bcp (couple week later) and I had been on it 16 years.  I’ve had friends (my age range) who also got pregnant immediately, ones who take a couple months, ones who take half a year or a year due to irregular cycles and others who need a boost to help ovulate like clomid or even IVF.  36 is still young enough but you might expect it to take just a little bit longer.

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Busy bee
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I was 33 when I got married, Darling Husband was 32, and we started TTC right away. Got pregnant on the 2nd cycle. Decided to try for baby #2 at 35/34 and got pregnant on the first cycle trying. We’re both healthy, occasional drinkers and Darling Husband used to smoke but quit a long time ago.

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Blushing bee

I’m 36, my SO is 37 and I got pregnant our first cycle trying, and that’s with suboptimal fertility factors (FSH of 12, slightly hypothyroid, fibroids, etc.) My Gyno said I “better get going” if I wanted kids and she would refer me to an RE after 6 months of no success, as the majority (not all) of fertile couples will have success by then.

So as others said, you really have no idea how long it will take until you start trying! I would read The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant – it has some good advice on things you can start doing now to both understand and help your fertility. In my case, about 5 months before we started trying, I tracked my cycle / ovulation via BBT, took prenatals, took COQ10, lowered my TSH and lost 15 pounds via a whole foods plant based diet. Who knows if those things helped or not but they definitely do not seem to have hurt. My SO also cleaned up his diet, lost some weight and took some supplements as well.

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Sugar bee

My little sister was 28 when she had her first. She tried for two years. My friend was 32 when she had her first, she tried for two years. My friend is currently pregnant at 32 years old, and she tried for a six months. My older sister didn’t try at all and got pregnant. It varies. 

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Bumble bee
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I was pregnant three months after we started trying. I was 31 and Darling Husband 34. 

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Sugar bee
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AquariusLove :  I had the paraguard so no hormones & my body had been regulating itself for the 8 years I had it (plus I had been tracking for 2+ years on my app)… Part of the reason I chose the paraguard was so that we could get pregnant right away after taking it out without any hormonal issues/timing issues. I also didn’t want anymore synthetic hormones in my system- I figured 10+ years was more than enough- while everyone says they are safe, I just didn’t like the idea of putting more & more into my body when I had other options. Hoping you get your postive’s soon!!! 


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Buzzing Beekeeper
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You have a ~20% chance of getting pregnant each time, so after 3 cycles you have a 50/50 chance of being pregnant vs. not.

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Buzzing bee
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Darling Husband is 36, I am 32, and currently 23 weeks pregnant with our first. We were NTNP for one cycle, then ended up getting pregnant after 1 BD using the ClearBlue Ovulation sticks. We are both relatively healthy, don’t drink or smoke at all, and we avoid chemicals/processed foods. 

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Buzzing bee

I’m 24, Darling Husband is 25, neither of us smoke/use drugs/drink, both healthy, both excelllent blood test results, etc etc. and we are now on month 4 of trying. 

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Busy bee
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al09 :  Started TTC at 35 (close to 36); it took us 14 cycles (12 months), the last 3 of which were IUI. The 3rd IUI worked!

Good luck, bee!

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I’ve heard that given a couple with no fertility problems and perfect timing that each month you have a 20% chance of conceiving- which would mean it would take about 5 months.  That is exactly how long it took me… but everyone I know is SO different.  Even just counting people I know that didn’t need help with fertility, I know people who got pregnant the first month and people who took a whole year.  I have a cousin that got pregnant pretty easily the first time and then took over 2 years and fertility treatments for her second.  Turns out she wasn’t ovulating and her first was just a really luckly fluke!!  My mom took a whole year to get pregnant with my older brother- she already had the fertility appointment booked when she got pregnant.  Then for me she got pregnant the first month and my little sister was an accident- lol  In the end a statistic is just a statistic and it means nothing because each person is so unique.   I wouldn’t put too much pressure on getting pregnant before the end of the year- I did that and I think it made me take longer.  However, since you are over 35, I would seek out a fertility specialist after 6 months.  You might still get pregnant while going through the process, but fertility issues can sometimes take awhile to diagnose so it is good to get a jump start on them in case.   

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