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posted 9 years ago in Miami and South Florida
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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: October 2010

thanks for this advice, i hope other brides are aware of this and do not have to go through what you went through. Sorry you had such a bad experience, hopefully your mental pictures are the ones that will last in your heart!! 

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  • Wedding: May 2010

Hey KeyWestBride 409.  I am soooo sorry that happened to you!  I hope you still have some pictures from your guests that you liked.  I could not imagine something ike this happening.  Although my wedding isn’t until May 8 (4 months away!! crazy!)  our wedding photographer is Ashley Colhouer.  So far she has been so fantastic. friendly and amazingly accomodating.  I called the refrences she had and they just raved.  Plus her pictures on her site are amazing, plus she had no problem showing me full weddings (some photogs just post their best on the website, sometimes it’s good to see a wedding and all the pictures for it).  I would recommend other brides to check her out (just google her name).  She’s so reasonably priced too (I think it’s because she just moved her from Atlanta and is trying to build up clientele in South Florida). 


Good luck KeyWestBride409.  Also the last poster… I mean I hope I don’t offend them if this isn’t true, but seems to be the vendor and not an actual bride.   If that is true, then shame on you!

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  • Wedding: May 2011

May B – thanks for the recommendation, I just looked up Ashley and love her work! Thanks.

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I was informed of this posting yesterday.  I have photographed over 500 very positive weddings in the past few years, and even one negative is disappointing.  [Bride], the bride who posted the above negative comment, was serviced in every way. 

  • After three hours professional photography services, she received her photos back in 10 days.  And was happy with them just requested a few color to black and white changes, and colorizations.
  • Within several days however she decided she was not happy with elements within the reception location that she had chosen for her ceremony and reception area including: sea grass, cement posts, swim saftey rope.
  • For the next few months I did all within my power to please her (email and voice conversations reviewing her concerns) – photoshoping ugly sea grass, etc. provided her with free prints, etc. 

I am very sorry that after all my efforts, she was still unstatisfied.  I am attaching a few of the images from her wedding.  I have available all the images for a potential bride to view if she would like!

Bernadette McCall ~ Professional Photographer ~ Key West


[Photos Removed]
[WB Moderator Note: Please do not post photos or names of clients without their permission!]

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@KeyWestBride409: I wish you hadn’t given the McCall’s such a bad review, my experience with them couldn’t be further from the one you describe!  I had the most beautiful pictures of myself taken back in November! I’ve never been captured in a more beautiful way, they are truly very skilled in my opinion.  In fact, I stumbled across your review while looking their business up to show off what good work they do! On a scale of 1-10 on the ‘satisfaction scale’ I give Art of Lovers a 50 and will continue to sing their praises. 

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Since a few of my most recent brides have mentioned this post and I have been unable to determine how to remove it, I feel it is appropriate that I am able to quash any hesitation on my services. 

  • full time professional photographer
  • preferred vendor listing on Hyatt Resorts, Waldorf Astoria, Southernmost Properties, Hemingway House, Ocean Key Resort and Spa, to name just a few
  • Creative as well as extremely professional
  • John and Bernadette McCall, premier photographers, reside in Key West

below are few new images from recent weddings

[Photos Removed – No self-promotion please]

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  • Wedding: January 2011

Keywestbride409 could not be any more incorrect with her statements above. I had the pleasure of working with John & Bernadette McCall exactly one month ago when they captured 3 hours of my weddind day in Key West, Florida. As soon as they arrived in my room, they were snapping photos. They were each very professional and have an unbelievably creative eye when it comes to taking photos.

I saw this negative post as I was searching for my photographer and decided to give them a chance considering this is the ONLY negative feedback I’ve found. I could not be happier with my choice of photographer and think it is unfair that this bride has possibly caused these artists to lose business because of her post. I cannot understand how she said it took them so long to get her pictures back! My wedding was on Friday at 4:30 and I had my pictures in hand Saturday at noon, the NEXT DAY! The comment that they are ametuer is way out of line. My photos were so professional and amazing that the resort where we were married has actually used our photos for their Hilton website. For any bride reading this that has doubts on working with the McCalls, I say go for it! There’s always one unhappy person out there but John & Bernadette are so spectacular that YOU will not be one of them!! Check out my pictures and tell me they are less than professional!


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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

This thread is ridiculous. OP had a bad experience and is definitely allowed to provide others with a review of that experience. Judging by all of the low post counts and similar writing style, I wouldn’t be surprised if the vendor is creating different accounts to give themselves such glowing reviews. And posting OP’s wedding pictures? That’s kind of rude. I get that you’re trying to show what your work was like that day to debunk her, but if OP wanted her pictures AND real name posted all over the internet, she would have done so herself. Frankly, it didn’t do you any favors either and I would have been disappointed as well. Her pictures are washed out, poorly ‘shopped and like OP said, look like they were taken by an amateur hobbyist.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: December 2010

@elliestan: I agree completely. It’s extremely unprofessional to post the name and pictures of the bride to try to make her look bad. In any service industry, you’re going to get a few bad reviews no matter how hard you try to be perfect. Professionals know that’s just par for the course. Professionals do NOT try to get revenge on their unsatisfied customers by “outing” their identities.

And yeah, the pictures aren’t great either. I’m going to flag these so-called “new members” for spamming.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2010

This post turned weird and awkward…

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  • Wedding: January 2011

If this post is so weird, awkward and ridiculous then why are you all commenting?

I am not the photographer and aside from using them for my wedding, I am not associated with them. As this bride had her chance to tell her experience, I have my chance to tell mine. The reason I responded is because this vendor is losing business because of these comments and they have a right for their professionalism and creativeness to be shown and not have brides pass them up.

I am an actual customer and don’t appreciate being doubted on my experience. I am not spamming and people like you make it very hard for people to get their point out. I am simply defending a vendor I used because my photos are amazing. If these photos were taken by an amatueur hobbyist, the Hilton resort in Key West, FL would NOT have requested that they use them for the wedding portion of their website.

It would be nice to join a respectable wedding site without commentors insinuating and spamming my comments. Thanks for the awful experience as a newcomer.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2011

I kinda agree with PP that its a little fishy that each person singing the praises all are “newbees” with only 2 posts. Its exactly the same? And I also agree that they look amatuer… I am a photo hobbyist and feel like some photos I have personally taken of my daughter and family rival those shown above from what is claiming to be ” Creative as well as extremely professional, preferred vendor”

OP has EVERY right to post her experience. As well as anyone with a good experience. I think its wrong of someone to come tell OP that she is wrong… She is FAR FROM WRONG if thats how she feels her experience was. I also feel like Ms Mcall did no favors for herself or her business by blaming the situation on the bride instead of saying “I’m so sorry she felt this way about what happened; I feel I worked hard to make her happy and would love to see what else could be done” or soemthign to that effect- THAT makes a good business relationship that people trust. CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT GUYS! No matter how bad it sucks!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

@KeyWestBride409: Thank you for calling out a photographer who is not by any means a professional. You have ever right to do so if you had a bad experience. After viewing her website, I could tell that she has some serious issues with composition, exposure, equipment, etc. Did you notice any of these problems when you hired her? Looking at what I’m looking at on her site I wouldn’t hire her. It’s ok to be a beginner and lack pro equipment as long as you advertise and price yourself accordingly. It’s completely dishonest to advertise yourself as premier when you don’t even have the basics mastered. I wonder how much it cost them to get on all those “preferred vendors” lists if in fact that’s even true.

@BernadetteMcCall: Unfortunately nothing from even your recent post says “professional” or “premier”. I think if you toned it down and didn’t use those words to describe yourself you might not make folks so upset when they hire you and don’t get quality work. It’s also not professional at all to post your client’s photos online, use their names, and offer any old stranger the ability to look through all their wedding photos.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

I appreciate a few negative comments in every vendor’s reviews.  Lets face it…no one is going to make everyone happy all of the time.  When I see only positive reviews for a vendor, I get suspicious that maybe the reviews are “staged.”  And when I read a negative review, I don’t automatically write off that vendor – but I read the comments and concerns and see how they apply to me.

@KeyWestBride409 – Thank you for posting this review, even if it left you open to “attack.”  I am sorry you are not happy with your photos, but I hope you get some good ones from your guests!   

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