(Closed) Avoiding drunk drivers: A Conundrum!

posted 6 years ago in Logistics
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    That’s a tough one. For our wedding reception we are requiring they turn in their keys to us at the bar. We will have a few designated drivers available to take them back to their hotel rooms. We are very much against drunk driving and I would feel horrible if anything would happen to any of my guests, or anyone else due to someone drinking at my reception.

    Do you have any younger driving-age attendants that wouldn’t mind escorting people home?

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    @babe_bamboo:  Yeah, I’m not sure how much a taxi would cost you if it’s out of the way. If most of them are staying at the same hotel, you could schedule a bus to come by at w/e time you were expecting the reception to end, that might be more costly – with a taxi you’ll be paying for all the time/miles for him to come to you, plus to take people home, and im sure a few extra for keeping them around.


    Or, maybe a friend of one of the younger folks wouldn’t mind helping out for a gift or money

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    I got married out in Chilliwack.  People just figured it out.  Worked out a designated driver and carpooled, a group of friend hired themselves a limo, etc.  Granted, my particular group of friends are realy anti-drinking and driving anyway, so there wasn’t really any thought to preventing it that crossed my mind.

    ETA: Do you have a serving it right certificate?  If not, I’d give the website a look.  You’re not instantly liaible for injuries, only if you don’t take reasonable precautions, like having a trained bartender who cuts people off, and making attempts to prevent people who are visibly impaired from leaving in care and control of a vehicle.  I think it’s worth it to at least read a few scenarios where you’d be liable/not liable.

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    We’re not having alcohol at our wedding, but we’re having an “after hours” party at my husband’s parent’s house. Our bridal party and select guests will be invited to come to the house and drink, and if they drink, their keys will be confiscated. Anyone who gets tipsy will be welcome to sleep at the house.

    I lost my best friend at 11 to a drunk driver, so preventing drunk drivers is incredibly important to me, and I will vehemently prevent anyone who I suspect is tipsy to leave where they will be driving themselves.

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    I’ve never been to a wedding where the bride and groom arranged transportation for their guests, and I’ve been in some weddings far out in the country side.  At the end of the day, people carpool and figure it out themselves.  We are all adults, its not the first time we’ve had the opportunity to drink ourselves crazy and drive.  Some poor unlucky bastards ends up being the dds at your wedding, and the rest of your guests will have a great time.  😉

    I wouldn’t stress about it.  If people are going to be stupid enough to drink and drive, they are probably going to do it whether you provide alternate transportation or not.   (Yes, I have an aquaintance who got a DUI when he could have opted to take the subway or taxi home instead. His license was suspended for a year. No excuse and totally deserved.) 

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    TO babe_bamboo a Wedding Bee Hostess pointed out that you had double-posted this topic… my initial reply was in the other one… so I am going to go ahead and cut & paste it here to join in the conversation.

    — — —

    Another Canadian Bee here…

    I agree 100% with @kjo:, you should look at organizing some sort of Shuttle Bus Service IF your plan is to serve a fair bit of alcohol (ie more than a glass of Sparkling / Champagne for toasting)

    Unlike the US, Drinking and Driving here is a Criminal Offense, and those that Host the Party and provide alcohol can (and are) held responsible by the Courts.

    Too BIG A RISK in my opinion.

    Sure the attendees are Adults… but it also a Wedding / Celebratory Event, and folks just naturally tend to indulge (some more than others)

    Play it safe is my motto.

    — — —

    I see that SapphireSun: has replied in this one, if memory serves me right her or her Fiance are in Law Enforcement, and they also reside in BC, so I’d say she probably has more relative info than the general stuff I provided above (I live in Ontario).

    BUT in any case, I’d certainly find out what your obligations are as Hosts.  And as I said, personally, I’d be looking at running a shuttle if you are far away from public transit… just makes it that more convenient so that no one finds themselves in the dilemma of having to make a choice “Let’s see, how much have I had (or you had) to drink… who should drive ?”

    Weddings should be fun and relaxed times… and if folks want to party it up a bit, then they need options.  And personally, I think it makes for Good Hosts when the options are varied and easy.

    Hope this helps,


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    Are there no hotels nearby?  I will have a lot of guests from 1-1.5 hours away but I assume any of them who are wanting to drink and not worry about driving will be getting a hotel room nearby (there are plenty of hotels nearby though)

    Since it sounds like your reception is in the middle of nowhere (??) I would do the bus service/shuttle or something.  I guess people can figure out how to get their cars later?  Or maybe you can talk with the guests and figure out if any would be interested and maybe you could run a bus/shuttle from one location to your wedding and then back again?

    I think if there are hotels available nearby it should be your guests responsibility to book a room if they know they would like to drink and not worry about driving home.

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    If it really is in the middle of nowehere, I feel that you have a responsibility to your guests to get them there and back at your own expense. You chose to have your wedding (for whatever reason) miles away from anything, and you can hardly expect them to drive there, leave their cars, and then return to pick them up the next day. How would they even get back to pick their cars up?

    I considered getting married near my Dad’s place and had exactly the same issue. I couldn’t expect people to drive (and what about the guests who don’t drive or don’t have cars?), there was nowhere for them to park, there were no taxis and there was no public transport. I would have had to employ a special shuttle to get them there and back. In the end, it was too much. But I think this is what you will have to do.

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    It sounds like you have a venue that’s not nearby anywhere convenient for your guests. I would recommend having a shuttle that leaves once from a central location – like a public parking lot or a hotel where many of them are staying (that has free parking for your wedding guests) – and returns maybe twice during the evening, with one earlier and one later dropoff. That way people can have the shuttle drive back to sober up or can stay at that hotel.

    At my brother’s wedding, they did a shuttle because his wife is from a SMALL town where they invited EVERYONE. They shuttled people over in like 2 buses from their town to the university chapel for the wedding and then to the country club where they had the reception, and back again at the end of the night. More people used it than didn’t use it. It’s just a nice gesture 🙂

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    My venue was 25 minutes, give or take, from the hotels in the area, so we arranged for a taxi company to send vans for pickup at the hotels at a certain time and pickup/dropoff from the reception at a certain time. People could take them (and didn’t have to take the initiate to call a taxi) or drive themselves. It worked great! We estimated a number based on the younger (mid-20s) crowd as most older family members wouldn’t need it.

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    @hisprettygirl:  +1. Actually, now I think about it, we went to a destination wedding where they did just that.

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    @babe_bamboo:  Could you get a friend with a van to drive the few people that are too intoxicated back? I don’t see it as being too many since it’s a day time reception and most people don’t like to get drunk during the day. But for the ones who do, maybe have a friend take them and offer a little money for their helping

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