Awesome gifts you've given your husband/SO/boyfriend!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: November 2016

Great post!  I’m running out of stuff too.  We have Christmas, our anniversary, his birthday and then Valentines Day all within 6 weeks of each other.  Last year I just ordered a ton of crap on Amazon consistently for that period of time and booked weekends away for Christmas, his birthday and our anniversary.


A Callaway Big Bertha Driver (way too expensive)

A new printer

A really cute inkless mini photo printer (Zink) that I used to make him mini photo album of us for his office

A trip to Reno & South Lake Tahoe (But my Mom lives there so we go for Christmas).  Rooms in Reno at nice casinos are incredibly cheap; I usually book through Hotwire and get the GSR Summit for $40-$60 a night then spend an extra $20 to upgrade to one of the concierge floors and get free breakfast with bottomless mimosas.

A trip to North Lake Tahoe at the Hyatt Resort, Spa & Casino for his Birthday; dinner at Lone Eagle, couples massages and lift tickets to Northstar.

CAL Bears Luggage (he played college baseball there; but I’m not observant and it turns out he already had the exact same bag so we re-gifted it to his step-dad for his b-day; yes, I’m a horrible person)

For our anniversary a trip to Occidental and couples massages/soak at Hotel Healdsburg then went to francis ford coppola winery for lunch.  The house there wasn’t very expensive but it was amazing; had a sauna, hot tub, koi pond, tree house, big screen projection TV so he could watch football.

Silver Oak gift basket from Wine Country Gift Baskets.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Cheesecake from Sharri’s Berries.  

New knives for the kitchen

Dodgers Beanie, CAL Bears Beanie, CAL Bears Trash Can for his office, Couple CAL T-Shirts.

Kindle (super cheap)

New Pillows for our Couch

CAL Jacket

CAL coasters

Voice Caddie for Golf


This year will probably be the iPhone 7 Plus, trip to Vegas and more CAL stuff.  

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Busy bee
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Fi and I are both gamers. He’s been playing World of Warcraft since vanilla WoW (he got me hooked), and his Horde hoodie was full of holes, so for his birthday I bought him a new one, and had his main’s name embroidered in the font and color it would appear in on-screen from another allied player’s perspective, in the front of the hood, right over his forehead. I also had “Lok’tar Ogar” embroidered on the side, since he plays as an Orc.

Last Christmas, I wanted to spoil him. So he got

– The limited edition Star Wars Battlefront PS4 console package, with Vader etched on the side 

– the anniversary edition PS4 Dualshock controller

-the Sony Playstation camera

– a pretty controller charger that lights up

-A one year PS+ membership

– a $50 PlayStation Store gift card

– 3 additional games, including Fallout 4 and the Elder Scrolls Online

– A vintage Star Wars record tote from 1982. I put his games and cards in it.


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Bumble bee

For one of his milestone birthdays we went out to an uber expensive steak house. 



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Blushing bee
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He’s my grown up nerd, and has this thing for decorative weapons that he can display. I’ve gotten him a throwing axe (which he uses to chop wood. He chops the wood by throwing the axe at it 😂) I also brought back from Guatemala a gorgeous carved knife with a custom painted leather case that he adored. (And he’s not the best gift receiver, so it can be hard to find something that will actually excite him haha)

I bought him a Dark Souls Spoon, a Lord of the Rings beard comb, anything randomly nerdy but still practical lol.

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Blushing bee
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mrshmc1204 :  I usually go the tool route, or Vikings jersey’s/gear, but last year I got him a smoker after he mentioned he wanted one. Everyone told me he’ll probably never use it, but he uses that thing at least once every two weeks. I think he just likes the fire and trying different sauces on different meats. It’s almost like a double gift for me too because I get to eat everything he makes (YUM).


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: January 2017

I love surprising him so I tend to gift things he’s not expecting at all. 

For his birthday I got him tickets to his favorite band. He kept mentioning wanting too see them someday and needing a vacation. I pointed out they were coming to town soon and he said “nah we shouldn’t with the wedding coming up” so I orchestrated a stealthy mission and got his family and mine to help with the hotel and such. He’s so excited to go!

Last Christmas I got him one of those maze balls. He spent a solid two weeks addicted to that thing. He still plays with it from time to time.

The Christmas before that all his friends kept trying to convince him to play destiny with them on Xbox one (which we didn’t own) About a week before Christmas they had a great deal and I had stuff to trade in. The best was his response when he opened it since he’s fairly reserved when he opens things. “Are you serious?!” And this big ok’ smile on his face.

I love surprising him 🙂

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Helper bee

And just to put it out there…lingerie is never a gift a guy rolls his eyes at. No harm in getting something you’d both get enjoyment from 😉

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2017

The most recent thing I bought my Fiance was a personalised car registration plate. 

1 Christmas I bought him a scale model of Eleanor from gone in 60 seconds, his all time favourite car.

I’ve taken him away for weekends and stuff, usually to somewhere with a bit of scenery.

For a birthday I got him a tablet computer so he could while away hours while he works nights. 

Random comic stuff, limited edition prints etc etc.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2016

btob17 :  That sounds amazing! Do you by any chance remember the name of the company that you booked that with? Sounds like the answer to my Christmas gift dilemma!

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: April 2017

I think I’m getting my Fiance a GoPro camera for Chrismas.  His birthday is also in December so he’s getting a new driver as he’s taken a huge interest in golf lately.

Out of the blue a couple of months ago I got him a new charger for his phone because his old one was being held together with electrical tape.  It wasn’t super expensive but he talks about how nice it was for me to just buy it for him. Got some bonus points with that one. wink

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2017

Most the gifts I buy my Fiance are Star Wars Lego sets because that’s his interest, but I think the best gift was I bought him a Nintendo DS and Pokémon Y. He hasn’t played an official Pokémon game since Yellow so he was excited to play. He still plays to this day. I’m debating on buying him a new laptop since he broke his (a freak accident). 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2017

Logo items from his favorite sports team (polo shirt, new hat, office chair, pint glasses)

Falconry lesson

Scoreboard message at a baseball game

Dash cam (ok that one he only used once lol)

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: March 2018

His father passed away, and my fiance had a pair of Ray Ban aviators that had belonged to him. He sat on them and broke them one day – shattered lens, bent frame – but didn’t have the heart to throw them out.

I found them in our closet one day and got to work scouring the internet for vintage Ray Ban lense replacements and the best glasses repair shop in my city. For probably around the same price as a new pair, I got them restored and surprised him with them on a random day. It wasn’t for a birthday or anniversary or anything, I just wanted to do something nice for him.

That was by far the best gift I ever gave him. For other ideas:

-I used to get him jerseys of his favorite athletes, but it’s been discovered that I have a curse (everytime I buy a jersey, the athlete leaves the team. Last time I bought him a jersey our whole NFL team up and left!)

-A watch

-A weekend getaway

-Anything that has to do with a hobby of his

I don’t know. We agreed no gifts this year at all since we just bought a house and are paying for a wedding, so I’m kinda glad to not have to worry about it lol

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Bumble bee

The architecture Lego set – they’re all white and clear legos! My guy uses it every week, looks at other pieces he can buy, and his birthday is next week and I got him more legos (they’re my go-to gift now!)

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

brereuther :  On behalf of myself, my husband, and about 5.2 million other people in Southern California, THANK YOU for purchasing a St. Louis Rams jersey for your fiance. Also, I have the same curse with my hockey team. When I buy a home jersey, that player gets traded. I’m 3 for 3!

One of the best gifts I got for my spouse was actually a bucket-list item. He’s wanted to see a concert at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO since the 90’s but never had a chance to go. I surprised him with concert tickets (3rd row, FOTC) and airfare this summer; he loved it! 

Other well-received gifts: new briefcase/messenger bag for work, nice leather belt, sporty watch, signed book/jersey/photograph, high-end headphones, pajama set with his favorite sports team, and a really nice all-purpose jacket. 

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