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I remember being a kid and it was around my birthday and i went to my aunts with my dad and she gave me a card, and I said thanks! and went to go open it, and she said oh there’s no money in it, hahaha – it was so awkward i was like 10 years old, i was like well its still a card and i opened it and thanked her…

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@freshflowers:  Hahaha. I gave some friends Tiffany champagne flutes for their wedding and at the bridal shower when my friend was opening the gift she goes OMG TIFFANY! IS THIS REALLY FROM TIFFANY? And I was like … yes … who in the world would use a Tiffany box to wrap up something else?!? That would be hella weird!

LOL now I know — your MIL! Haaaaaa.


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It was around Christmas time the first time that Darling Husband (boyfriend at the time) and I had our first real wedding talk, timeline and actually went ring shopping (his idea). There was an engagement ring that I really adored at Ben Moss that he got the information for. Well Christmas morning at his parent’s house rolls around, everyone has opened their gifts and I had gotten nothing from Darling Husband. He suddenly goes “I forgot your gift!” runs downstairs and comes back up. There is was, this perfect beautiful gold and purple box (Ben Moss colours) he sits down beside me with everyone watching and starts to tell me how much he loves me and that he hopes this is the right one. I tear it open, there was a ring box inside. I slowly opened it, savouring every second. It was a braclet. A bracelt in a ring box because they had run out of braclet boxes. I wanted to stuff it down DH’s throat. I had to sit there and pretend that I was so excited and pleased with the stupid thing. I actually at one point did go to the washroom and cry is dissapointment. Stupid ass.

Mother-In-Law just gives me weird gifts that I don’t want. I don’t know how many times I have had to pretend that I really like her gifts. The winner was a floor mat for my birthday, then there was the blender for Christmas (got this gem when I was living at home with my parents), dishes (I already had dishes it was Darling Husband that wanted dishes), total hooker high heels from some teenage store that did not fit- oh and I had a broken foot! When was I supposed to wear these?

I’ve taken to just flat out telling the both of them what I want. Mother-In-Law pushed it this year though I told her get me some cloathing from Old Navy, here is my size. She texted me back asking for my jeans size. I said there is no way that I am staring at a pair of pants in my size that I cannot wear for at least another 6-7 months (I’m pregnant). Ugh. DO NOT buy pregnant women cloathing for them to wear AFTER they give birth. That idea sucks.

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@freshflowers:  my mom gave Fiance (BF at the time) edible massage honey from Victoria Secret. So awkward. She knew he liked me to give him back rubs & didnt realize the massage stuff was edible. That was like 5 years ago & we still laugh about it lol

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My Mother-In-Law threw me a lingerie shower before I got married (it was supposed to be a surprise, but thank god my SIL had the sense to warn me beforehand!).  Anyways, the first gift I opened was from my Mother-In-Law and it was two nightgowns like they would have worn in the 1800s!  Both were floor length, with very high necks and one had sleeves down to the wrists!  It was so awkward because I kind of thought maybe it was more of a gag gift… Nope!  My friends who were there told me afterwards that I was very gracious, but at the time it felt sooo awkward, especially with 20 of my DH’s family and MIL’s friends all staring at me.

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What started off as awkward first actually turned into a great surprise.  DH and I agreed on no gifts this year so I wasn’t expecting anything.  Nothing.  Nada.  I was really relieved that I didn’t have to worry about getting him a gift because I’m horrible at that.  

Anwyway, while we were spending Xmas day at my in-laws, his bil hands me a box wrapped in newspaper, saying it’s from him and DH’s sister.  I’m surprised and feel a little bad because I didn’t get them anything.  I unwrap the box and open it to find more newspaper and another gift-wrapped box.  I unwrap that and open the box to find a much smaller wrapped gift.  Now, I’m getting suspicious because this seems more like something my Darling Husband would do.  I unwrap the smaller gift to find an Iphone 5s box.  I’m in disbelief, my mouth agape.  “You guys bought me an Iphone?!” I say with excitement.  I open the Iphone box and there was NO iphone, just the charger and headphones.  I feel stupid and just smile like “gee thanks for the headphones guys.”  His bil starts laughing and says, “no, those are my headphones, you can’t have them.”  Now I’m just confused.  He grabs another gift bag, hands it to me and tells me that it is my “real” gift.  Again, there is a wrapped medium sized box.  Without wasting any more time, I tear it apart and open it and again, there is a smaller wrapped gift inside, the same size as the previous one, the same size as the Iphone box(!)  And so it was indeed an Iphone 5s.  I didn’t have to open it to know there was an Iphone inside because the box was still completely enclosed in the thin plastic wrap, straight from the manufacturer.  Turns out, it wasn’t from my sil and her husband, but from my Darling Husband.  He just got them to play along.  

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@freshflowers:  We had a wedding gift shipped to us from some friends that couldnt’ attend and it was in a Coach box…. open it up and it’s a Things Remembered trinket! LOL

Mine isn’t a Christmas story, but Darling Husband and I are close with one particular neighbor who has three kids.  We told him to stop over with his kids on Halloween and we would give them treats (we weren’t passing out to the rest of the neighborhood because there are a bazillion kids and I would go broke buying candy for all of them….).  Anyway, when the kids showed up I had made up two packages, one for the kids and one for the dogs and I gave the packages to the youngest who completely didn’t understand it was for all of them to share.  I should have thought that through but Darling Husband and I don’t have kids and I promised the kid there was three of everything for him to share with his siblings in the bag.  The other two probably felt shunned…. whoops!

One other story is that when Darling Husband and I were just dating and we would go over to my parents to open Christmas or birthday presents he would start freaking out that everyone would be watching him open gifts and he would have to act super grateful of my mom’s often dumb gifts.

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