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Not a mom yet but Ive been reading abour this because Im an over- preparer:

It doesnt have to be as expensive as its made out to be. Used baby clothing is available for like… pennies. Theres so much of it because they out grow it and people go nuts buying it. Theyll also be gifted a ton typically. Maternity clothes are also easy to get used. You can also breastfeed, make food, use cloth diapers and wipes, get used furniture, toys, bouncy things and what not. Only thing I wouldnt go used for is the car seat unless its from a close friend who you can trust that its never been in an accident and is still up to safety standards.

I think skys the limit on what you can spend if youre feeling spendy… but there are ways to be frugal too. Daycare I think is the most expensive thing for people.

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snowflake2016:  I also think it’s more of the “expanding family” part that gets expensive (as compared to the “baby/newborn” part).  I’m only 18 weeks with our first, but we’re already had some extra expenses just being pregnant and planning for the baby. So far, there’s been new clothes for me, new bras, a pregnancy sleep pillow, additional or specific food items (because either nothing and everything sounds good), gender ultrasound cost, shopping for a new car that will fit a carseat, home/car repairs that we were putting off but now need to get done, and other stuff like that.  

I’ve also had to use sick time for all my doctors appointments and when I was getting sick at work and needed to go home. I get paid until my sick leave runs out, and then the time I take off will be deducted from my paycheck. I’ve only got a few hours left and have some appointments lined up that will eat those hours up, so, indirectly, that’s been a “cost” too. 



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I don’t think this will apply to you, but those in the US need to factor the premiums for insurance (going from single or employee and spouse to family coverage) can be quite expensive and something many forget about.  Also, long term vacations tend to increase costs quite a bit too.

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I have a 2 year old and I live in New Brunswick. At first the biggest cost for us was formula. I wanted to breastfeed but wasn’t able to (yes I tried everything, visited lactation consultants etc). Formula wasn’t something I planned on because I was going to breastfeed. It ended up costing us around $50/week for liquid concentrate. Diapers we bought at Costco so they were around $40/mo. Basically formula and diapers are the only consistent things you need to pay for. You’ll obviously have to buy clothes a lot as well, but I had already a bought about 2 years supply of clothes before he was born, as well as what we got from our showers. I got enough bath products from our shower that it lasted 2 years.  I also had to buy a breast pump for $200 when I couldng breastfeed so I could pump some for him. 

 After he turned 1, daycare was our biggest expense. It costs more than our rent.

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Remember that thread on how to control baby fever? Yeah….I’m good after reading this thread! 

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diapers- $75/month when they’re tiny, less with coupons and smart shopping  

wipes- buying in bulk is best if possible- you’ll always use them all!

formula (not applicable for all)- can add up quick for a young baby  

nursing pads/breast milk bags for pumping (not applicable for everyone)- not outrageous by any means, but still an expense!

any medicine/gas drops/baby wash (not a monthly, but you have to buy more eventually!)

baby food/snacks- more as they get older

clothes- if you don’t have all sizes built up  I still had to buy clothes even when I thought I had enough. Just depends on what you’re stocked up on!

toys/entertainment- new books, teething toys, play mats  

It definitely becomes more expensive as they get older. Babies aren’t as expensive if you’re lucky to sah/family or friends care for the baby. 

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Diapers, wipes, formula if needed, food For a 3rd person, college savings, daycare, activities, clothes for every season for the forseeable future, toys, eTo. It all adds up and gets more expensive as they get older!

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Check out the book Baby Bargains. It has great info related to all your questions.

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I think the baby expenses depend on where you live. I live in Australia so there is free health care including hospitals and GPs. Oh there is also a discount on day care if you live in Australia especially if you are a single parent. You also get a lot of help from the government if you declare yourself a single parent which is easy to do if your not married because their is no proof that you have a partner (now that is fraud if you say you are single if you aren’t). What I’m saying is even though the actual expenses are the same because of all the free health and day care it seems less expensive. For example, my SO and his friend have their own graphic design/computer customisation company in which they work the same amount and earn the same amount (they get about $600 a week each). I don’t work and have a son to my SO and SO’s friend also has a girlfriend with a child (if that makes sense). So we are pretty much in the same situation. The difference is SO’s friend’s gf declared she is single to the government and gets $1500 a fortnight from the government. I’ve declared myself as partnered and I only get $600 a fortnight. Now I know that is heaps especially to people from a country without free health care and government help but it just goes to show that babies can be relatively cheap depending where you live and your situation (or what you say your situation is in this other couples case). But as for baby expenses in the United States I would have no clue.

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My daughter was fairly cheap as an infant. As she got older and was diagnosed with a disability…that’s when I started hemorrhagng money. Insurance, co pays, medications, larger pull ups, gluten free food, customizations to our house like special locks/alarms for eloping, tall xl baby gates, coping items like weighted blankets, indoor trampoline etc

to top it off, I pay a premium for childcare. Also I’m out of work more often, my hours are restricted by the Hours of child care and my earning capacity is handicapped because of that. I can’t just work hard and know I’m making a living. I have to juggle a child and even if I want to just go to work and make money then come home and parent…it’s not always that simple. 

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You can’t neccessarily count on people buying you big ticket items off your registry. We don’t have much family and we didn’t expect our friends to shell out for $100+ gifts. So we purchased our crib, stroller, car seat, monitor, etc. 

Like others said, a lot of it depends on where you live and what you want to do. Through my DH’s insurance, we would have had to pay over $4K for me to give birth. Through my insurance, I paid a $50 regitration fee and that’s it. 

Many sources site that disposable diapers average $1.5-2K a year, and kids usually potty train at 2, but some take as long as 4. And those older kids are probably wearing pull ups, which cost more per diaper. Or you can cloth diaper for as low as $150 (but more likely $500-800) for the entire time your kid is in diapers. And then resell them to get half your money back. But you have to deal with washing cloth diapers and maintaining them in good condition.

You could buy an infant car seat with a caddy and a ring sling or moby wrap for the neewborn stage. Then a convertible seat, and stroller, then an umbrella stroller, plus a different baby carrier for when they are getting bigger. Then a double stroller when you have a second kid. Or you can buy a convertible seat that starts at newborn and just one carrier, no strollers, and call it good. 

Traveling is a big one too. They may be free as a lap infant until 2yo, but sometimes that’s not practical. Do you restrain your 32lb, 3 ft tall, doesn’t want want to sit still for more than 10 minutes 23month old for a 6hr cross country flight to save $300, or do you fork it over and be a smidge more comfortable?  And then imagine being in a hotel room with all the lights out at 7pm because your baby needs to sleep so you and your Darling Husband are watching netflix on the laptop, sharing one set of ear buds for the next 3-4hrs… or do you splurge for the suite? Or do you never travel again? =P

Several people mentioned day care. It’s not just whether or not you need it. Do you want a nanny? Do you want an off the books sitter? Do you want a large, established daycare center? Do you want Montessori? Language immersion? I could go on and on. Kids are only as expensive or cheap as your lifestyle/resources allow and that’s why you are seeing a discrepancy.

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Honestly, it’s kind of like asking how much a wedding is. It can be done very cheaply. It can be done very lavishly. Most people are somewhere in the middle.

Usually the biggest cost is childcare or loss of income if one parent stays home, goes part time, takes time of for maternity/paternity leave, takes a lower paying job for flexibility, etc. Then there’s also sporadic childcare for things like a date night (if you don’t have fmaily/friends that would do this).

Medical is also a major cost, though you won’t have that in Canada.

Diaper and wipes are a significant cost, even if you go with cloth (buy the cloth, water, electricity).

Formula is quite expensive, if you go that route. Breastfeeding is generally cheaper, but you can still rack up costs, especially if you pump.

Clothes has a huge range. We spend almost nothing on clothes and only buy second hand but I know other people that spend tons on clothes. 

Photography is often one that people don’t think about. Certainly not necessary but many people get maternity photos, newborn photos, holiday photos, one year photos, etc.

Activities/classes are optional and start cheap and get more expensive as kids get older.

I also notice that I’m more willing to pay for convenience now that I have a baby. I pay for someone to clean my house and mow my yard. I’m more likely to pay for parking. In general, I’m more likely to throw money at a problem if I don’t have time to worry about it. 

Then there’s all the “stuff”. Some necessary (car seat) and some not. This can be a huge range depending on what you are gifted, if you can find thigns used, and what you want. 

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I don’t think 1 new baby is that costly, but the gear is, and you need more and more and more.  And sometimes you will not know if you like or not until you use it.  So over the course of 3 kid I have bought 5 or 6 baby wearers, 3 strollers, 2 swings, 4 or 5 play mats, 1 play pen, 2 high chairs, 30+ cloth diapers (which we use mostly but still disposie for going out and night), 2 Diono car seats, mutiple diaper bags, a box of diaper wipes from costco every month for 6.5 years, SO many clothes and shoes, so many clothes and shoes…  Then kids… preschool dance lessons, dance costumes, art supplies, swim lessons, holidays, birthdays, school pictures,  school supplies, pregnancy pics, new born pics, art classes, music classes, medicine for when they get sick, new  phone and laptops for then they stomp on them pee on them and throw them off the counter.  It is really endless.  And  then around 2 or3, they really start to eat.  Like so much food, lol.  Oh, and don’t forget to save for university.  And once they can talk, they will want to go places…  Like Disneyland, or the amusement park, or to visit Nonna in Vancouver.

So just a baby, maybe $250 a month for supllies and clothes if you breastfeed.  Some months less, some more.  And as they grow, you will need another job, lol.  

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I can’t speak for others, but this is about how much it has cost us (keep in mind we have twins)

carseat, stroller, high chairs, cribs, clothes etc were all gifted via the baby shower (first grandkids on both sides)

cloth diapers $275 (diapers, wipes, covers) + $150 (AIOs which were gifted)

monthly increase in electricity and water $20-$30/mo

baby activities (art, gym, music classes, etc for two) $100/mo

baby carriers (mei tai, ring sling, ergo) total $125 (I used ebay, looked for sales, etc)

breast pump $free

college savings $200/mo (each child)

food bill increase $60/mo

My boys are almost 2 now, so as of thus far I’ve been able to diaper them for about $45/mo (or $23/mo for each child).  Obviously that figure keeps getting lower and lower as the boys get older.  The total expenses for my kids comes to about $600/mo, however, I made all of their foods, breastfed, and am a Stay-At-Home Mom.  I also sew their costumes and have made a few of their diapers.  Someone that needs childcare, doesn’t cook and uses disposables could easily see a much higher price tag.

In addition, our kids get “spoiled” by grandparents, aunts and uncles because they are the only babies on both sides.  We almost never have to purchase clothes, shoes or toys.

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