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Sugar bee
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No experience with it, but congrats on delivering a healthy baby.

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Buzzing bee
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First off Congrats! That is very exciting for you and your family.

I can relate to you because I was also induced (8 days late) from a starting point of zero everything. I also had a tear, but mine was only a first degree. My OB actually debated if he was even going to call it a first degree or use stitches (He ended up using 2 stitches).

I honestly cannot remember much of the pain from the tear. I was told that “I would be amazed at how quickly things heal down there” and they must have. I did have a ton of pain when going to the bathroom though due to a UTI from the catheter, which while in the hospital all the nursers said the burning was from my stitches. I found that staying active helped, but only when I was ready for it. Also I had to bite down on a piece of cloth to go to the bathroom for awhile. Flushing with the little squirt bottle also helped and spraying the area helped too. I hope you start to feel better soon!

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Busy bee
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Hey. I don’t know the degree of my tear… but I do know I moved around way too much and it was at least 3 weeks before I felt mostly painfree. For me it was mostly up and down the stairs…. I felt pretty good so I want to be up and doing stuff like cooking and laundry… but after too many flights of stairs I was reminded I wasn’t completely healed. I TRIED to force myself to spend more time relaxing on the couch… but it was hard. Take it easy if you can 🙂

I’m sure I would have healed faster had I listened to my own advice. It was 4-5 months before I was painfree ALL of the time… but I think this was because they missed part of the tear when they stitched me 🙂

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Blushing bee
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I was ripped to shreds by my little one, so I can sympathize! I pretty much just kept things as clean as possible, tried to lay instead of sit when possible so there was less direct pressure, and took it easy for the first couple of weeks. Not really bed rest, but just relaxing (as much as one can with a newborn!)

Good luck and congratulations!

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Buzzing bee
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I had 3 tears and 2 stitches. The first 2 weeks were the most painful. I stayed in bed most of the time. My husband figured out that if we turned the boppy pillow backwards and put it in a rocker then I could comfortably sit there for a while. The majority of the pain was gone by 4 months and now at 6 months post partum, I am pain free. Hang in there!

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Helper bee

I had a 2nd degree tear (I think…) and I seriously had pain FOREVER!!!!  I think at first it’s good to take it easy, but honestly after awhile, I felt a LOT better when I was walking around and doing more things and pretending everything was normal and not painful (especially after the doctor told me I was fully healed at 6 weeks).  When I stopped babying myself, things got a lot better!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I don’t have any first hand experience but I was just talking about this with one of my good friends who recently gave birth. She had a pretty serious tear (not sure of the degree but from the sounds of it, I would imagine it was high up there) and she said that recovering from it was the worst 6 weeks of her life. She said it was torture to sit so I would imagine she was up and walking around as much as she could be.

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One of the recent mommies on here (troubled, maybe?) had a pretty bad tear.  I’m pretty sure she had to go in and get restitched within the first week because she wasn’t taking easy enough.  I’ll try to find her thread…

Definitely rest as much as possible, though!  As with an injury that requires stitches, pulling the skin around the wound is bound to pop those stitches right out, so take it easy on yourself!

ETA:  Here’s the post: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/little-trouble-birth-story-part-2long-and-a-bit-tmi

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Sugar bee
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I didn’t have a 3rd degree but only minor tearing. Keep up with the pain meds, the anesthetic numbing spray and your sitz bath (I did mine for longer than they told me to).

Try not to overdo it but do move around a bit each day. I felt better after the 2nd week so I ran around town for a few hours but when I got home I had some heavy bleeding and felt awful.

You will be amazed at how quickly you heal. Oh and get a donut to sit on, I used one because I bruised my tailbone but it was definitely nicer to sit on those first few weeks.

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Bee Keeper

Keep as clean as possible, DON’T take a bath, use a sitz bath, and try to rest as much as humanly possible.  Don’t walk around, don’t go up or down stairs, etc.

I had bad tear as well and I think that keeping myself at rest really helped both the pain and the healing process.  Also if they gave you dermoplast, don’t use that.  It doesn’t help healing.

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Buzzing bee
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I had a really bad tear after my son was born; he was 2 wks early too, but he was ready to make his entrance!  20 minutes and 4 pushes and he was out… 42 stitches later, I was sewn back together!  Definitely try and keep them from popping.  Mine didn’t heal prettily, and now the skin is scarred, looser, and gets inflamed really easily (almost 3 yrs later).  I ended up sleeping on the couch with my son for the first 2 wks because I couldn’t lift my leg high enough to climb in bed for that long.  Antiseptic spray and ibuprofen should help, but don’t numb all the pain or else you’ll over-do it and not know.  Good luck!  

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Sugar bee

I had a second degree tear that retore and some abrasions.  They didn’t end up stitching me back up.  The OB said it was no big deal, she’d just cut the torn piece off – I however, thought that was a big deal and I’d rather just try to heal without the stitches.  I’m 8 weeks out now and everything has healed pretty well.  In the squirt bottle they give you I started putting in hydrogen peroxide (diluted with a lot of water) or witch hazel (diluted with a lot of water).  I don’t think that’s something that’s suggested but it worked for me fine.  

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