(Closed) baby before buying a house? does it really matter?

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i totally don’t think it’s necessary to buy a house before having a baby. Darling Husband and i bought a house last winter, started NTNT get pregnant in the spring, got pregnant in the fall, and just had our first baby this summer. BUT we by no means felt like it had to happen in that order. it just worked out that way. its nice to have more space, but seriously, people have babies in all kinds of situatons everyday. plus i often wish we DIDN’T own a home, with the added expenses of home repairs, a mortgage, and the endless hidden costs…

your baby will be just as smothered with love and adoration in a rental! plus not buying a house would allow you to save more money for an emergency fund, childcare, and piles of baby einstein toys lol. if you’re just looking for more space, you could always look to rent a house (as opposed to apt or condo…)

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I’m in a similar situation…. My Fiance and I want to TTC/NTNT next year but we will 100% have to rent….even possibly in a 1bedroom for a short time. It’s all about location I think….we live in an expensive city (1 tiny bedroom rental in an apartment building is $900+) to rent a townhouse/condo/house that isn’t even that nice is over$1500-$3000 – a MONTH! We would love to buy but the fact is it’s too expensive… a house in our area would start at $450,000 (older house) a new house would be well over $600,000. So we have been looking at condos but even for a 2bd 2bath small condo starts at $250,000 (which would be our absolute top of our budget right now) and that would be with us both working fulltime….so when we have kids (hopefully soon) we would no longer be able to make the payments because my income would decrease by 50% while I’m on maternity and then after for daycare payments etc.

I mean I know a couple who last year purchased a house about an hr away from where they work (because it was a bit less expensive) but in the winter they get trapped out there by the snow and can’t even make it into the city for work ! Anyways, point being (I’m rambing, sorry) to the outside world they can say -“We are married,own our own home,have a new vehicle and new furniture and good jobs” and everyone is oh so jelous of them and thinks they should start trying to have kids….but in reality (which they dont tell others) they can barely afford to make the house payments as is, so if they had a child they would no long be able to afford the home, they are in piles of debt and where they’re living they’re running the risk of being trapped out there for days in the winter…..

So I look at our choice to rent a small apartment and think…well we have money saved,we can afford everything comfortably when I’m on maternity/working p/t, we don’t have any debt and we have the freedom to move and are in the city close to work (save on gas,no worries about the weather etc.)

Don’t worry about what others think (I know for some people, atleast me, that can be hard to do) but just because there are people out there with children who own there own home it doesn’t necessarily mean everything is what it seem. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Just to add on here– I think if the economy over the last few years has taught us anything, it’s that owning a home is not a good idea for everyone, that a house is not necessarily a sound investment, and that life is unpredictable– the economy can change overnight (and our jobs along with it). Understandably, that’s a really tough idea to wrap your head around for our parents and older generations who were starting their careers & families, and buying homes, in a very different economic climate. So you shouldn’t feel like you’re not ready to have kids bc you don’t own a home– and that’s worth pointing out if someone is really giving you  a hard time about it.

It’s really up to you & Darling Husband to decide what your financial goals are, and what means “being ready” to afford kids. What makes someone else ready, doesn’t make you ready. If you and Darling Husband are making sound financial decisions– even if they look totally different from someone else’s decisions– then, well, frankly, screw them if they want to tell you you’re wrong. That decision is for you, Darling Husband, and your financial advisor (if you have one).

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Double post– oops!

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definitely does not matter if you own a home to me, as long as the baby has warmth, nutrition, safety, and lots of love.

lots of people grow up in apartments/duplexes/condos etc. do what is best for your family. for many people, owning a home just isn’t for them!

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@Diamondadozen:but just because there are people out there with children who own there own home it doesn’t necessarily mean everything is what it seem. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you. What people tell you and what the reality of their situation are sometimes polar opposites. Envy isn’t all its cut out to be.

@red_seattle: but just because there are people out there with children who own there own home it doesn’t necessarily mean everything is what it seem. ๐Ÿ™‚



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We live in San Francisco and will probably NEVER own a house – unless we win the lottery and win millions.  So, we’ll be in an apartment/condo for as long as we’re in the city.  People do it all the time and their kids turn out just perfectly fine!

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