(Closed) Baby Brain: Real or Myth?

posted 6 years ago in Pregnancy
  • poll: Is baby brain real or just a myth?
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    Baby brain IS very real!

    I think there are definitely things that make it worse though like being dehydrated & not sleeping well… both of those together would make even a non-pregnant person not as sharp.

    My first pregnancy was alot worse than this one. I got to the point that I didn’t even take my purse in when we went to friends houses b/c I would ALWAYS forget where I put it. lol

    This time, as long as I can get some good sleep every few days I manage pretty well.

    Make lots of lists for your tasks, and try and get a good organization system on where things go (in/out mail, bills (I misplace those suckers all the time now), and even getting a good system for keeping up with house work (b/c that can take a kick too), and you should be fine.

    It’s all about a good system & organization that helps you whether you “remember” the small things or not. lol

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    Hell yes it’s real!!

    I’ve stopped twice at stop signs and waited for the light to change to green. Didn’t realize it wasn’t going to happen until the person behind be honked. 

    I was the most anal person ever, and can no longer be trusted with any sort of paperwork, at all. Unless you want me to immediately lose it forever. 

    I found nail polish in my pantry a few weeks ago. 

    I have a bad habit of throwing things away instead of putting them back in the fridge or away in the drawer. My brain has officially labeled everything as trash. 

    I lost my debit card. You have to understand that I have never ever lost anything like this before. Not even for a few hours (I told you, I am really anal). I have absoultely no idea what happened to it. 

    It was really frustrating at first, especially since my job consists of handling a lot of paperwork every day, but it seems to have calmed down a bit. Though I’ve had multiple people tell me since I’m having a boy, I’ll be stuck like this forever. I guess boys will do that to you  🙂




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    @pinky44:  ROFL that is too funny!

    I am not pregnant, nor have I had kids yet, but I can totally see how it would be real, sceintific or not.  I have a step son, a full time job, and my brain went to shit once i had to start remembering everything that goes on in my life now.  Also, I know wedding planning has created gaps in my brain, so I can imagine a baby would too!

    I think (recall I have no real data) that your focus shifts as soon as you have a baby/get pregnant.  I think it’s a natural maternal thing that your brain shifts from focusing on YOU and focuses on baby/kid etc, be it in pregnancy or post birth.  I think once you get pregnant, all your nesting/nurturing windows open wide and kind of take over.  You are so in tune with them that what used to be your capacity to remember things, becomes part of the brain that focuses on your child.  It becomes a radar system to catch every little oddity your kid can throw at you…and there are LOTS!

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    It is real, and boy can it get aggrivating!  I am pretty ok with my schoolwork…but don’t send me into a store without a detailed list!  And I flake out mid-conversation quite often. 

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    @heathaah:  Pfft even with a list I’m in trouble! I went to get stuff to make chicken noodle soup & forget the freakin NOODLES!….. yea, I had a list. =/ lol

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    It is sooo real! I spaced out so much during pregnancy! I barely remembered my name half the time!

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    Totally real!! I’m 32 weeks pregnant and my brain is GONE.

    I forget what I am doing and where I am going just walking from the living room to the bathroom. I will unlock my car doors and put my keys back in my purse instead of in the ignition. I found my hair serum stuff on my kitchen counter the other day. I leave things all over and forget where I put them; I put my hairdryer away in the cabinet in November and just finally found it last weekend. I left my debit card in an ATM a couple months ago. I’ve never needed to make shopping or to-do lists, but I do now.

    Ugh. It’s terrible and frustrating. I’m so absent-minded now. I had trouble telling someone my birthdate yesterday! I had to stop and think about it.

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    I think different things that are happening in your pregnancy effect your brain. I have had so many things happen that I think are from lack of sleep and/or exhaustion, dehydration or hunger, being preoccupied with baby planning, etc.

    I have also become a terrible driver. I have run lights and stop signs.

    I own a wedding planning business and can no longer keep the names straight of my clients.

    I will be in mid sentence and lose total train of thought at least once per day.

    I have fallen asleep sitting up at the kitchen table. 

    It has been aggrivating to say least. I feel like it’s made me seem lie a scattered brain business woman which isn’t my m.o. at all

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    I think there’s been studies that actually prove a woman’s brain shrinks during pregnancy.

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    Uggg. So real.

    The other day I washed my face, and then walked away from the sink while it was still running.

    I will leave my keys in the car when I go to get out– thankfully my car beeps reminding me that the keys are in the ignition (and I NEVER used to do this– it was always second nature to turn off the car and grab the keys). 

    I have to write lists of everything! I just started one at my desk of random thoughts. I can’t got into a grocery store without a list. Every night before I go to bed I write down the things I need to remember for the morning. 

    I can go on and on, but for me, it really has been real. I heard about it before getting pregnant and never thought it would happen to me, but pregnancy brain is here in full force!

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    I am not scatty- never have been


    However last week I tried to get into someone else’s car and got v frustrated v quickly when my key didnt seem to be working.

    Different make and model of car


    THAT is babybrain

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    @cacamillis:  I did thisa couple of months ago. I own black Chevy Tahoe, but when I walked out of the store, I literally walked to the very first black SUV I saw. It was a Nissan Armada. I then spent 2 minutes trying to figure out why my keys wouldn’t unlock it. I even looked inside, saw a purse that wasn’t mine, and asked myself “whose purse is that?” Then I continued to try and get the door to unlock. Soooo embarassing. 


    @runsyellowlites:  I’m having trouble with lists, as well. I went into Walgreens yesterday to get three things. I even wrote them down so I wouldn’t forget. I walked out with like 5 things, and was missing one of the things from the list. The list of three freakin’ items!

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    My biggest issues is forgetfulness. Post-it notes are my friend. When I remember to check the list. We were at the grocery store and I had the list and coupons. At the last aisle, Darling Husband asked if we had everything. I said yes. Then looked at my hand. And said “Wait, I have a list.” Ugh.

    But I’m fine at work . . . as long as I take lots of notes.

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    I think it is real but I think you can compensate. Agree with PPs that lists and other things are helpful to stay organized.  Hard to know how much impact it will have on you until you are preggers!  I personally felt totally ok keeping up with my job, which is pretty demanding on an intellectual level.

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