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Sugar bee

You’re definitely not alone…haha. We’re about 2-3 years away from TTC as we want to  get a house and some of our debt paid off before we have kids. Doesn’t stop me from being obsessed with baby stuff! I have a list of names we like kept on my computer and we already have nursery ideas, too!

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Definitely not alone here – I feel like when I was Waiting, I was always lurking on the Wedding Boards and now that we’re 4 & 1/2 months away from getting married, I’m lurking on the Nesting Boards, particularly the TTC ones! I find it really useful as I have PCOS, finding out the treatment protocols that some of the other ladies are on.

We’ll be TTCing this time next year. Due to some disabilities in my family we’ll be getting genetic testing done and Fiance will also likely undergo SA to make sure we’re playing with a full deck of cards (so to speak)! It seems like too much of a push to get that all done prior to the wedding so we’ll wait until afterwards to get all of that sorted. I also want to get down to my doctor designated healthy weight before getting pregnant and I estimate that I’ll do that in November. So while I’ll probably start charting (and checking as to whether I’m ovulating) in the second half of the year, it won’t be til our Jan honeymoon that we actually start to try.

We’ve also decided that we’ll TTC before buying a house – we just don’t need the stress of trying to pay a mortgage and all the associated costs on one income (thinking positively here!). Meanwhile, all (okay, not all) my friends are having babies and my ovaries feel like they’re going to explode with all the cuteness. Thanks for creating the support group where I can have my blurt!

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Right there with you ladies.  My heart is so ready to TTC now but my mind knows its just not the right time!  When we got married Darling Husband thought we should wait 3 years before starting and I was more of a 2 year girl, so we’re close in what we want.  However, now 2 of his friends are expecting babies and 3 of my friends are – ahhhh!  Makes me want one.  

I’m planning to have the “I want to go of BCP” chat with him on/near our first anniversary…still 8 months away!

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Thank you so much for starting this thread! I have really bad baby fever (it’s crazy like bieber fever!) and I am starting to realize that I just don’t have the time or energy for one yet. I’m still in my first year as a wedding photographer and building my business is super important to me because my goal is to eventually be able to go full time and leave my corporate job so I can work from home and be around more for kids. I’m excited to be getting a lot of wedding inquiries for this year BUT at the same time its becoming more and more obvious that I can’t do everything…something’s gotta go and unfortunately for right now I think that makes ttc out of the question.

(Though that is not to say if we had an accident I would not be totally 100 percent thrilled!)

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Sugar bee

I recently fell ill with baby fever as well. It would be so impractical to TTC anytime this year as Darling Husband and I don’t live int eh same place and I am finishing grad school then looking for a job but I just want one. We have 2 more years and 2 more big trips planned before TTC. I imagine we will still be renting when we are ready to TTC as well but mostly because Darling Husband has a contract position that lasts until end of 2014 and then we’re most likely moving. For several reasons it makes the most sense to rent unless I get a great job in the same city and we decide to settle there long term. I gave up on the idea of house before baby, as long as we are happy and have income and time to support a kid I am find with not owning our own home.

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Oh my goodness dear you are soooo not alone! I have so much baby fever it’s not even funny. I mean I’m very happy for everyone who is pregnant, who has children but I’m a bit jealous and envious. I want that to be me πŸ™‚ We are planning on TTC to conceive soon after the wedding because we are not getting any younger and we want little ones, or should I say, I want little ones hehehe…. My Maid/Matron of Honor just had a little baby girl last month and she is the cutest little thing ever, so I have more baby fever everytime I see her lol… but I’m enjoying being “auntie froggy” (since I speak French and will be the one teaching her French).

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I, too, am in this boat, unfortunately. We waited until we were stable with our jobs and incomes to become engaged, and now DH’s job is even better– and I’m preparing to move up in the job world, too.. To me, it’s sort of prime time to TTC; to Darling Husband, it’s time to live. We’ve been living for 25 and 27 years! haha

So, we have a plan. This year, we pay off all of our credit cards, and we travel. So, we have a Euro trip planned; a few trips in the states; and we’re going sky diving for our first anniversary. We sort of made a pre-baby bucket list including a really long zipline and snowboarding.

We’ve been together for 6 years and lived together for 3. But, for a lot of it, we were college kids with college jobs. We’ve done a lot, but there’s so much more we want to do and see that would be super difficult with a baby.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a plan if it were to happen. The problem comes when I want to TTC in 2-3 years, and Darling Husband wants to wait 5-7 years. He’s super confusing, though, because he’s always talking about the things he wants to teach our kid. And, we have a name for a boy– Lucian Alexander. We can’t agree on a girl name, though.

Darling Husband shared with me his concerns. I want to be a stay at home mom for the first 3-5 years for each child. We’re only planning one or two. He’s nervous about being the sole provider. He’s also nervous that I won’t want to go back to work. Well, I’ve thought about this. When I was in college, I was a nanny. I told him that I could nanny part time while I was with our firstborn, and once he was in school, I’d be happy to work. I think Darling Husband felt a little better, but he still has reservations– which I understand.

We both also want to own a house. However, I can’t be a stay at home mom and own a house where we live now. We have to move (it’s far too expensive here), and Darling Husband loves his job. There are so many moving parts. I’m a little afraid that if he really waits for the “perfect” time, I’ll be 35 and we’ll have trouble conceiving.

For now, we have two nieces and a nephew. I love babysitting (I’m their favorite sitter), and I enjoy giving them back!

sorry… this ended up much longer than I had intended Embarassed

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I have baby fever so bad!! I have pretty much worked out to the date when we will TTC. Mirena IUD comes out October 2013, then non-hormonal BC/NTNTC until June 2014, and then full on TTC get a baby inside me after that. Mr. Roux will finish his teaching degree in 2014, so a baby in 2015 is the earliest logical time to have one. I tell you what bees, its a good thing I have an IUD because I don’t think I could trust myself not to skip pills or poke condoms sometimes. Its so crazy, the logical side of my brain tells me we aren’t ready financially, emotionally or otherwise, but the hormonal side of me thinks my baby making parts should be on their 3rd kid by now. And I’m only 22!

We have all our names picked out and everything, we were just talking about them again last night actually.

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I have THE WORST baby fever.  We just got married and I am off BCP for the first month in 7 years.  I have previously had ovarian cysts so I am so nervous about my fertility that I just want to get pregnany ASAP to know that I can.  I am almost 27 and I feel like its time.  Unfortunately, I just got a great job so logically being on maternity leave is not the best idea, but if it happens I would honestly be so happy!  I try not to annoy my Darling Husband but I can’t help how much I want a baby.

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Busy bee

Thanks for creating this thread!  I’ll definitely join… I have baby fever like crazy.  Darling Husband and I are not in ageement on a timeline right now, which is hard.  He wants to wait up to 2 years, and I want to start now!  We’ve been married for 9 months, and we’re not getting any younger (both 29).  He’d like us to own a home, and to pay down some students loans, and have more “us”/ social time.  We’ve been living together for 4+ years, so we’ve had plenty of ‘us’ time! 

There are other circumstances going on.. My Mom isn’t in the greatest health physically, and will only get worse as time goes on.  She also just beat cancer this year, in addition to her other health issues.  His Dad is older.. I want our kids to know their Grandparents, and I think it’s important. 

Right now our conversations aren’t going so well πŸ™ but we keep talking about it (more like I keep bringing it up πŸ˜‰  Any other ladies going through this?  Tips??  I am so obsessed, anytime I see a baby or see a commercial, I’m like Ooohh babies, which I know doesn’t help.  But that’s me, I can’t help it! 

I have a name list going, but no nusery ideas yet… I pinned a few baby things on Pinterest, and then got texts of ‘are you pregnant??’ Oops… I always lurk on the baby boards, too!

ETA: I’ve been off BCP since September… I was out of town helping my Mom and the Rx expired, which I never refilled.  I want to stay off until we TTC, but in the meantime we’re using condoms and being very careful.. sigh.

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I have serious baby fever! i’ve been off the pill for 11 months and we are a month away from our 1 year anniversary! hoorah! we always said we wanted to wait at least a year but as that time quickly approaches it make me nervous! I think we both want to push it out for another 6 months at least (i don’t want to be pregnant in the summer! haha) While i crave it – it also scares the crap out of me…Not actually having and caring for a child..i’ve always wanted to be a mom but actually being pregnant and giving birth makes me want to have a panic attack haha. I’m hoping my sister plans on having another soon so we can do it together.


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I don’t really have BOTB yet, but Fiance sure does!  We aren’t getting married for another 8 months so we definitely are not TTC anytime soon.  I do own a house, and we both have jobs so it wouldn’t really be the end of the world if we did have an “oopsie” but I’m just not ready.  I don’t know how to hold a newborn, crying makes me feel like my ears are bleeding, I take a nap every Saturday and most Sundays, I enjoy morning coffee & a glass (or bottle!!) of wine with dinner now and then.  I want to travel more, I want to run a marathon, I like to sleep in!

I used to not want kids AT.ALL.  Since it is something Fiance really does want, I’m definitely open to it.  I’m already 30, will be 31 when we get married, so if we’re going to have kids we shouldn’t wait toooooo long.  We talked about timelines & we figure get married this August, maybe start TTC next August.  We will have a year of marriage to play & have fun & travel, but still don’t have to push it off too far into the future.

Also, Fiance & I share a birthday, and think it would just be the cat’s pajamas to have a baby on our birthday… but that is a little extreme.  I wouldn’t have a voluntary c-section or anything like that, but it would be kinda cool.

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I wish I could say that i didn’t have it, but i do!! LOL! We were married a year in June and bought our first house around the same time, so we’re definitely getting settled into being Mr & Mrs, homeowners and all that. We decided we would wait until this fall to start TTC which i guess isn’t too far away, but it sure does feel like it! We chat about names a lot but are on the same page so I feel like right now it’s just time to enjoy each other before there is a little one to worry about. He’s planned his annual boys trip to Vegas this March (his 4th year now!) and my girls trip to West Palm the week after and a 3 week stint to Europe together in September. We think we’ll “pull the goalie” August ish and then TTC while we’re away in Europe!

We will see though, you never know what life can throw at you. We’re paying down our debt and are excited to start saving fora little one, mat leave and all that.

Is anyone super tempted (or maybe just does it) to buy newborn clothes?!?! I have 3 great friends who either already have a baby or are expecting so i am going into all the baby places a lot.. and often when I see a cute little gender neutral outfit i’m tempted to buy it and put it in the closet!! We have a little room already pegged as the nursery which has a baby blanket that was given to us from my great aunt, plus a few little “hand me down” baby things that our parents gave us when they moved. When there are great sales on i’m so tempted, but don’t want to “jinx” it … so superstitious! LMAO!

Baby fever out of control LOL! 😐 

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