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  • poll: Would you get ear piercings for your baby girl?
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    @MissTiramissu:  I am also from a culture where it’s normal to pierce girls ears early but I think if I had a baby I probably wouldn’t. Of course, when my sister was about two months my parents left her with her godmother for the day and the godmother had some lady from down the street come over and pierce her ears without asking my parents first! She totally thought she was doing them a favor! Lol. I can totally see one of my aunties doing this to my kid too

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    @MissTiramissu:  Ha, we have a similar situation. Not one month after birth but DH’s niece had her ears pierced at 2. I think it looks a bit tacky as well as not giving the child a choice. Darling Husband is much more keen on the idea than I am. We’ll have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

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    I plan to let my hypothetical daughters choose if and when they want their ears pierced. We were in the opposite end of the spectrum and weren’t ALLOWED to have our ears pierced until something close to being a teenager. I didn’t like that either, so I’ll just let my kids choose. 

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    @MissTiramissu:  I would probably close this thread, there was one like this last year and it got very heated to the point that mod’s had to get involved.  Just an FYI

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    I had preschoolers in my classroom that had earrings, and I never thought any way about it. As long as they’re not infected!

    But for my baby girl, we’ve decided to wait until she’s old enough to take care of her ears to let her pierce them!

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    I will wait until my daughter decides she would like her ears pierced. I want to make sure that she understands the responsibility and committment and that she’ll be willing and able to take care of her ears after they’re pierced.

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    When I was pregnant I thought for sure that I’d get my baby girls ears pierced. Once she was born though I just couldn’t do it. I felt she was so perfectly beautiful the way she was, and I couldn’t bear to inflict even the slightest pain to her. I also worried that she may pull at the earrings or accidentally get them caught on something. 

    I also tried to paint her baby toenails once too thinkin it’d be really cute, and same thing; her precious baby toes were just perfect the way they were 🙂 It felt like I was vandalizing  perfection! 

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    I wouldn’t want to get my children’s ears pierced until I knew they were old enough to choose it and take care of it themselves. For my mom that was age 10. I think that’s reasonable. 

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    This was/is common in my family and others I know. My mom had mine pierced as a baby. The earrings came out and the holes closed up. I said to her at the age of 4 that I wanted earrings, and they were pierced again. I wasn’t traumatized. No big deal.

    At the same time, I went with my sister to get her daughter’s ears pierced at four, and I teared up because she cried. She wanted the earrings, but of course it hurt, and she wasn’t expecting that. Once she saw her earrings, she was fine, but I am not sure if I would be able to do it to my own child.

    I don’t think there’s anything at all wrong with it, but it definitely pulled at my heart when I went with my niece.

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    I had my ears pierced when I was two and never had a problem. All of the women in my family wear earrings though so maybe thats why it never was an issue. I would probably wait until my daughter was around two or three to pierce her ears. It seems a little silly to pierce a newborns ears

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    In my circle it would be thought of has very low class (as in lacking any class/taste/tacky). Not to say that I think this, but thats their general view. I wouldn’t do it.It’s different for other cultures/areas/whatever tho




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    My now 3 year old cousin had her ears pierced at birth because my aunt wanted people to be able to tell easily that she was a girl (her plan didn’t work, fyi). She looks adorable with them, but I don’t think that Darling Husband and I will be doing that with our daughters. In both of our homes growing up, geting your ears pierced was a rite of passage around the age of 10 to 13. We’re still trying to decide what age we’ll allow it, but I remember the anticipation and excitement as I waited for my 10th birthday to get them done. Just last month one of my sisters turned 10 and got hers done and she is over the moon excited and my next sister now can’t wait for her turn in early 2015. They get to choose if they want them or not too, but so far we’ve all chosen to get them.

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    I voted no but that was for at one month old. My exDH got our girls ears pierced at 4 and 2. He said they all wanted it. One child didn’t cry at all. If my next child is a girl I’ll let her decide although not at age 2. 

    A year later one girl was still heavily complaining they hurt her ears while she was trying to sleep so I took them out. Other twin never complained. 

    A year and a 1/2 later when I changed the earrings my older girl (now age 6)  got infected ears So I took them out and left them out. We have to have special nickel free earrings for sensitive skin apparently. No cheap-o earrings here. At 8 years old she wanted them repierced so we went to get it done but she wouldn’t stop crying so they wouldn’t pierce her ears. A couple nights later I numbed her ears with ice and tried the piercing studs we had left. Amazingly her holes had not completely healed. She didn’t cry and was able to wear earrings. 

    I got my ears pierced at age 6. I had been looking forward to it for months. 


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