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    Personally, I don’t like the way baby girls looked with their ears pierced.  They have perfect little ear lobes – why punch holes in them?  Little girls definitely don’t need jewelry to make them cuter! 

    I never got my ears pierced – I love my ear lobes the way they are!

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    IMO piercing on babies so young provides no purpose aside from a fashion statement. It provides no health benefit or social advantages, either in the long or short term and is not a religious requirement.  Add to that the unecessary risk of infection, the unnecessary pain, and the unecessary removal of choice. I would not allow a girl to pierce ears until she is old enough to want them on her own and also to take care of them properly. Around 13 sounds right to me. 

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    I personally think its a bit tacky and would wait for my child to reach 10 before letting them have ears pierced – or at least when they reached an age to make an informed decision themselves –  they’re only dinky, why ruin their cute flawless skin with bits of metal!

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    I have NEVER known a girl/woman that has regretted having her ears pierced as an infant/child. If I have a baby girl one day, I will pierce her ears as an infant. However, I do think it’s ridiculous when I see baby boys with their ears pierced. Just my opinion.

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    Ear piercing is such a common thing, I’d probably have my baby girl’s ears pierced. I had mine done when I was 3. No resentment towards my mom. Now if it was a tattoo that would be a different story!

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    I had my daughters eats pierced at 6 months (the dr did it) and have had no issues with them getting infected. My daughter didn’t cry at all either. 

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    @MissTiramissu:  No. I’m against it. It’s a non-necessary harm that serves no purpose but to “look pretty”. A baby cannot understand or consent to it so I don’t think it’s okay. If I ever have a daughter I would wait until she was old enough to ask for it and understand the process. I would also make sure to get it done by an actual piercer with the right equipment at a shop – not an unhygenic piercing gun at a stand in the mall. 

    Not trying to offend anyone who believes different. Darling Husband and I are both fairly “modified” and have experience with piercing so we’re firm believers in getting things done the best way by trained professionals. 

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    I used to work at a store where we pierced ears.  I think we had a rule they had to be 6 months.  IF I was going to pierce my daughters ears, it would be before she turned one or after she was 10.  My mom made me wait until I was 12 – that was the rule, my sisters and I had to follow, there were a few tantrums but it worked out.

    Piercing ears of 3-7 year olds is difficult, if you’re going to do it at this age they often ‘fight back’.  If you’re going to do it, go somewhere that does both at once or you’ll end up with a daughter with one earring.

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    I agree with you. Although my future children are a lot more hypothetical.

    First: Not my body- so I wouldn’t want to take away any of their autonomy to choose what they want for themselves. Most little girls will want their ears pierced anyway- but I do know a few who don’t.

    Second: I’d have to take care of the ear piercings on a baby or very young child, I’d rather wait until they are responsible enough to take care of it themselves. So probably not until she was at least 8 years old or so.

    I didn’t have mine done until I was 13. But I was very interested in having them done!

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    I would never modify someone else’s body without their consent.  It is a permanent modificaion.  Even if they took out the actual earring there will forever be a scar, and the holes may never close.   My parents had mine done as a baby, and I hated earrings growing up.  I did not wear earrings between ages 3-24 and the holes never closed up.

    I also would not ever let it be done by some teenager in the mall, who got a 10 minute training by some other teenager, with an unsterile piercing gun, that damages the tissue as a blunt object is forced through their ear.  There is nothing cute about that.

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    If I ever have a little girl, I will wait until she asks for them, and I think she understands what an ear piercing is (painful pierce, then a month or two of aftercare without changing the studs yet). I estimate that to be around age 7-8. I don’t remember how old I was when I got mine pierced, but I started noticing/emulating what other girls were wearing around age 8-9.

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    @MissTiramissu:  I absolutely wouldn’t even consider it.  My mom made me wait until I was 10-12 (I can’t remember exactly) and it was a rite of passage for me.  Also, I had a lot of problems with certain metals and if I pass that along to my child I would like the child to be old enough to tell me that they are having ear pain.  I don’t like the baby with earrings look, either.


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    @MissTiramissu:  I would wait at least a couple years. I first had my ears pierced as a toddler- turns out I have sensitive skin and can’t wear earrings. My ears get badly infected no matter what metal the earrings are made of. I last tried earrings when I was a pre-teen, same results- bad infection. I would hate for baby tI have to deal with that if get skin ended up being like mine!

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    I hate it when people do it. I respect the choices of parents to decide what’s best for your child (I guess some feel that it’s necessary for an infant to have holes in their ears?) but I cringe every time I see it.

    My mom wouldn’t let me pierce my ears until I was 13, and I’m so glad she waited until I could make a choice for myself. I wanted them so badly through when I was 12, and then decided that I actually didnt want my ears pierced. I’m so glad that she let me make my own decision about this, because I chose not to pierce them. However both my sisters chose to when they turned 13, and neither minded that they had to wait.

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    I had my ears pirced when I was 6 months. If we have a girl then I would absolutely want to get her ears pierced as a baby. My husband says absolutely not. 

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