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  • poll: Baby Girl Name
    Parker : (23 votes)
    17 %
    Emerson : (21 votes)
    16 %
    Giuliana : (34 votes)
    26 %
    Emilia : (55 votes)
    41 %
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    Emerson is too on trend/popular for me.

    Emilia just reminds me of milia which is a skin condition.

    I dislike the spelling of Giuliana.

    So with those personal preferences, I chose Parker. 

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    Reasoning: I hate surname first names (any gender) and I hate when people take boy names for girls, which immediately gets rid of Parker and Emerson. I have a distracted in law relative with a Guiliana so I know how to say it and think it’s fine, though I’d probably just use a j to make her life easier. Emilia looks like Amelia to me and is just kinda dated in my head. So Guiliania it is, lol. 

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    I like Emerson, but prefer it for a boy. 

    I like Emilia, but unless it flows really well with your last name I don’t LOVE it.

    I am italian so Giuliana looks normal to me 🙂 and I LOVE it 

    Parker, unless it goes super well with your last name, I am ‘meh’ on it. Don’t love it, don’t hate it. But I think it will be extremely popular when she is in school. I know a couple young Parkers (both boy and girl) so I dont know if having a popouar name would bother you. 

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    I love the name Giuliana!! Always in my top 5.

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    simone_s :  I dislike Parker because I can imagine kids calling her nosey parker 😦

    I like Guiliana and  I like the spelling because it appeals to my Italian heritage as its spelt the Italian way! I also like guils used as a nickname for a girl. Its cool but still feminine.

    Emilia is my next pick.

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    I generally like unisex names, but Parker and Emerson aren’t really unisex to me—I still very much associate both with boys.

    I don’t care much for Giuliana (not many Italians where I live so most people would probably pronounce/spell it wrong all the time). 

    I’m not the biggest fan of Emilia only because it reminds me of Emilia Clarke and Game of Thrones-related names seem so trendy right now. But I think Em/Emi/Lia would be cute nicknames so it gets my vote.

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    I live in a town called Emerson, so I can’t imagine naming a kid that. I liked it as a name before I moved here, though. 

    I like Emilia best of all the choices. 

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    I personally really dislike the surname/boy name on girls trend that has been going on for a while now. I would absolutely eliminate Parker and Emerson, also they are so trendy and will completely date her when she is older.

    Giuliana is very pretty but nuless you are super Italian or naming her after someone I would aboslutely us Juliana as the spelling. I think it is much simpler and prettier and she won’t have to constantly correct people on how to spell her name her entire life.

    Emilia is pretty, though I much prefer Amelia. Of your choices I think Emilia is best but I would pick Juliana if this were the spelling used. GL!

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    I may be in the minority here, but I actually really like all 4. One of the best ladies I’ve ever known is named Parker so while that one tends to be used more for boys, I always associate it with her which makes it a great name in my book. Giuliana is pretty and feminine and I like the Italian spelling though she will definitely deal with people spelling it wrong her whole life. I’ve always liked Amelia/Emilia, but it is very popular right now so it would be lower on my pick list.  If it was my babe, I’d probably go in to labor with Parker and Guiliana picked as my top 2 and decide once I met her. 

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    Giuliana stands out as the only non trendy name. Others have mentioned the spelling factor, but it is a standard spelling so I wouldn’t worry.

    Nothing wrong with trendy names, but if I were going to give a kid a trendy name, I would like there to be a solid reasoning for it so they had their own claim on it (as it were). 

    I like them all, but would potentially avoid Emilia as Amelia is so darn popular that the confusion of explaining E-milia vs A-melia might be annoying. 

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    I hate Parker for the same reason as cmsgirl; it immediately made me think ‘Nosey Parker’ and also of Parka anoraks. It doesn’t sound like a name to me.

    Emerson doesn’t sound like a girl’s name to me. It reminds me of Emmett, and also I dislike names for girls that have ‘son’ at the end of a surname-type name because the name clearly derives from ‘the son of X’.  

    I like Guiliana and, second, Emilia. 

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    Giuliana is beautiful and I love it and the spelling.  But I want to point out how many people have already misspelled it in this thread, even though the correct spelling is in the poll.  I’m not trying to embarrass any bees here I just want OP to realize no one will ever spell it right unless they are Italian.

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    I’m personally not a fan of unisex names, so Emerson and Parker were a flat no for me XD Giuliana is pretty, but I’m not a fan of the spelling. Emilia was my choice 🙂 

    But I’m aware I’m weird! lol

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