Baby hates being swaddled

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I’m sorry, honey.  🙁  Just try to keep in mind that the first few weeks are the hardest.  Most every mom I know has said she felt a big improvement around 6 weeks, and then again at 3 months.  I’m not sure when you’re going back to work, but if you can tough it out a little bit longer, things really should start improving soon.

As far as the sleeping/swaddling thing goes, I have heard that the babies who seem to hate swaddling are the ones who need it the most.  You could try experimenting with a couple different types of swaddle (regular versus SwaddleMe, tight versus loose, arms out versus arms in, etc…), to see if anything works for him.  Not every baby loves swaddling, but most do, which is why it’s so popular/recommended.

If he only wants to sleep with/on you, don’t worry, this is very common.  First of all, most babies want the warmth, smell and sound of someone close by.  You may need to experiment with things like a heartbeat recordings, wrapping him in one of your old shirts, using white noise, using motion (e.g. like a swing or bouncy seat), etc… to see what he prefers.  Secondly, many newborns want to be in a small, cozy space to sleep, since that’s what they’re used to.  My Dirty Delete used to love to sleep in her bouncy chair, but I’ve heard of other people having success with putting their babies to sleep in a laundry basket, the car seat, or the swing for the first couple months of the baby’s life.

Finally, if he’s nursing 24/7, having a hard time sleeping, and is generally cranky, he might be going through a growth spurt.  Our first growth spurt hit at 3 weeks, and it was the longest few days of my life.  🙂 

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Hey there hun! We seem to be twins with twin 3 week olds. My guy is 3 weeks and hates being swaddled and will only sleep if we hold him or if he is in the carseat though it takes us a good hour or so to get him to sleep in the carseat. It’s super fustrating! DS is also feeding A TON, 4-5oz every 2 hours! AH! I am not Boyfriend or Best Friend so it makes it a bit easier. But Darling Husband and I are in the same boat of feeling totally fustrated in the evenings. 

We have tried different swaddles and they don’t work, we have tried the heartbeat sound machine, no luck, he just wants to be held and cuddled and from the research I have done and talked to people this is very common around this age and they will grow out of it. God help us! 

I do have a dr apt for the lil guy tomorrow so I am going to ask the dr about it but I am sure he may say the same thing others say. PM if you want to chat or just need someone to bounce things off.



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I helped my mom raise my half sister (I was just shy of 16 when she was born) and we never swaddled.  I think it just depends on the baby.  Good luck, it is normal for things to take a little while to adjust to.  You will find what works for your LO.

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@rachiecakes:  Probably the hardest part of those first months for me was trying to learn what my Dirty Delete wanted and liked.  It’s so much trial and error, and it can be totally overwhelming sometimes.  Do you have any family around to help?  You definitely need a break, now and then, if you can get it!  Take care of yourself and just remember that it will get better.  🙂 

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Have you tried putting him to bed without a swaddle? Some babies sleep fine without it. My nephew was never swaddled and he didnt wake himself up with his hands.

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Liv HATED being swaddled too. Unfortunately she had colic. Everyone told me to try the 5S’s and I said – and I quote – “She HATES to be swaddled (well she likes her legs, not her arms) and refuses a paci, so the happiest baby is useless for me” and, let me tell you, IT WORKED LIKE A FREAKING MIRACLE. Here is what I went back and posted on my thread:

“Holy hell I owe all of you my sanity. The 5S works like a freaking charm!!! Thank you all SO much! I tried it the night I originally posted and got her to stop within 15 mins. I thought it was a fluke, so I tried it the next 2 nights and several since then and it worked EVERY TIME! Thank you thank you thank you!! even Darling Husband was like “wow your blog buddies know their stuff!” lol”

Mrs Spring said it best – the ones that hate being swaddled tend to need it the most. Liv slept swaddled after that up until 3 days ago…shes 5.5 months old (and she will only sleep out of it on her stomach.) Give it a try, honestly. The worst that can happen is it doesnt work and you are back where you started.

Also, we used the Woombie and Liv liked that. It wasnt as constrictive as our Aden & Anais blankets, and since she could kinda move her arms she felt like she was in the woomb.

my thread about this is here, check out my last 2 posts =o)

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