Baby K is here!!

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I don’t have advice on the nighttime baby. Mine still doesn’t sleep through the night, but he only surfaces enough to nurse and go back to sleep. So, I’m not complaining. He still sleeps 10-12 hours, even if it’s just in shifts. 

My best advice is to keep reminding yourself, on a very loud loop, “everything is a phase.” My son is almost 9 months and has decided that every noise terrifies him. Faucet running? Crocodile tears. He farts? Crocodile tears. He bangs his blocks together? End of the world. This is the kid that used to make as much noise as possible, so … hang in there! This too shall pass!

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Aww congrats!!! I’m half Chinese and half white, and I was a blonde baby too (with blue eyes!)—now it’s just brown eyes and dark brown hair though haha.

The newborn phase was rough for us too, but the saying “the days are long, but the months are short” is so very true. I can’t believe LO is 7 months already and it makes me sad at times to think how badly I wanted those early weeks to go by quickly. But then also not so sad because sleep is a wonderful thing.

Hang in there!

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pinkshoes :  YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been following your story for a long time and this makes me SO happy for you!

And newborns suck quite honestly. But luckily they aren’t newborns for long. If I remember correctly you’re in the Boston area right? If so I know an awesome mom’s breastfeeding support group that I would HIGHLY recommend all new mommas go to if you want to PM me for the info. 

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Congrats!!! Was hoping to see a pic of this blonde haired half Chinese baby 🙂 I’m also Asian and my Darling Husband is white.

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Yay! I’m so happy for you! The newborn phase is the worst! I have 3 kids and I’ve always just had to plow through and hold on until about 8 weeks when it starts to become easier.

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My baby is mixed too (Dad is Native American and Hispanic) so I was just sure she would come out like her dad’s twin. Nope, she’s all fair skin, blue eyes and dark brown hair that keeps getting lighter. I told him I must have diluted his genes down 😂


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pinkshoes :  Congratulations!!! I followed your story for a long time and I’m so very happy to hear about your happy little bundle! I’m Hispanic and married a blond and blue eyed German so i always assume our children would look like me. But i would LOVE for them to come out blond and blue eyed just like him. Just a bunch of little DHs lol.  We have been struggling with infertility for two years now.  Your perseverance has been an inspiration! 


I hope your your little bundle learns to sleep through the night very very quickly!


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Yay! I’ve been following your story too and so happy for you!

I’m also Chinese and my husband is European Hispanic so our son got dark hair and dark eyes from both of us. But strangely his hair color is lighter than either of ours, which is jet black, and is taking on the signature half-Asian half-Caucasian dark brown hue.  Genetics is so weird. 

Is your family helping you with the “sitting month”? My aunt came and stayed with me when my son was in the newborn stage, and when my second one comes around (due in the spring), my mom is going to come stay with me herself.  

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Congrats!! So very happy for you three!

i have a two week old and yeah it’s rough! Everything you describe sounds normal though… you could ask your pediatrician about acid reflux just to check that off the list though. 

Do you have family who could come help for a bit? My husband had to start working at least half time just 4 days after we got home from the hospital (c section – and he’s a partial owner of his business so can’t bow out easily). My parents are here and having my mom help w the baby and my dad do errands / chores / cooking has been invaluable!!

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Congraaaaats! So many of us have been following your story and waiting for this day!! What a journey this has been for you and your husband.

I remember feeling pretty despairing in that first week, dealing with the sleepless nights. As a PP said, consider getting checked out for acid reflux, but also you might try going temporarily dairy-free to see if that helps. Doctors aren’t thrilled with this (partly because if you are nursing you really need the calories, but also because decreased exposure to the milk protein makes it harder for the baby to learn to tolerate it) but that was a life saver for me. After a couple days my daughter was sleeping more and crying less and I have not seen any negative effects since reintroducing it.

Otherwise, the days will pass faster than you realize and I promise this period will seem like a blip when you look back on it.

So happy for you!

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We had the same problem and it turned out baby had formula allergy and acid reflux pretty bad.  As soon as we switched formula and puy baby on Zantac everything was fine.


P.S.  We went to a highly rated childrens’ ER FOUR times and they said my child was fine.  We had to go to a gastro specialist to fix the problem.

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Congratulations!!! I have been following your story and I am so happy for you that you finally got your little bundle of joy!! I have heard from new moms that the newborn phase is hard!! I am due at the end of Nov so I will be finding out first hand. My story wasnt exactly like yours… took us 2 years to get pregnant and we had to go the IVF route. I am hoping when  things get rough I will just remember those hard times of ttc and hoping that will help me through. I guess it’s easy for me to say that now when my little one is still in my belly and I am sleeping through the night!! But you can definalty get through this!! You ave already faced so much!!!

You went through so much to get here and the newborn phase doesnt last forever.  At least you can take comfort in knowing it will get easier or so other moms have told me!! I am so happy for you!!!!  Your story was very inspiring. It helped me when I was struggling!! 

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His nights sound like my daughter when she first came home from the hospital.  What my pediatrician recommended that helped A TON was to keep lights and noise (TV, radio, talking, etc) during the day, and minimal interaction, only night lights, quiet during the night.  Also- limit the daytime naps to 2 hours- this one SUCKS at first when you are so tired you just don’t want to wake a sleeping baby regardless of the time, but it changed things dramatically.  The reasoning is that if they have a longer stretch in them you want it to be at night.  We also fed a minimum of 3 hours apart during the day (and let her go for however long she went at night), so that most of her feedings were during the day.

My daughter literally slept no longer than 15 minutes at night when we first brought her home.  After a few weeks of this she was going 3,4 even occassionally a 5 hour stretch.  She started sleeping 7+ hours by 9 weeks, and 10-12 by 4 months and at a year old she is still an exceptionally good sleeper.   Just including that to say… there is definitely hope!  Hang in there- the beginning is the toughest!

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