(Closed) Baby Must Haves – What’s Really Necessary?

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Do you have breast cream?… that’s the ONE thing I forgot to get.  sounds nasty, but if your breast feeding…TRUST ME, you’ll need it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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More than 1 changing pad.

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Hey, I am totally with you, and trying to keep the accumulation of baby stuff to a minimum.  We are also breast feeding and doing cloth diapers.  (I think you’re also due in December, too – I’m Dec 22!  Come say hi on the Dec 2011 thread!  We’re not very active. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) 

I looked over my registry to see if there is anything else that has been suggested to me that you might need.  I  have been asking for tips on the bare minimum from all the new moms I know.  

-cloth diapers – I actually went to an info session at the local cloth diaper store and they suggested getting a couple days worth, 15-20, of the smallest size of cloth diapers because the regular size really is large on the tiny newborn, and even may keep them from fitting into newborn size clothes.  They made the point that you could probably use these until about 4-5 mos, and that would also save some wear and tear on the larger ones.  

-based on my observations, most moms use the closest fabric handy for a burp cloth – maybe you could use cloth diapers as burp cloth?  

-I don’t think you need quite so many diaper covers, maybe 6-8.

-I thought special washcloths for baby were wasteful but my SIL told me she never had enough washcloths so I went ahead and registered for a few.  I don’t want a special towel for baby, since we have plenty of towels already, but our washcloths are all either our nice ones or really ratty from years of use.  Also, my friends say their babies poop and pee as soon as they take them out of the bath, so even if you don’t have a baby towel, you may want to pick a coupe to dedicate to baby.

-maybe a mirror for the carseat?  We have found that super handy in taking care of our niece, since she is facing away it is really nice to be able to see her face.

-nursing stuff – nursing bras (my sister suggested 4 but since I rotate between 2 regular bras I’m sure that 2 will be fine), bra pads (sis recommends 6 reusable ones), maybe 1 nice tank top that is a nursing tank top so you can wear it under a sweater or something but don’t have to take it all off to nurse in public.

-nursing cover – I thought I would just use a blanket but my friend made me one and hers seems really handy, it goes around your neck so you don’t have to worry about it sliding down.  One brand is Hooter Hider. ๐Ÿ™‚

-do you travel much?  We often stay at friends’ or at our parents’ and I hate pack n plays because they are so bulky but we registered for a kidco pea pod, seems like it will be very handy for overnights or even for camping, or naps while visiting.

-baby carrier – this is a must for us because we don’t plan on dragging the huge car seat or even the stroller everywhere we go.  We registered for an ergo which people just seem to love.  

-thermometer – the tympanic membrane (ear) ones and also the skin/laser can be inaccurate, we got a plain digital thermometer which we plan to use rectally at first and then axillary or orally later.  The American Academy of Pediatrics publishes ages when they suggest using different types.

-the other thing my SIL said she never had enough of was socks.  Babies kick these off all the time and they get lost so easily.  Depending on what you dress your baby in, 8 pairs may be enough but that might be something that is worth having more of.  Then again you can always get more.  

Sorry I ended up writing a book!  This is something I have given a lot of thought to.  At first I thought I would be uber-minimalist but I’ve come to accept that there are some things that will make my life easier even if they aren’t 100% necessary.  I am looking forward to hearing other moms’ feedback on your list.  

Also – you reminded me to add a sun shade for the car to our registry ๐Ÿ™‚

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Just so you know, you can’t use diaper rash creams with cloth diapers! They won’t come out of the diaper. You have to use something water soluble, like lotion. HERE is one my sister has been using on her baby (even treated a yeast infection, which I guess is pretty common because of all the folds down there!)

It IS nice to have somewhere to set the baby down when you have to eat, clean, shower, etc, so a pack n play with bassinet, bouncer or swing is nice to have. You can always get them cheaper on craigslist. Baby carriers are nice too because if you have a baby that sleeps best with you, then you can still do dishes or laundry while your baby sleeps.

Also, you only need 2 NB sleepers/outfits. They do so much better skin-to-skin, or just wrapped in a blanket. plus you don’t need to spend the extra money on clothes they usually only wear 2 weeks!


You have a pretty great minimal-baby-necessities list!! 

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A plug-in swing, not battery powered. It’s been a major lifesaver. Baby SD loves her swing, it’s the only way to get her to calm down enough to sleep at night. Wouldn’t trade it for anything

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More wipes and less diaper covers. You end up using wipes for other things too.

Baby powder isn’t good for girl parts (my pediatrician wants it banned)

Waterproof mattress covers are unnecesary if you have a decent mattress. They are vinyl coated anyway. (They are essential if the cover on your mattress is cracked.)

Some kind of disinfectant wipes (handy for wiping down mattress as well as other things).

an emory board is easier than nail clippers (they are so tiny and thin and babies flail so much though my friend uses her teeth)

That is all I can think of

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I definitely recommend a sling of some sort; I used the peanut shell when DS was tiny and carted him around in that thing everywhere!  Switched to a mei tai carrier later on and recommend it highly.  Search ebay/craigslist for good deals on these!  I still use the mei tai, and DS is almost 3; there are just times when you need them tied to you (i.e. airports, theme parks, etc) so you’ll get years of use out of it.

Also, those little plush blanket squares with stuffed animals attached can be really handy for keeping infants entertained/soothed, etc.  DS chewed them, slept with them, petted them, etc. until the plush was coming off.  Never needed teething products because he just chewed these and his blankets.  

I’m sure you’ve got a can of free formula, or will get one from the hospital, but if not, have one on hand.  Yes, you plan to Boyfriend or Best Friend… I did, too.  It just didn’t work out for us.  Ended up having to send my mother out for a pump the day I got home from the hospital.  I was able to pump almost exclusively for 6 months, but it was nice to have a can of formula on hand just in case.  Example: About 3-4 weeks post-birth, I had a dizzy spell and passed out in the kitchen… with the bottle of freshly pumped breast milk in my hands.  Milk goes all over the kitchen, I come to, and DS is still hungry!  Random?  Yes, but better to have some on hand!  A couple brands make little travel size packets with one serving per packet, so these are easy to keep in the pantry just in case.  

I wouldn’t even bother with nice outfits; just have a couple cuter onesies/PJs.  No one expects little ones to be in their finest.  DS lived in the little footie sleepers and onesies/sweat pants for the first 6 months or so.  I sold so many of his “nicer” clothes after the fact with tags still on them.  

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Depending on how often you want to do laundry I don’t think 8 onsies or 8 sleepers is enough. Personally speaking in the early days my daughter was a spitter and went through atleast 2 onsies a day and 1 sleeper a day. Maybe even more than that. In the early days it was hard for me to get motivation to do laundry every other day when I was exhausted. I would also say more on the receiving blankets. We used receiving blankets for everything! They’re bigger than burp cloths and helped cover both us and the baby in case of spitting up while feeding, we tucked one over her in her car seat any time we went somewhere that might be cold inside, we even use one in front of her in the exersaucer because she’s so thin. Another thing that has been a life saver for us has been the boppy pillow. I didn’t breast feed but I know many people find it helpful for that. I would have never bought a boppy pillow but someone gave us one as a hand me down and my daughter loves being propped up on it. Sometimes she just gets tired of being flat on her back and loves being up a little to see what’s going on. She never took to a bouncy chair or swing so this is a great place for her to hang out away from us for a few minutes without getting fussy.

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It all depends on your baby. We got a ton of things we didn’t need, and ended up having to buy different stuff. It sucks, but it’s what you do.

For ex. our baby didn’t use mittens. First of all they never stayed on, and second of all her nails didn’t even scratch. She’s also only worn hats at the hospital, even though she has a ton. We also have lots of unused butt paste b/c luckily our little girl hasn’t had diaper rash ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, we planned on nursing too, but it didn’t work out for me. I had some bottles around just in case, and it was nice to have done some research before and not have to run out to the store when I was already freaking out about having to bottle feed.

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These are suggestions to cut down your list: I would go with 1 pair of scratch mittens since  you’ll be clipping nails soon enough.

Also, I would nix the diaper rash cream and powder.  With cloth diapers we barely had an issue so a free sample did the trick.  We barely used the powder…just a few neck crease rashes in the beginning but again, nothing absolutely necessary. I should have just dried her better after bathing.

I suggest trial sizes of lotion and oil. You won’t need much and depending on their skin, they might not like it.

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