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Every name is associated with something. 

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I do think of Miriam as a traditionally Jewish name, because I grew up culturally Jewish and we had Miriam’s cup on our seder table (she was Moses’s sister). Also it was my stepmom’s mom’s name. But it’s a lovely name and I certainly wouldn’t be offended if a non-Jewish person had it! Mia is a very pretty nickname but in my mind it’s short for Amelia (Princess Diaries lol).


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I’ve only ever known Miriam to be a Muslim name but I think it would be fine given to whoever! I recently watched the show “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on amazon prime and the main character’s name is Miriam and she is Jewish. She also goes by the nickname Midge!

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I would name her Miriam and call her Miriam. Not because of the movie (which I heard of when it came out but have never seen and never would have even remembered the characters’ names, much less known that one was a nickname for another name), but because I don’t think Miriam needs a nickname. All of the Miriams I have known have been Jewish, so without knowing her or her family, I would probably assume she was Jewish, but if I found out she wasn’t, I wouldn’t think it was weird. Lots of people of different religions (or no religion) have names that are found in the old testament.

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I’ve never heard of that film, nor do I watch porn so I couldn’t tell you. 

Miriam is from the old testament, which means both Jewish and Christian faith parents may name their children Mariam. 

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I knew a little girl named Mariam once! We went to the same Baptist church. She was super cute! Love the name because of her. I wouldn’t worry about that movie reference at all. It didn’t even cross my mind until you mentioned it. 

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I know one Miriam, and she is the daughter of Christian parents. They chose it because they wanted a Biblical name. I would not assume a Miriam was Jewish, anymore than Deborah/Esther/Rebecca/Sarah etc.

I would call her by her name though. If I preferred Mia, I’d just call her Mia instead rather than using it as a nn.

I think Miriam is nice. I’ve never heard of that movie.

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anonbee3584 :  I live in a big metro/cosmopolitan area and I guess one might say I run with the intellectual crowd, and I think that most people here would associate Miriam with  Miriam from the Old Testament, who was was Moses’ and Aaron’s sister and a Jewish prophetess. It seems like many Bees are not as educated about this–I’m secular myself, but had a basic education on different religions/religious figures. Although people who watched The Prince of Egypt (popular when I was a kid) kind of don’t have an excuse for not knowing, and that is clearly the story of The Exodus, which was about the Hebrews/Israelites and a pivotal moment in the Jewish faith. Now, having said that, Christians and Muslim faiths are in a way related to the Jewish faith, with each trying to build upon the other(s) essentially. Which is why Miriam is traditionally a Hebrew/Jewish name, but you will find Christians and Muslims with that name as well.

I think that the bigger assumption, if you name your daughter Miriam, will be that you are either Jewish or a very religious Christian. I say this because Miriam is a traditionally Jewish name even for non-religious Jews, but is less commonly used within other faiths such as Christianity (and part of this is assuming that you live in the US/Aus/Europe where most people are Christian). Names like Sarah, Abigail, Elizabeth, Rachel, Rebecca, Aaron, Matthew, Luke, and John are so common that the assumption of religiosity is not made. However, this is less true for more uncommon names like Miriam and Abraham–both of which would lead people to believe you are religious IMO. This assumption of religiosity might or might not be something that you are comfortable with. It’s definitely something to consider.

As an aside, I love the name Elinor or Eleanor, and especially the nicknames Elle/Nell and Ellie/Nellie. That’d be my personal preference between the two names listed, simply because I think it’s a prettier name.

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Twizbe :  Same! I immediately thought of her as well.

I can’t speak about the Jewish history of the name. I can say that I had no idea Miriam was in that movie, since I haven’t seen it.

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A lot of people seem to think the movie referenced IS a porn film lol. It’s a rom com with Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks!


I’ve seen it but don’t associate either the names Zach or Miri with the movie (unless you had a son named Zach and a daughter named Miri maybe it would cross m mind lol)

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