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  • poll: Should couples share baby names, or is it too risky?

    Share with everyone, and ignore everyone's opinions

    Share with everyone, but tailor baby names toward popular opinion

    Share w/a limited circle of people that are very important to the couple, & ignore their opinions

    Share w/a limited circle of people that are very important to the couple, & tailor names to opinions

    Only share with one or two people the couple considers are 'safe'

    Don't share with anyone. This is a private and intimate decision only to be made by mom & dad.

    Wait until you have THE name picked out, people won't poo poo a name you've already 'settled' on!

    Other (explain!)

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    We’re not going to keep the names to ourselves, but we aren’t going to do an anatomy scan, so it’ll be a surprise as to which name we’re going to use because we won’t know if the baby is male or female prior to birth — we’re doing this so people won’t be tempted to give us gendered gifts.

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    Some people have negative things to say about names because some of them really are bad. It seems like some people are competing with celebrities with awful baby names! I know a little boy named Truth Daquiri! Sometimes people may be rude or mean about baby names, but sometimes the baby name is just bad- just being honest! 

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    Not TTC yet, but I think we will have a short list of names and decide once the baby is born which one is most fitting. We also won’t be telling anyone the names, as our moms really have no filters, lol. I can pretty much guarantee they won’t like anything we choose.

    My cousin named her baby Harper (which I think is cute), and I had to basically tell my mom to shut her trap because she just would NOT shut up about how much she hated it. It’s not your kid!

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    My daughters name is Willow, something I’ve had a lot of flack for. I actually didn’t name her, I let her dad pick the name, but I still think it is beautiful and just don’t listen when anyone makes fun of it. I get just as many people saying “oh what a lovely name!” as I get “you named her what?!” lol. I gave her a normal middle name so she can use that instead if she ever wants to. My son has a fairly run-of-the-mill name that only my brother didn’t like, but he never compliments anyone anyway so I just ignore him lol. I shared my name choices with everyone, and just didn’t listen to their opinions haha


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    I will not tell a soul. Just hubby and I will know and that is enough until said baby is born & here and healthy and more importantly already officially named. Laughing

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    @KateByDesign:  “We will not be sharing our baby name before it is born.  People are going to have their opinions no matter WHAT, and they’re more likely to keep them to themselves after the name is set in stone.  I’m not letting someone’s opinion of a name I love make me doubt my choice” 

    Yes x1000! A close friend of mine chose the name Violet after she found out she was having a girl. She and her SO had not just discussed, but CHOSEN the name, as in, it was basically set in stone. She’s very opinionated, which I see as a plus, but SO MANY PEOPLE including a family member she was really close to (I can’t remember who though, sorry) told her bluntly that Violet was the worst name she’d ever heard. I was FLABBERGHASTED!

    I don’t mean to compare babies to cats, but this is the only thing in my life that even comes close to relating; at the end of August 2013, SO and I adopted 2 ADORABLE cats. We struggled picking names for them (they were shelter cats who were dropped off anonymously, so we have no idea what their original names were) the shelter had named them “Goose” and “Maverick” from Top Gun, which I didn’t like, so for 2 weeks we called them “White Face” and “Cat #2”. We eventually decided on “Wallace” and “Gromit”, but my Future Father-In-Law decided he hated the names, and we should name them X, Y, Z, instead. 

    The moral of that story, is that we will not be sharing baby names, or future pets names, for that matter, with Future Father-In-Law, and probably not even Future Mother-In-Law because I don’t think she could keep the secret, she’d be too excited. I told my mom how upset it made me when Future Father-In-Law said what he did, and she reacted well, so if my SO is ok with my telling her, but not his parents, then that’s what we’ll do. I will also not be telling my sister, or my BFF because with something so personal, I will have a very thin skin, and will not take criticism well. I will choose to say after kids are born so that even if they complain, they can’t be changed. 😀 

    Sorry for the super long post. EDIT: if anyone cares, we ended up naming them Ted and Marshall.








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    I’m always highly critical of other people’s baby names, so because of that, I am leaning towards keeping my mouth shut. I’ve shared my list with my sister and two of my best friends to mixed reviews. I then had a bad experience with a third best friend in which she “borrowed” two names and have since stopped sharing with her.

    I have a boy name picked out that I’ve had since I was little, little. I’ve always wanted the name Harrison Hemingway since I was like six or seven–don’t ask me why, just have. Regardless of what the baby looks like, this will be his name. Subsequent boys and any girls, however, I am firmly of the belief to keep your mouth shut until they are born. I’m incredibly indecisive to begin with and have a short list of girl’s names that I adore in such a strong and equal way, it is really a toss up as to which name I choose. Some days I know I will have a little Daphne, other days I lean more towards a Charlotte or a Violet or even Harlow. It really depends. That will depend on what the little lady looks like. 

    I think when you divulge baby names, you leave room for negative reactions that can deter you from a name. Believe me, this is coming from a baby name SNOB. I have an opinion about everything and the name of your child is not excluded from this.

    So, basically, I’m all for keeping the name quiet until after the baby is born. I would hate the thought of people getting things monogrammed or engraved with a name and then having us change it last minute. I would also hate to deal with people’s opinions for nine months, either trying to talk you out of the name or suggesting others in it’s place. Yes, while people may have opinions AFTER the baby is born, tough cookies, my friends, the name is the name. 

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