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We named our daughter Tabitha and my SIL named her baby Gabriella. Yep- the cousins are Tabby and Gabby. Not a big deal.

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Lolasmomma:  If you and your Darling Husband had two sons named Preston and Weston then that might be a bit much. Cousins though? I don’t see the big deal. Besides, it’s entirely possible that if your sister does have a son one day they may not use that name at all.

Also, congratulations on your new addition and I hope your sister winds up having a baby soon as well!

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Lolasmomma:  i am sorry to hear your sister is having trouble conceiving. however, she is being childish about ordering your mom to make you change your name. 

so what they sound similar ( i actually think its quite cute, but whatever). 

Its your baby, you name your baby what YOU and your husband want. she might not even have a boy!! shes being ridiculous. 

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Pick the name you want. My grandmother and her sister both named daugthers Josephine and it wasn’t a big deal.

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1) Your sister cannot dictate what name you use. 2) Your mother cannot dictate what name you use (really?  she demanded that your mother order you to change your mind?!).  3) You may both never have a boy. 4) This one is the most important – they aren’t the same name.  

This is absurd.  Use Preston if you are having a boy, and she’ll get over it.  Heck, you may end up both using nicknames a lot of the time anyways (Perry and Wes for example? Those don’t even rhyme).

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Your sister is overreacting. Name your baby what you want.

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No way.  Stick with your name.  9 times out of 10 the women that make a HUGE deal about a certain name end up having a kid and naming it something else.  I wouldn’t pass on a name you love because she *might* use a name that sounds kind of like it.


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Lolasmomma:  I’d say use it!  I love the name, and that it has meaning for you.  Plus, they will have different last names too right?  And it may be cute for the cousins to have similar names!

If it makes you feel better, my Darling Husband and his cousin have almost identical names (including last name) – they only differ by one letter. They think it’s cute and it doesn’t bother anyone.

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Lolasmomma:  Good afternoon!

Name that baby Preston, for sure, no doubt. Like others said, it is one of those things that may never even come into play, so people shouldn’t call dibs on names. I avoid those types of conversations altogether typically. Best thing to do with names (IMO), is keep them to yourself until that child is born. Once the child is born, thats the name and thats that. All babies born after that will have to deal with it and adjust if necessary. I find in those conversations, girls will rattle off like 10 names that they like, that are all popular names, and that somehow lays a claim on them because you think later, oh well my friend likes this name, so maybe I should choose something else. But, you frankly, just can’t do that! They could never have kids or have kids 5 yrs from then and change their list completely. 

People are better about names afterwards too, because when you say it before hand, they feel they can still give an opinion because its not the babys official name yet, whereas after the baby is born, they arent going to be like “Preston? Ehh, I hate that name! It sounds like xyz! I wanted a similiar name!” (unless they are super rude)

My sister knew she was having a girl and her sister-in-law was also pregnant, but she wasn’t as far along and didn’t know the sex yet.  My sister told her their official chosen baby name. Wouldnt ya know it was the same girl name that her sister in law had picked if she had a girl. My sister chose to still continue to name her daughter that name because her SIL could end up having a boy, she couldn’t make decisions based on anyone else’s family or pregnancy. Ended up the SIL was also having a girl and chose another name. My sister got the name, might sound harsh, but she had her baby first, stuck to her guns and thats the way it goes. Kind of a icky situation, but it all worked out, two beautiful girls were born and have the names we all feel suit them for the best. 

Buttttt, I don’t have to worry I feel, if I have a girl, her name will be Juliet, not an extremely common name or fad/trend-worthy it seems. Nothing and no one will stop that from happening. Even if one of my sisters named her son Romeo. Then they will have an easy idea for halloween costumes now wont they? haha

Congrats and beautiful choice on Preston!


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Bottom line: your sister is being ridiculous and you can totally name your son Preston.  I don’t like the idea of calling dibs on names but I understand that under the circumstances (they have been trying to concieve for years and clearly she has had some time to dream about this) she would have the right to be miffed if you “stole” Weston.  

As a funny aside, my mother and her cousin have the exact same name.  Like the first, middle, and last are identical.  Its not as freaky as it sounds when you consider they were from large hispanic families and both of them were named Maria.  To make matters worse, they both were in the same grade at the same Catholic school.  The nuns ended up nicknaming my mother Helen to avoid confusion.  Some of her highschool friends still call Helen to this day.  Everyone lived.  

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Lolasmomma:  with all due respect to your sister she not pregnant and well…. 7 years is a long time so she may never have a child let alone a boy. Thats harsh but its true. If that name has meaning theres no reason not to use it. IF she does get pregnant they wont be the same age so its not like they will be little “twinsies” with matchy names….i know lots of people in families with similar names

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Lolasmomma:  I know many, many of the responses here are going to tell you to use whatever name you want. I tend to agree, but I also sympathize with your sister. I have had a name selected for my future son for many, many years. If someone else in my family were to select that name I would be utterly devestated. Am I being dramatic? Sure, but that does not stop how I feel. Fiance and I don’t even refer to our future son as anything other than the name we’ve selected and have been doing so for over two years.

However, in this instance, the names simply rhyme, nothing more, nothing less. Getting worked up over something like this now is certainly jumping the gun a bit. I would keep your choices to yourself moving forward. After you find out the sex of the baby, possibly revisit the issue with your sister. She may relent. Otherwise, do not bring it up again until after the baby is born and you have selected a name. 

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Lolasmomma:  While I’m deeply sorry your sister has had trouble conceiving, she doesn’t have any right over a name.  You have a reason for Preston, it has meaning to you.  She may or may not like it, but she cannot state you can’t name your child as such because she’s already picked Preston.  No one can claim a name.

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I have a first cousin with the EXACT same name as me. It doesn’t matter at all. Your potential son and nephew will only have rhyming names. It’s most definitely not a big deal at all. 

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Yup, I pretty much agree with the bees here.  The child is yours and your husband’s, so therefore nobody has the right to tell you what to name him/her. 🙂 You don’t want to regret naming your child something you didn’t like in the first place.  If it’s something meaningful to the both of you especially, go for it! 

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