(Closed) Baby Naming Etiquette in the Age of Social Networks

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  • poll: I would be OKAY naming my child the same name as any of the following Facebook friend's children:
    A friend of a friend or acquaintance that you've never met in person or only met once or twice : (147 votes)
    22 %
    An old high school or college classmate that you never talk to or see : (148 votes)
    22 %
    A friend that you talk to occasionally : (65 votes)
    10 %
    A distant family member that you rarely see or talk to : (97 votes)
    14 %
    A friend that you talk to regularly : (20 votes)
    3 %
    A close family member (sister, cousin, aunt, etc) : (14 votes)
    2 %
    I would unfriend them if I wanted to use their baby name- it would be awkward otherwise. : (10 votes)
    1 %
    I would keep them on my friend list- who cares what they think? : (118 votes)
    18 %
    How far away you live and the chances of running into them in person is a big factor. : (51 votes)
    8 %
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    I’m sorry, but it’s not worth unfriending someone over.  No one has patents on names, you will not be the first person or last person to use 99% of names.  Pick a name that you and your SO want and don’t worry about it so much.  There are bigger things to worry about that if your college roommate’s sister used the same name.

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    Unless a person is your sibling or BFF I really don’t see an issue using a name that they used. I mean there are so many people who shared names it’s really not that big of a deal. Unless you name your kid Sopteartp’dfgjas I think there is going to be someone out there with the same name. Where do you draw the line? What about middle names? Shared initials? 

    Don’t drive yourself crazy. Parenting comes with enough worries without creating new ones! Pick a name your and your husband love and just stick to your guns. 🙂 

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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    I think ultimately you can choose whatever name you want, but I personally would avoid immediate family and very close friend’s kid’s names.

    A name we like is the same as my BFF as a child. We are still friends on facebook but haven’t spoken in yeeeears. I’m sure my mom will find it weird but we really don’t care lol.

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    We like really common, boring names, so no one can accuse me of stealing “John” or “Mark”, they are so common. I have shared our names with my close friends and his close friends. They have told us their names too. Outside of family or friends we see every month, all names are fair game. 

    I also don’t want to hear people’s opinions on my name. We will not be announcing the name until the birth. We aren’t sure about announcing the gender.

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    You can choose whatever name you like. It’ll be sometimes confusing if you choose the same name as a bestie or an immediate family member, but other than that, who cares. I know lots of parents whose kids have the same names. There are baby Masons and baby Sophias all over my facebook.

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    I am naming my children names my husband and I like, regardless of how popular or unpopular they are. Period. If someone I am friends with on Facebook or whatever has a child with the same name, oh well.

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    I think you’re overthinking things.

    Unless you want to use the same baby name as someone really close to you (close relative or good friend), it probably won’t be a big deal. As for using the name of an actual FB friend (not their child), I don’t see an issue with that either. Darling Husband and I are friends with a couple who lives in Canada – we only see them once every couple of years but we stay in touch via FB and e-mail. They gave their youngest daughter my name (and not named after me) and I have no problem with it.

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    @faye0314:  for a middle name, I like a very classic name (like Anne or Marie), and I have a closish friend that lives in another state with that first name. My Darling Husband automatically vetoed that name because he things its awkward. I’m like…it’s a common middle name! Who cares? Answer: hubby cares. Sigh. Lol

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    It’s pretty unavoidable to pick a name someone isn’t using. I wouldn’t pick a name of a close friends child or even anyone in my family but I wouldn’t care if it was an old friend I didn’t talk to anymore, even if we were friends on facebook. I got slightly annoyed when I worked at a daycare I also took my son to and one of the kids in my class told me his mom was naming their new baby Keyan (my sons name). It was more upsetting because I changed the  spelling to keep his name a little unique I found it spelled as Keane originally. They wanted to use the Keyan spelling as well. So if it’s a pretty ‘different’ name and someone you talk to everyday also has a child with that name I personally would rethink it, just because I had that happen to me.

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    Confusing poll. I’m drawing the line at family members. If I have aunts/uncles/first cousins with the name I’m crossing those names off the list. Friends and friends baby names I don’t care. 

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    We aren’t announcing our baby’s name until birth, but he will have the same name as the husband of a high school friend of Darling Husband and the same middle name as the son of one of my high school classmates. We aren’t really worried about it. We did scratch one name from the list because some friends from church named their baby that name… Not that we hang out with them a lot, but our church is small enough and they’d be close enough in age that it would be confusing.

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    Name your kid whatever you want. You’re the one that will be calling he/she that name for the rest of their life. Everything changes. You could be friends with someone now who has a child with the same name who won’t even be around in 10 years, but your child will.  

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    I agree with iheartnerds. You’re way overthinking this. Just use whatever name you and your husband like. That is really all that matters.

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    Name the baby whatever you want! The only thing I would avoid is giving my child the same name as mine or FH’s siblings’ kids. Friends, friends of friends, classmates, acquaintances, whatever… I don’t see the big deal. It’s a name, and most names aren’t unique. 

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