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  • poll: Baby or house??
    Baby in apartment : (23 votes)
    21 %
    Buy a house : (79 votes)
    71 %
    Neither, you are crazy to do either! : (3 votes)
    3 %
    Other: please explain : (7 votes)
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    Look for a place that won’t cost more than your rent maybe? I just bought a house and my mortgage is $7.68 more than my rent per month. My expenses essentially did not change and now I own a house!

    That said, if everyone waited to be financially set to have kids we would have overpopulation. ALSO: 30 is not too old. Advanced maternal age starts around 35 but the show isn’t usually over until around 40. 

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    I lived half my life in apartments and don’t see the issue with it.  If you get into a nice complex there are a lot of perks…playground, pool, club house, courtyard with lots of other kids.  I wouldn’t think twice about it!

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    Darling Husband and I were in a similar position as you recently.  We were going back and forth between using our savings for a down payment on a house, or starting a family.  In the end we decided that adding on to our family was more important than buying a home.  This was not an easy decision by any means. 

    Oh, and as far as the student loan debt – that was a HUGE factor for us.  Our repayment is a bit more than yours (yikes!!)  I didn’t want to get saddled with a mortgage and worry about paying back my loans at the same time.  Debt terrifies me now!!  So, baby while renting it is.  Hopefully, if that’s what you decide, no one gives you shit for it.  I’ve known other women who have gotten pregnant while renting, and people have raised their eyebrows…”but, they don’t OWN a home…bad idea…?” and it irritates me.  Like if you don’t own a home you are less capable of parenting a child well.  Home ownership is not for everyone, especially not right away in life!!!

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    If you feel ready for a baby now and really want to start, I’d do baby now, worry about the house later. I don’t see anything wrong with having a baby in a rental (since that’s what we plan to do for the first few years, even though we could afford to buy a house now). The way I see it, you have a limited amount of time in your life to have a baby, and there is no time limit on buying a house. So yeah, having a baby first will mean that it takes a lot longer for you to have the right downpayment and enough of an emergency fund for house stuff, but you can buy a house 10 years from now. Having a baby 10 years from now would be a lot more difficult. Plus the baby won’t remember where it even lived the first few years of its life. 

    I firmly believe the two don’t go hand in hand. I want to have a baby someday, I want to own a house someday, but the timing for each is independent of each other (though I agree that the financial strain of one would put off the other for a time)

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    I would start TTC first. If you are ready then I think at 30 it’s a good time to start trying because you never know how long TTC takes. Of course you can live in an apartment with a baby! We will be. Baby!

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    If you can buy a house, do it! Normally mortgages are much lower than rent (or even). People just don’t buy homes because they can’t afford the downpayments.

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    I would buy the house if that makes more financial snese than renting and then just try for a baby anyway. 

    That said, my Darling Husband and I are planning to have a baby and keep living in an apt. It’s totally fine & normal where I live. As is moving with a baby/toddler — also totally fine.

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    I vote baby in the apartment.  You can always get a house later.  Even if your rent is as much as your mortgage you still have a lot of other expenses to consider.  You’ll need a lawn mower, pay for other services such as trash, etc.  Plus things break in your house and you have no one to call to come fix it.  What happens if your heat pump goes and you need 6k to fix it? 

    Babies are expensive as well but at least I think those expenses are more predictable. 

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    If the house payment would be same as rent or less, why cant you do both?  You have to pay for a roof over your head be it rent or home and the baby’s going to cost the same either way.

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    A house is an investment that will secure both you and your child’s future. The sooner you get the house and start paying it off, the better. I say get the house.

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    If you feel like you will never get around too it later I would buy the house now and then start the baby process in a year.

    Although, I do not see anything wrong with having a baby while living in an apartment. Im just basing this on what you said because it seems to me that you really want to buy a house sometime in your lifetime and you feel that if you dont do it now it may never happen. So I say go for it! Your only 30 years old. That is still very young. 

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    Mortgages can be lower than rent, however, you have to be saving a couple of hundred dollars a month for repairs.  A lot of homeowners forget that the plumbing or A/C may go out and need replacing, especially in an older home.  There are a lot of extra expenses and stress that come with homeownership that you just don’t have to deal with in renting.  Our A/C went out almost immediately and the cheapest quote for repair was over $1500 that we didn’t have at the time since we used all of our savings buying the house.

    I have owned a home and rented.  I personally prefer renting because of the type of job I have.  The only way to move up is to move around and buying a house would nail me down to one spot unless I could rent it out (and deal with the additional stress of renters) or sell it.

    Kids really don’t care about moving so long as you provide stability where you are living and you don’t change schools often.  With a baby that will be even less of a problem.  As for moving a small child, I found it easy because we would have a family member watch them for a few days until the moving part was complete and they could come home to their new room.

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    @pinkshoes:  “If the house payment would be same as rent or less, why cant you do both?  You have to pay for a roof over your head be it rent or home and the baby’s going to cost the same either way.”

    Agreed.  At worst, you maybe need to wait a couple of years to build back savings after a downpayment.  But I’d think you should be able to do both since you have to pay for somewhere to live either way.  I’d go house first, then baby.

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    Can I just say I HATE STUDENT LOANS!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are taking up most of my income, too. It sucks!!!!!!!!!

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    It really depends on what the housing situation in your town is like.  Where we live, our mortgage is actually cheaper than it would be to rent a similar house.  But if you can rent for a lot cheaper than own, that might be a good idea until your salaries go up or your debt payments go down.  Otherwise, buying a home is a great investment and you can usually find a loan program where you only need 5% or so downpayment.

    Also, if you do decide to buy, get a place that you can afford given your budget, NOT what the bank says you can afford!  Our place cost $130,000 but the bank said we could afford up to $300,000.  I am SO happy to have a low mortgage payment and a small little house – we don’t need anything bigger and it would be a giant waste of money.

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