Baby Packing List?

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1st, packing cubes are seriously the best.  they help me stay organized.  my husband has his own suitcase.  then i usually pack 1 large or 1 large/1 small for myself and 2 kids depending how long we are going for.  the cubes allow me to put each person clothes in their own spot. 

i’m a minimalist packer.  i like to bring the least amount i can to get by.  i would say 2 outfits per day for toddler.  at 18 months, there aren’t blowouts like newborns. but it gives you options if you don’t have access to washer. 

a few favorite toys, for the suite and plane.  we limit tv, but we do allow on the plane to keep them distracted.  

we have flexible schedules anyway, so going off nap schedule on vacation isn’t a big deal for us.  i don’t know how rigid or flexible your child is.

lastly, you said a suite.  definitely put your child in the living room area, that way your husband and you can watch tv, etc in the bedroom and not worry about waking baby.  i bring my monitor with me when i travel too.  if the pool is close enough to your room, you could just bring the monitor to the pool.

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llevinso :  I’m a minimalist packer so I bring 1 outfit per day for a toddler with maybe 1-2 extras depending on how long the stay is. At home we usually wear PJs a couple days before washing them assuming no accidents, but I still bring 1 pair per night on trips because she does leak sometimes since she’s also a 12-13 hour overnighter. I don’t want to bank on being able to rewear PJs unless I know I’ll have access to a washing machine. Travel size toiletries/diaper cream and some ibuprofen are my “just in case” type items that I’ll add to my regular diaper bag when traveling.

For toys/entertainment I bring her blanket and lovey for bedtime and then open ended toys. My kid is totally happy with a blank notebook, crayons, and stickers! I also pack a few little toy cars, a couple favorite books, and a few wooden blocks. My daughter still likes a bottle at night so I just bring one and wash it each night. For food I make sure I have a stash of cheerios and pouches – my daughter is a pretty adventurous eater so meal times aren’t an issue, but still need snacks for in between! If I were getting on a plane with my daughter now (she’s almost 2) I’d also have a tablet with some Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street downloaded. Her last flight she was still nursing so I was able to distract/calm her with the boob but now it’s all about DT and Elmo. She doesn’t get to watch it often purely so that I can use it as a treat when I get desparate! 


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Packing Cubes – Seriously the best. I make sure that all my clothes and baby’s clothes are in cubes. That way everything stays organized in the suitcase and nothing is falling around. 

I use plastic shoe boxes to put his favoite snacks in (like cereal bars, etc) so they don’t get crushed in the suitcase. 

Pack TONS of sunscreen – buying it at the resort will be expensive. Also I do one piece sun suits because the sun is so hot. At home we usually do trunks and a rashguard, and even though the one piece suits are so dorky I just am better safe than sorry. 

I also bring crib or pack n play sheets from home, that way they’re what he’s used to and they smell like home. I bring his little dolphin blankey as well. Reading books is part of his bedtime routine so I also bring a few of those. 

Pack all your own meds – tylenol/motrin, benedryl, tummy meds, etc. Basically anything you think you might need. Also plenty of diapers and swim diapers. 

Other than that I’d just try to keep it to a minimum. We travel to tropical destinations a lot due to my husband’s job and now that my kid is over a year I feel like it’s way bettter than when he was tiny. I really felt like I needed to bring EVERYTHING. 

For the plane I do a backpack as my carry-on. It’s got 2 changes of clothes for my son, as well as an extra shirt and pair of workout leggings for me (something easy/comfy that doesn’t take up space). Plenty of snacks for him, a bib, disposible platemats for eating in the airport, his sippy cup. I also have the iPad with a few shows pre-loaded on there. Phone/iPad chargers, headphones. Plenty of diapers/wipes.

I also pack “puppy pads” to use as changing pads when out in public and the airport. That way I can lay him down and then just throw it away….no putting a changing pad from a dirty airport floor back into my bag.

Here are a few of my favorite tropical vacation items:


For getting through the airport the Cosco Senera Next + Car Seat Rolling dolly are a must! It’s the most popular basic car seat to fly with:


Also not sure what kind of sleeper you have, but my kid is used to being in his crib w/ blackout curtains and sound machine so we use a travel white noise machine & SlumberPod


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We took our 5 month old to Costa Rica in Feb.  It was awesome!  I agree that packing cubes are SO helpful… all the baby stuff is so tiny, so it helps organize it.

This is what we brought.  Our kid was younger, so you will also need stuff like his baby spoons and cups, etc!  …  Lightweight shirts, shorts, lightweight pants and longsleeve shirt, sun hat, baby sunscreen, swim suit, a couple swim diapers, his favorite toys, books, sound machine, backup paci, first aid kit (snot sucker, saline, tylenol, benadryl, coconut oil), pack of wipes, changing mat. We brought some diapers but bought most of what we needed there.

Have fun!!  

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We took DS to an all-inclusive in Mexico a month and a half ago when he was 14-months and it was amazing. My parents also came to help out so that was awesome too, especially getting ready in the morning for beach/pool. Packing cubes and ziplock bags are your best friend. We packed everything into packs, nothing free floated in it suitcase. When you go through customs you press a button and if it’s green you walk and if it’s red they search all your luggage. When we had our cubes they didn’t open them just felt them to make sure nothing suspicious was inside, it made it easier to re-pack everything. The carseat is great for the plane but keep in mind it needs to have the fly sticker and once hooked up, they have to be strapped in for takeoff and landing. If you have transfers (on a bus) and don’t plan to rent a car in Mexico, you might find it to be more of a hassle than it’s worth. (Car seats aren’t mandatory in Mexico – this is a highly personal decision though). We took a baby carrier with us and opted to leave the stroller behind as our hotel rented them for 10 pesos a day. Sunscreen is really expensive on and off the resort so make sure to bring more than you need. Babies also can’t have spray sunscreen so you’ll want the cream. We brought 7 swim shorts and rash guards and 7 changes of clothes. Our resort had laundry as well but we didn’t need it since what we brought was ample. We did two swim diapers a day and had leftovers. For regular diapers we ran out by it was super easy to buy more, any grocery store in playa del Carmen should have them. The swim diapers were actually cheaper at the grocery store than home. We brought a blanket, toys books and a bunch of beach and pool toys. My mom suggested cheap ones as you can loose them easy or leave them behind when you go home so we did that. We brought a few snacks and formula, which turned out great because my son stopped eating the food after two days (he isn’t picky he just didn’t care for it). My son eats with regular cutlery, plates and glasses so we didn’t bring those. We did get special cups though for our drinks and got one for him since the copy cat stage can be a real struggle. For the plane, the sucking motion helps with their ears for take off, landing and pressure changes. We brought chewy candies with his bottles and they were amazing as my son is stubborn and when he’s done sucking he’s done, so that constant jaw motion helped him pop his ears. If you’re worried though you can try Tylenol one hour before take off. Water shoes were also really great for the pool deck. At the end of the Say Mexico is a pretty modern city so if you forget anything you can buy it there, antibiotics, Tylenol, diapers, soap, clothes, toys etc so try not to over think it. On a side note though, the one thing you can’t buy there is Anti smoking aids (like Nicolette gum – e-cigarettes are also illegal) so if anyone in your family uses them, it’s best to bring enoguh with you. 

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My suggestion is to bring whatever your kid uses to fall asleep at night, in order to replicate the process as much as possible.  We always travel with her sound machine, her nightlight, her star projector, 2 or 3 favorite bedtime books, and 2 or 3 favorite plush animals.  Seems like a lot but so worth it to us!

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Agree with all of the PP- emphasis on night time routine stuff (we bring our white noise machines everywhere). The only other add would be to check the distance of your monitor. We have a WiFi monitor that we take when we’re going to be staying in a place where the regular monitor range maybe questionable (sometime those all concrete resorts are really hard to keep a signal). Not that we ever leave our kids too far behind, but occasionally we’ve sat on an adjacent patio during nap time or if you visit with your family and they’re just slightly out of range. Might be worth a check. Have fun! 

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Do you have a clip on / portable high chair? We have a Phil & Ted’s lobster high chair and it’s been a lifesaver for travelling!

Another handy item is some sort of wrap or carrier like an Ergo or Tula, I don’t travel without mine. 

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We are expats and travel all the time internationally with my son, now two. Packing list mus haves:

– medicine (fever reducer, saline nose spray, etc)- learned this the hard way when he came down with his first ear infection in the middle of the night on a trip.  

– nighttime routine stuff, white noise blanekt, pacifiers if using (great for the plane to avoid ears popping), monitor so you can step outside while baby goes to bed early 

– spoon, bib, cup.

– plane ride: always have an extra set of clothes for baby and you (sometimes altitude does weird things to their digestive system haha), iPad/Kindle fire (we don’t do screens at home but all rules are lifted on the plane), more snacks (variety and quantity) than you will ever think you need

– toys: a few books, stickers, window clings, stacking/nesting cups (great for beach, bath, hanging out) – all easy to pack and keeps them entertained 

– other: minimalist clothes, reusable swim diaper (2), sunscreen and hat baby shampoo (stuff at the resort won’t be tears free). 

Have fun!


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