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ooh – also the Ergo baby has an infant insert that can be used with little infants.  My co worker had a 3lb preemie and used her Ergo with the infant insert once the baby reached 5lbs.  That’s what we want to do.  Plus, Ergo is a Maui-based company – got to support local businesses!

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I am loving this post!  This information is priceless…as are the links!  Does anyone have recommendations on books they found to be spot on during pregnancy? I.e., Dr. Sears sleeping book, etc.  I know the Baby Bargains book has great reviews and was recommended.

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Me again…back with another community suggestion.  I noticed you mentioned you’d like to cloth diaper your baby.  I highly recommend DiaperPin and DiaperSwappers.  They are two totally helpful, and very friendly communities where you will most definitely feel free to ask any questions and/or do some research of your own.

I fully intended on CDing Madison, however, when we brought her home and DH returned to work, I quickly realized that exclusively breastfeeding, and CDing (laundry issues) an infant while having a partner who works the nightshift, was not entirely do-able.  While my heart was in it, and still is, I did have to retreat back to Pampers.  Le sigh.  I’m just now stepping back into the CDing world and may CD my daughter until she’s ready to potty train.  She’s 16 months now so if we can pocket the $20 we spend on a box of Pampers from now until she’s done with them, that’d be fab!  Plus, I’m all for living a more “green” life.  Smile  

Anyway, I spent about two months researching and hanging around the above mentioned message boards as I tried to weed my way through the options and the lingo.  You’ll know what I mean if you take a peek in some of the communities.   It can be VERY overwhelming at first but if you stick to the basics, you should be fine.  I found myself clicking just about every thread and induced some headaches.   

I suggest doing a little research, grow to understand the options and then select a “system” that sounds like it might work for your family.  A huge aspect of cloth diapering is playing around with options.  Each baby is entirely different from the next and what works for your little one may not work for the next, and vice versa.  Some babies are “super soakers” while others aren’t.  Our daughter is not what I’d consider a super soaker so the extra bulky inserts weren’t really useful for us.  Finding a system you’d like to try is a great thing but definitely don’t purchase an entire diaper stash of one kind as you may find that when baby arrives, it needs some tweaking.  A lot of experienced CDers suggest ordering a little of everything.  Some companies are really considerate and offer trial kits and bundles so that you can experiment around a bit.

From a personal perspective, I ordered a dozen quality prefolds from Little Lions and paired them with Thirsties covers.  This is your basic, economical, workhorse system.  It’s bulky, and clothes will need to be purchased in bigger sizes to accomodate the diaper butt, but it works!  There are various ways to fold a prefold and again, that will take some playing around with when baby is here to find the best option.  There are even fancy Snappis that totally wipe out the need for diaper pins, as most mamas are afraid they’ll poke babes tummy.  Trying to master CDing a wriggly little baby can pose a challenge!  Don’t forget, if others will be diapering your baby, too (as I suspect will be the case), not everyone will be good at pinning or folding, so this is also something to consider. 

There are tons of other systems out there, each a bit different from the next.  Here are only a few… 

Prefolds and covers – as described above

Fitteds – a thicker cloth diaper that still requires a cover, dad’s prefer these because there’s no pinning involved, they either have a velcro or snap closure

All-In-Ones – an all-in-one system that doesn’t require a cover, they often take time to dry because of their internal layers, and I’ve read a lot about stink issues with them

G-Diapers – a diaper system with a “shell” and disposable soakers

Gro Baby – one of the newest “green” systems, all organic cotton shells and soakers that snap in, a one-size-fits-all diaper (I’m going to order some to try on my daughter, she’s 16 months old now and I’m interested in CDing her for the remainder of her diaper days)

Then…there are the fabric choices – cotton, bamboo, hemp, etc.  Each fabric has its own cost and absorbtion pros/cons.  And this leads to detergent options.  You can’t wash cloth diapers in your basic laundry detergent, free and clears are the number one recommended option. 

Here are some links to help get you started:

The Pin – the friendliest CDing community I’ve found to date – http://diaperpin.com/forum09/forum_topics.asp?FID=8&PN=3 

DiaperSwappers – great for finding answers to already asked questions, this community has touched on just about ever CDing topic ever – http://www.diaperswappers.com/

Kelly’s Closet – a great online CD store with AWESOME customer service, I love the fact that she has customer reviews on each product page, I’m a huge review person – http://www.kellyscloset.com/

Gro Baby – Gro Baby’s were released when Madi was a few months old and they were too new for me to want to try, but I’m going to order a starter kit and see how she does with them, I love the organic cotton shells with the snap in soakers, I’ve heard great things about them and they have a slim fit – http://www.thenaturalbabyco.com/grobaby%E2%84%A2-ic-11_16.html

Little Lions – fab for Indian prefolds, and they have an awesome “seconds” section where you can purchase brand new prefolds at a fraction of the cost, if you’re open to some minor “damage” like some dirt smudges from the cotton, or an angled cut – http://www.little-lions.com/page3.html

Thirsties – my favorite company for diaper covers, they have AWESOME double leg gussets, perfect for poo’splosions (especially breastfed, seedy, newborn poo), they colors they offer are an added bonus and their website is very informative regarding the different “systems” they offer – http://www.thirstiesbaby.com/products.htm

Mother-Ease – if I had looked into CDing before Madi was born, I would have purchased some Sandy’s for her to wear during her first few weeks, I have read great things about them, especially for newborns – http://www.mother-ease.com/

GoodMamas – because I MUST share the love that is Goodmamas, these diapers are stunning, and costly (around $26 a piece), but I’ve read rave things about them and some moms even trade/collect them, especially the limited edition, hard to find prints, while not always practical, having a fun GoodMama on hand is a CDing trend – http://shop.thegoodmama.com/

Rumparooz – Rumparooz released their G2 version, an all-in-one diaper that grows with your baby (4 sizes in one!), again, awesome reviews (especially for the older ones) – http://www.rumparooz.com/catalog.php?category=65

That’s all I can think of for now…if you have any questions, let me know, I’m happy to share.  Laughing

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What an amazing set of resources!!! Thank you so much MadiLove!  You should definitely copy and paste your post into the cloth diapering thread as well 🙂

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Aw, no problem!  I’m always happy to share any baby information I’ve found along the way…it helps justify the HOURS I’ve spent indulging in message board surfing.  LOL!  I was a serious CD and babywearing community ADDICT when Madi was first born.  Smile

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@Mrs. DG- While I am childless, I spent countless hours Cloth Diapering my nephew when he was a wee lad (he’ll be 5 soon! OMG!). My sister used CDs exclusively until he was 6 months old (at which point no amount of cloth could keep his explosions contained). My observations are this- be careful of your clothes! If the diaper doesn’t have a shell (for whatever reason) and the kid explodes, there is a chance it will end up on you. I can’t count the number of clothes ruined by my nephew in his baby diaper wearing days! The snap or velcro ones are way less intimidating for those of us with no clue. The first time my sister handed me some pins and a piece of cloth, she had to redo the diaper because I just had NO idea what was going on. I got better at it! But, if others will be watching your precious, maybe a few easy cloth diapers would be good to have on hand.

Also, my sister maintains that the worse decision she ever made was not going with a diaper service. She said trying to do 3-5 loads of laundry every single day to keep them in clean diapers, clothes, etc. simply wore her out. She said she’d looked into services that would deliver every day, every 2 days, or once a week(the cheapest option). Considering the amount spent on electricity and water and diapers and soap, it might almost have been a cheaper option!

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