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Cloth diapers!!!  You might not use them as diapers, but they are GREAT for burp cloths.  they worked A LOT better than the “burp cloths” you buy, too.  You can also use them to lay baby on ANYwhere or, if you have a boy, to cover him so you don’t get, ahem, “christianed” when you change him ๐Ÿ˜‰ They’re really good for cleaning up baby after he/she spits up, gets sick, or makes other messes.

Recieving blankets are GREAT, but so are the fleece-type blankets.  Also, I LOVED the sleepers that had the closed bottoms.  Those things were GREAT for keeping my two warm. 

wow… it’s been 8 years since I’ve had to worry about baby stuff… I used most of what I had from him with my daughter, lol. 

The baby positioners are great, too.  Also, you can never have too many bottles or bottle brushes.  I also was glad for having a ton of bibs, especially when my son was teething!!!  (He could soak one in five minutes flat, or less!!)

Also, I LOVED the lavender wash; it helped both mine sleep really well. 

I never really used a bottle warmer or wipe-warmer.  Diaper genies are GREAT.  Also, I had several diapers holders that I used for diapers (both cloth and disposable diapers) but also receiving blankets. 

Hope that helps!!!

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I keep hearing rave reviews about the ErgoBaby carriers.

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are those the sling-like things that some babies have suffocated in?  I was never fond of those because to me, it’s like tucking them in a purse… I will recommend the carriers, though.  they are GREAT for doing housework and things like that. 

I never used anything other than a baby carrier/car seat.  Usually, I would use the ones the store had, but with my daughter who was a preemie, I HAD to use the car seat, because she had breathing problems and was too tiny for the store’s seats.  (she was even too little for preemie clothes!!!)

night lights are always great for you when you have to go get the baby in the middle of the night.  Also, a throw of some sort for you to wrap up in with the baby, and a COMFY CHAIR!!! 

And have plenty of diaper rash cream.  Desitin was the BEST, but Butt-Paste is also good (yes, that’s the name of it! LOL!).  My daughter had a lot of problems with rashes due to sensitive skin…

Hmmmmm… more than one diaper bag is never a bad thing either.  I’d usually forget it in a rush to leave, so I usually left one in the car with some powder formula, bottle, bottle of water, clothes, and diapers, as well as a pacifier and a few blankets.  was a life saver more than once!!!


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@Ryna – The Ergo Carrier is not a sling-type carrier (and is not among those recalled).

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@FreeRangeMom: ah, thank you for that!  My youngest is 4, so I don’t go in the baby department nearly as much as I used it, lol.  I soooo want another, though! (we’re hoping for 2012…) 

@tobemurphy10: and CONGRATS!!!!!  Having a baby is sooo much fun!  there is nothing in the world compared to holding your baby in your arms.  at least, I don’t think there is ๐Ÿ™‚

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I never use my wipes warmer or sound soother (white noise maker).  But I have found that as MightyBaby gets older I am using more stuff that I thought was useless at first.  The things I could not live without:

small dresser
closet organizer/hangars
travel swing
changing table
countoured changing table pad (keeps them from rolling off)
car seat/base
jogging stroller
baby bjorn
Lovey Duds sling
diaper bag
diaper organizer
Diaper Genie II (not the “Elite” it breaks too easily)
changing pad kit
burpies (cloth diapers) the burp cloths they sell are too thin/small)

Things you won’t need to register for because people will buy them anyway:
BLANKETS (We easily have 20 of them now…)

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on blankets, when you’re shopping for yourself/your baby, go with the larger toddler size.  in the freezing cold winters, you won’t need nearly as many because you can just keep wrapping it around him/her and also, he/she will grow into them.  I used that with my daughter and was sooo glad I had them!  Also, the fleece throw blankets are just as great. 

Another thing I LOVED and got another when my daughter was born, are those lights where the scenes move around in it.  I would plug it in and my two would fall asleep staring at it. 

http://www.amazon.com/Motion-Moving-Butterfly-Flower-Rotating/dp/B0013FVW12  <– something like that.  we got ours at a “dollar store” for about $20.  wore the danged thing out, too! lol, but it was soooo worth it for putting the babies to sleep!  We would turn it off after they were sound asleep…. The only good fact is, you can use those when they get older (if it lasts that long!! lol). 

we also used a bassinet for my son (he insisted on it), but my daughter HATED it (preemie, what can I say?).

A lot of stuff will vary from baby to baby (ex: bassinet for my son, crib for my daughter).  Just register for a variety of stuff and don’t worry if you don’t use it.  You can keep it for the next (if you decide you want another) or give it to someone else after your’s is older. 


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Things people haven’t mentioned yet:

a kiddopotomus Swaddleme.  These thing are priceless.  Cecilia still uses hers, and quiets as soon as we put her in it. 

I also don’t see “wet bag” on the list, but you are going to need a place to store dirty diapers in your diaper bag, because you won’t always have a place to store diapers when you are changing away from home. 

Oh, and the yoga ball is an absolute must have.  Nothing soothes a crying baby like bouncing on the ball.

I’ll come back if I think of more.

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I second SwaddleMe blankets.  They’re incredible!  I also like the Aiden and Anias swaddle blankets; they’re extra large and have instructions on swaddling for novices.  ๐Ÿ™‚

I would say put some type of baby carrier on your registry.  Do you research so you can find what will work best for you; my husband and I love the Moby and the Baby Bjorn.

Ummmmmm, I think bottles are great for the registry; we use those every day.  I bought a bottle warmer, and we’ve only used it like twice, so I wouldn’t recommend that.  Personally, I use receiving blankets as burp cloths because they’re so huge and you can buy a five pack of the Gerber ones for $5.  Oh, and Addie absolutely LOVES her mobile, so I would recommend putting one of those on your registry.  

As far as bedding goes, though, I personally think its better (and cheaper!) to get seperates instead of a set.  First of all, you might not even use all the pieces for a while if at all (like the bumper and quilt), and secondly, most sets only come with one sheet.  Sheets are what you need the most of because you’ll be changing it so often!

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My friends who have had kids all agree that a wipes warmer and a bottle warmer are a waste of money!

My one friend religiously used a bottle warmer and then realized one day when she was in a restaurant that her daughter would only take a warmed bottle. She had no way of warming it in the restaurant and had a very unhappy, hungry baby to console. 

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I’m a soon-to-be first time mom and have been working on our registry. We are trying to keep it to basics. It’s hard to know whether a baby will like the swing, the bouncy seat, both or neither until you have a change to try it out.

We started registries with target and babiesrus. It was interesting to realize that different stores sell different patterns and items at different prices… Especially Graco stuff, like the infant seat and pack n play.

We registered for some clothing, but all of it was 0-3 mos. Both my family and hubs family is known for having some huge babies (9-13 pound range! ouch!) and I’m tall with a large frame, so I’m expecting to follow suite. I figure worst case scenario, I’ll send my mom out for some new born onseies if we need them.

We registered for a pack n play, since we spend many weekends with hubs family, and will be making frequent trips to see my family as well. It seemed like a great solution to having a portable place to sleep. We plan to use it in our room at first, while people are staying with us, before we set up a crib.

Instead of registering for a jogging stroller and a regular stroller, I found a jogging stroller that has an adapter for the infant seat we registered for.

We registered for an infant seat, and I know it’s very convenient to clip in an out, but I’m still debating changing to a convertable seat, to cut down the number of car seats we send to the dump. Plus if we end up with a 10+ pound baby, they’ll be able to handle being in a convertable seat better than a 6 or 7 pounder would. I know some feel it’s just too big without enough support for a newborn.

We registered for a moby and a baby bjorn. We don’t plan to use them all the time, but we hike and go to parks often, and I don’t see myself being the type to try to drag a stroller everywhere.

We registered for a breat pump too (Madela Pump in Style, chosen based on reviews). I’m hoping people go in on it together. It’s one of the pricier items, but as a mom that will have to go back to work, it’s a crucial item to have.

We also registered for gdiapers. We’re planning to use them in addition to some bumgenius all-in-ones as we get going. We registered for some eco-friendly newborn diapers to use until the cord falls off, since I didn’t think it was worth it to invest in tiny g pants for only a little bit of use, especially if we have a big baby.


Some questions I have are:

what style pack in play did you get? basic or with all the timmings, like new born napper and changing table? Do you like what you have?

Did you chose a convertable car seat over an infant one? Why and did it work well?

What are some things you recommend waiting to buy, as opposed to registering for?

Also, how was the return policy for registry items at the places where you registered?


This is a great thread. ๐Ÿ˜€


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@ mrstilly – At our childcare class, a local fireman certified in carseat installation came and talked to us about carseats.  He said its best to use an infant carseat until the baby is at least a year old because of the way they are designed to cocoon a baby in the case of an accident.  Babies bones, especially neck bones are very soft in the first year, and convertible carseats don’t give the right support and protection for those fragile little bodies.  

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@mrstilly: we got the pack n play with the bassinet but we only used in the very beginning. As for the carseat we got the travel system so we used the infant seat. The convertible ones look too big for an infant. We registered at Target and the return policy was fine. I’d wait on diapers and wipes because you won’t know how sensitive the baby’s skin will be or what diapers work best. I really liked the halo sleep sacks. I think you can get them at baby’s r us. I also loved my boppy but I know some people didn’t like it.

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