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When you start registering, check your list against the American Academy of Pediatrics.

For example, you mentioned crib bumpers, those are actually a no-no according to AAP, baby can suffocate. If you get one, get a mesh one like this: http://www.target.com/BreathableBaby-Breathable-Safer-Bumper-Sage/dp/B0015V3NPM/ref=sc_qi_detailbutton


Here’s some ideas (I’m not a mom yet, so I’m probably forgetting some things that moms will be like “you need this, it’s a life saver!”)

– car seat

– stroller

– diapers

– swaddling cloths

– crib sheets

– breast pump

– bottles/nipples

– onesies

– baby monitor

– baby sling (for carrying baby, such as Moby Wrap)

– baby ear-thermometer

– play pen

– pacifiers

– a swing or bouncer

– some baby toys

– bibs

– baby-safe laundry detergent

– baby hygiene products (shampoo, powder, etc)



ADD: I personally wouldn’t register for a lot of clothes because people will buy those anyway, people love to buy baby clothes and “cute” stuff a lot more than they like to buy something like a thermometer.

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I would still look through those check lists at Babies R Us and Target. I felt like they were helpful, even if I didn’t decide to register for EVERYTHING on there. Here’s some little things that I don’t think I would have thought of without the lists.

1. Night light (for late night feedings)

2. Sheet saver.

3. Portable changing pad

4. Wearable blankets

5. Safety things, like outlet plugs

6. Bottles, drying wrack if bottle feeding. Breast pump, storage bags if breast feeding

7. Storage containers

8. Boppy

9. Grooming kit (nail clippers, brush, etc)

10. Thermometer

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I didn’t register for my wedding but thought it was important to register for the baby.  I like to read up on all the baby stuff and some stuff I feel like is a bit junky and some stuff seems super useful (and I’ll probably chnage my mind once I start actually using it).  I registered on Amazon and loved looking at the reviews and popular baby items, they were really useful to try and gauge what might work for us.

A couple of my family members wanted to go in on bigger gifts so we put stuff like a video monitor, carseat, playyard on there.  We’re planning on cloth diapering so I have lots of cloth diapers and accessories on there.  Swaddlers, crib sheets, changing pad, bottles, spoons, feeding chair, bouncer, some nursery decor, potty seat, just some random fun baby stuff (which people bought first – but at least it’s fun baby stuff I wanted). 

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crib mattress

fitted crib sheets

changing table pad

changing pad cover

baby bath

swadling blankets

register for the next car seat up as well the after 22 lb one.

crib bumpers (they go all the way around and are cushy so the baby never is on the just the poles, and doesnt get stuck)

baby monitor.

sheet saver


grooming kit with baby naill clippers.


bumbo for when they are a little bigger.





breast pump

idk cant thing of anything else sorry i know its more than 10

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I mostly picked things we needed right away

Convertable car seat (so we can get some longer use out of it)


Crib sheets & pads

Changing pad


The miracle blanket

A baby carrier (like a wearable one)

The boppy pillow

A good amount of onesies (just because people will buy cute clothes and we may not get any basics)

I did include a high chair and bouncy chair but if we get those instead of some of the more pressing things I might exchange them.

I figure if we have the things we need for the first couple of months we can figure out the other things later.

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Try going to babiesrus.com and looking at the registry checklist (or google baby registry checklist).

A few things that instantly come to mind:




Diaper Pail

Bobby Pillow

Baby Monitor

Baby Clothing Hangers

Baby Proofing Kit

Bottles/warmer/sanitizer/drying rack/etc

Pack n’ Play 


Good luck!

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DON’T google baby registry checklist or look at the one from Babies R Us!! Unless you want to have a nervous breakdown.

Every checklist I found was like 4 pages long and I about had a panic attack. 🙂 Seriously thought, I printed them off but then ended up crossing off half the items. They need a list of “baby basics” – not lists that include things like “sun hat (for a summer baby)” – REALLY??

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@Tatum:the other thing is that there is a lot of stuff on those lists you don’t need right away.  Depending on the space you have and your desire to be prepared in advance you may or may not want those things now (like a high chair or bigger car seat, which you won’t touch for at least 6 months).

Here were my essentials in the first few months:

– Bassinet with sheets (we used a pack n play bassinet)

– Infant car seat, with a Snuzzler, and an adapter for the stroller

– Stroller

– Infant carrier (we had a Moby and now a Becco, similar to the Ergo)

– Changing table, cover, those slips to put on the cover so you don’t have to wash the cover all the time

– Diapers and wipes

– Infant bath tub, baby wash, baby lotion, baby towels (you could use yours, but baby ones are cute 🙂

– Aden & Anais swaddling blankets – ESSENTIAL!!!!!

– Bottles (just get 2, so you can figure out what your baby likes – if Boyfriend or Best Friend you will ilkely introduce a bottle of pumped milk in the first couple months)

– If Boyfriend or Best Friend: Pump and accessories (although you might want to wait until after baby is born for the pump so you know what you need – if you have a hard time with milk supply you will need to rent a hospital grade pump), Nursing cover

– Diaper Bag

– Very few clothes – we got a TON after our son was born.  but you will change the baby a lot so have enough onesies on hand – you can keep the tags on if you want to return them later, but have some washed and ready to go

– Baby monitor

– Baby grooming/health kit – baby nail clippers, baby mittens (so they don’t scratch their face), thermometer, baby tylenol, etc

Less essential, but things I personally found  very useful or have heard others do:

– Bouncy chair – I found this essential early on, a good place to put the baby when I showered!  he is 8 months and still uses it

– A mobile – great entertainment after baby is 6ish weeks old

– White noise machine (if you live somewhere loud)

– Baby swing – we didn’t use it much, but many people think this is an essential!

– Bottle warmer if you are going to use bottles (breastmilk or fomula)

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@Tatum: I wasn’t overwhelmed at all by lists. My husband and I went to Babies R Us where they give you the list, and we walked around and scanned things to check off, and if we didn’t feel like we needed it we just crossed it off the list. That way I knew I wasn’t forgetting anything important.

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I’m in total agreement with @Janna19’s list of essentials.  I was intially on the fence too about registering because I’m not a big shower person and am in the camp that feels like the parents should be able/should be responsible for providing what their baby needs, not expect others to outfit their nursery from a registry.  I’d actually rather have experienced moms gift me things they thought I needed or cute outfits that I’d otherwise never splurge on because they weren’t practical for every day.  A registry for me was great for three things 1) a checklist/way to track what we needed to get for baby  2) gift options for people who wanted the ease of simply gifting something off a list  3) the 10% completion discount.

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