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Things we have found useful:

Medela Freestyle pump

Nosefrida nasal aspirator

Aden and Anais swaddle blankets

Oball toy

Lots of bibs

A good stroller (we have the Bumbleride Indie) 

Nursing pillow (we have the Boppy) 

Ubbi diaper pail (looks nicer than a Diaper Genie, contains smell and you can use regular garbage bags) 

A carrier (we have a hand me down Baby Bjorn and the Ergobaby, I had read the Ergo is supposed to be much better, and it definitely is more comfortable for me, but my baby strongly prefers the Baby Bjorn) 




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-ergo carrier

-I loved my wrap (boaba), but they’re not for everyone. My baby likes being swaddled close to me, and this will calm him down. This also came in handy as a newborn when he was too little for the ergo.

-Nosefrida ‘snot sucker’ 

-simple play gym to hang toys from (I’ve seen cute and simple wooden ones)

-a baby mirror for play time

-noise machine (white noise is helpful for our baby, but not everyone needs this)

-fisher price rock and play. When our baby is sick we put him in this to sleep next to our bed since it’s elevated.

-breast pump, pump steralizer bags, and lanolin oil. and booby ice packs! bf’ing was painful for me. 

-boppy not only for early nursing, but tummy time. 

-boons ‘lawn’ bottle drying rack. also great for pump parts. We have the largest one and fill it.

-caps for your brand of bottles… you usually have to purchase seperate. If your pump doesn’t come with one, also make sure you have a small cooler and ice pack for travelling with milk.

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Everyone will have different opinions but the things that I would absolutely not register for would be: clothes of any kind (everyone bought clothes, even if they got something else they threw a cute outfit with it), receiving blankets (I got 3 packs and never used them, they were just too small), a Bumbo (my baby’s legs were too chunky to ever use it), small toys (again a lot of people bought the clip on stroller attachment small toys to go with their present).

I bought a Munchkin diaper pail and use it all the time still, I also bought a Boppy and hated it, I just used a regular pillow.

Things that I think were an absolute must:

Aden + Anais muslin swaddles

Sleep n plays

Ergobaby carrier (or a carrier of any kind really)

Rock N Play sleeper (or some other bassinet of your choosing)

Pack N Play (great place to set the baby down for a couple minutes, or you can use that as your bassinet, plus its a great baby jail once they become mobile)

Starter set of bottles (I like Dr. Brown’s)


Infant Car Seat

Convertible Car seat too if you want to plan ahead

Crib sheets

Changing pad and cover

High chair

Bottle warmer (the convenience was worth it was 2 in the morning)

Diapers, lots and lots of diapers

Baby bath

Baby toiletries (baby body wash, lotion, baby oil)

Pack of cloth diapers (they make the best burp cloths)

Bibs with snap closure (velcro get stuck on everything in the wash)

Bottle drying rack

Halo sleep sack


Things that aren’t necessary but I still loved and use or used all the time:

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Chair (instead of the Bumbo)

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Fisher Price Superstar Step N Play piano (or any exersaucer)

Swing (My baby hated hers but everyone I know their kids loved swings)

Play mat

There are a ton of other little things that could potentially go on a registry but that’s really what I could think of right now and probably what I used the most.

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A bassinet. He will outgrow it quicklY, but I found it so useful. I used to wheel my sleeping baby everywhere I go so I can make sure he was safe and comfortable. And be able to do house chores and use the washroom without worrying because I could see him.

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soontobehisbride:  i thought of a idea. Why don’t you take one of your friends with kids (don’t bring the kids that would be too much work) but have her come help you register. It will be a lot less stressful for you in the long run she can show you what she liked and give you input on somethings that you may be curious about. I’m also sure your husband would be great full not to have to go. Men just have no idea about anything baby related. Also it would be a fun little get together 

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Here have been my favorite things:


Miracle Blanket (I was really sad when I had to stop using this- my baby slept really great in this)



lamaze firefly

bottles (depends on how often you like to wash.  I have to wash my pump parts everyday so I just do the bottles along with it.  So I only have 6 bottles)


activity gym

mobile (i have the precious planet one- I use the music everynight)

some halo sleep sack- wearable blanket (if you’re going to swaddle- you don’t need a super small sleep sack for a newborn.  I’d get the size Small meant for for 10-18lbs.  And think about the season, my baby was born in April and I’m still using a cotton one- you don’t want them overheated)

A&A blankets: I don’t use them to swaddle, but they’re great stroller blankets or I use them in the car to keep the sun off of her

stroller: I have a jogging stroller I love, you should probably think about your lifestyle for this.  some people don’t need one and others might just use an umbrella stroller.  I use both a carrier and stroller depending on where I’m going or what I’m doing.  There are +/- to both.

 other basics are nice: baby washcloths, towels, receiving blankets, burpcloths (you should really get the gerber cloth diapers for these, they’re cheap and work better than fancy looking burp cloths), books.  don’t go overboard on the toys IMO (except big things like gym and exercauser).


skips (for me):

boppy pillow (I think i might be too tall for them?)

bumbo chair

wipe warmer

bottle warmer (my baby only gets 3 bottles a day, and we use hot water in a large cup to warm it up)

bottle rack (I just use one of those drying mats)

anything that makes baby food.  your baby won’t be eating purees that long, and you can use any food processor if you want to make your own.  huge waste of $$ IMO.  If you don’t have a food processor, you’re better off buying yourself a food processor than anything created only for baby food.  You will get more use out of a food processor in the long run.

clothing: don’t register for NB or 3 mo clothes- people will buy you those sizes anyway and they will buy what they like, not what you register for.  My baby was 7lbs4oz and wore NB size for 1 month and the 2nd month she wore 3 mo size.  At 3 mos I had to put her in 6 mo clothing, that’s when she started wearing clothes a little longer.  So you might not get much time out of NB or 3 mo clothing.  I do think it’s a good idea to have a few NB pieces on hand in case you need them (you can buy more) but I wouldn’t go overboard because some babies never fit in them.

Also think about the season.  I had an early April baby and she wore some sleep and plays the first month but by May it was too hot to have her in them so she never wore any of her 3 or 6 mo sleep and plays at all!  She wore lots of little sunsuits and onesie type things.  Only now in her 9 mo clothing (she is 6 mo) and it’s October she’s finally wearing sleep and plays.

I used a swing, but for $140, I only got 3 months use out of it so not sure it’s really worth the $$.  but if you get it as a gift I think it’s fine.  otherwise, buy a used one.  there are LOTS of used swings floating around and they’ve barely been used.

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My son is 3 weeks old.  Things we use a lot are a fisher price rock n play (he sleeps in that instead of his crib right now), diapers, hats, socks, the pacifier thing with a little plush toy attached (can’t remeber the name, it stays in his mouth more than a pacifier alone does).  Diapers.  Breast pump.  Nipple cream.

Things I didn’t get before but now use:

bottle drying rack (I thought our regular dish rack was good enough, but I really don’t feel like making sure our dishes are put away before drying pump parts!)

wipe warmer (we didn’t register for this, but were gifted it.  He does cry a lot less at diaper changes now).


We were also gifted a diaper genie (not on our registry), and I really don’t like it.  Darling Husband didn’t want to return it (afraid of offending his friend).  I have a regular metal step can, and like that better.

Regarding clothes, sleep sacks are very handy for nighttime diaper changes.  You’ll get a whole bunch, so I’d recommend not registering for them.  We didn’t register for any clothes, but got so many that I wonder if my son will be able to wear them all before he grows out of them.

I had some NB clothes on hand (even though Darling Husband was almost 10 lbs, I just wanted some on hand just in case), and my premie boy was too small for many of them (6 lb, 5 oz).  A friend sent us some premie clothes they used.  If you need some things, its likely parent friends will be able to help you.

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soontobehisbride:  I don’t have kids.  But here is what I’ve heard.

Don’t register for toys or clothes.  Everyone will get them for you anyway. Don’t get anything you won’t use for a couple months, cause you’ll just have to store it (high chair, convertible car seat).

If you plan on babywearing, a good baby carrier is a must. My cousin said the Bijorn is like a knife in her lower back but it’s on of those things that people seem to think Everyone Must Have.  I’ve read awesome things about the Boba 4G.

If you want a specific stroller, I would go ahead and register for it.  Someone might be feeling particularly generous and get it for you, or someones might pool to get it.

…..I don’t know.  So much depends on your personal living situation and plans.  I know that my cousins liked the tips on Lucie’s List.  I read it, and I have to say, the mom who wrote it is funny.  Kept me entertained, and I’m years away from kids! My one beef with her is that she recommends the Baby Bijorn. I’ve researched extensively for a big physiology project in college and I BEG of you to never get a baby carrier that faces your baby out. The new Bijorn solves the hip issue, but facing your baby away from you while baby-wearing is HORRIBLE for their back. 

Anyway, take all this with a grain of salt.  I’ve never had kids.  I’ve been around my cousin’s kids a lot, and done a lot of research for physiology, but I have no practical experience of my own.

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One more thing we’ve found very useful– puppy pee pee pads.  We put them on the changing pad (on top of the cover).  It’s much easier to change a pee pee pad than wash a cover (and even with the pad, we’ve had to wash both covers a lot).  Especially with a boy who likes to pee everywhere!

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