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(I think you accidently typed ‘bridal shower’ instead of ‘baby shower’ in your post)

How about one of those little questionaire prediction things, where guests all fill out their guesses of “what day will the baby be born?” “How much will the baby weigh?” etc. and then after he/she is born, you can send the winner a prize.

Or you could do the funny side, questions like, “what will be [dad]’s reaction the first time he changes a poopy diaper?” “what will [mom] do when baby says her/his first word?” etc. It would be simple to think of questions for “firsts” all the way through, “who will cry more at [baby]’s wedding, mom or dad?”

ETA: Obviously no prize for the second one, it’s just funny to go around and hear other peoples’ answers to some of the questions, and everyone can laugh together.

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The last baby shower I attended (a couple months ago) at a hotel had several games. The clothespin game where you aren’t allowed to say “baby” for the duration of the party and anyone who catches you steals your pin. The first was baby bingo (which was a storebought game) that has pictures of baby items. You can probably download similar stuff online if you aren’t able to find anything in stores. The other that I didn’t really get but it was very well liked was someone being blindfolded in front of a table. On the table is a large bowl filled with cotton balls sitting next to a similar bowl that is empty. They are given a ladle and asked to scoop as many cotton balls and dump them into the empty bowl as they can in 3 mins. What’s funny is that most end up on the floor. The other that everyone enjoyed: everyone was given a baby bottle (full size but you can easily use the smaller instead) that was halfway filled with 7up. The first one to drink all the soda won.

You can get non-baby prizes for the games at Ross, Dollar Store, Walmart, Target, etc

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Clothesline Game:  We have done this a couple of times… use the traditonal clothesline with household itmes and accessories hanging on it.  Walk slowly around through the guests so they can take a good look.  Walk out of the room.  Ask the guests… how long was the clothesline or how many clothes pins were on it.  They are suprised and the game goes quickly.

Bridal Bingo:  sheet with blanks.  guests fill in their gifts and several other potential gifts.  Have several small gifts for when someone shouts Bingo!

Spice Guess:  Put several different spices in a ziplock bag or baby food jar.  Let guests look and or smell the spice.  Number paper from 1-?  Have each guest guess what spice is in the bag/or jar.

Bridal Questions:  Ask Bride to leave the room.  Ask guests several questions about her attire, fingernail color, how the couple met so on an so fourth.

Purse Game:  Ask guests if they have the following in their purse.  10 items only                cell phone, car keys, lip stick, mirror, gum, clippers, perfume, camera (not in phone), nail polish, calculator.  If you think it is too easy, change them up or add points to those more difficult.

That’s all I can think of.  Good Luck



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Sorry I thought you said bridal and you wanted baby shower games.  I think they will still work.  Baby Bingo instead of Bridal Bingo.  Hope they help.  You can always adapt to baby things.  Instead of the purse game you could have a time limit … really short on what should you pack in the diaper bag.  Make up a long list and award prizes for the most answers in a short time.

Good Luck!


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Oooh I just remembered another one: the hostess put a recieving blanket out in the middle of the room and on it were like 20 different things that a baby uses (all of which ended up being gifts for the mother to be), from a diaper to a stuffed animal to a monitor to a pacifier, etc. She let everyone look for like 2 minutes and then covered it up with another recieving blanket (or folded it over or something) and everyone had to write down as many things as they could remember.

This one was really fun for the other recently-new-moms, because they were like, “oh, there was such-and-such brand this, and … ” they knew all the details of everything. And all the women who had kids were telling the mom-to-be how great the stuff on the blanket was and how much she would use all of it.

At the end whoever remembered the most stuff on the blanket got a prize, and the mom-to-be got all the stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

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The safety pins in rice game: Fill a bowl 3/4 of the way full with dry rice. Add a packet of tiny gold safety pins and mix them in well. One at a time, blindfold each guest and give them the chance to remove as many safety pins as possible in one minute. The guest who finds the most pins wins the game. Make sure to mix any removed pins back in before the next guest’s turn so that everyone gets an equal chance.

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What about the game where you pass a roll of toilet paper around and each guest takes off how much toilet paper they think will fit around the mommy to be belly.

Also, there is a game where you come up with one word for each letter of the babys name.

My ideas are a *LITTLE* cheesy…I know….but maybe they will help!

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