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Look up Taking Cara Babies on Instagram – such good tips!  This sounds like the 4 months sleep regression, a little late.  It’s tough.  Hang in there!

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olivebutton :  How frustrating, OP. If you are really at your max, it’s okay to sometimes just set her down in her crib and go take some space for yourself. As long as she’s safe and you’ve done what you needed to do for her, let her know “It’s time for quiet time!” in a happy voice and give her (and yourself) some time. Whether or not she sleeps. It is mentally and physically exhausting to be “on” all the time.

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Sounds like your in the middle of a leap, and as such sleep regression to follow. 

Look up WonderWeeks! Was an eye opener for me!

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Sleep regression like PPs said. I had weeks like that every few months where our daughter wouldn’t sleep for more than a few minutes it seemed. I had to hold her to sleep like you are during those leaps. It was brutal. I was so sleep deprived and miserable. It will get better though, promise. Much much better! When she’s crying after you put her to bed dont feel like you can’t take some time to yourself. Take a quick shower, make yourself a coffee. Baby wilk be fine. You need to atleast do little things for yourself to keep sane.

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My son went through a stage like that around the same age. I thought he would never sleep again, but he’s 10 months now and sleeping like a champ! My suggestions are going to be really obvious but have you tried… White noise while rocking the bassinet? Rocking her in a bouncer? Light projector with music? Going for a walk in the pram? Drive in the car? Bath before nap time? My son now loves sleeping with his bunny, he cuddles it and sometimes immediately falls asleep (I take it out once he’s asleep – but it’s okay from 7 months or so to sleep with a toy apparently), but 5 months might be too little for that. Also agree that if you’ve done everything and nothing is working it’s okay to put her in bed and leave the room for a while and give yourself a break. Just remember this stage is only temporary. Also is it possible she could be teething? Do you have medicine or teething gel to use to see if that helps at all?

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What does your daily routine look like and what sort of awake time is your wee babe having at the moment?

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What was your sleep situation like before this happened? Had you done any sleep training methods before? Were your rocking her to sleep then transferring her to the crib asleep (or mostly asleep), or were you able to lay her down in the crib and let her fall asleep on her own?

How many naps a day is she having, and how long is she awake in between those naps?

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Honestly, my son was like this until I felt comfortable sleep training him around 1 y/o. I would download books on my ipad, grab myself some yummy drink or snack, and take a break from my day while he slept on me. That’s probably not a very helpful answer, but if all else fails, that time can be relaxing for you at least! 

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No advice. My kid started doing this a year ago and it’s never gotten better. I just came to sympathize.

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olivebutton :  my daughter strongly preferred to be held for naps too at that age. If it was me holding her she often wanted to be latched on too! So I know how exhausting it is. Have you tried a swing or a vibrating bouncer? Also the temperature change from warm mama to cold bed can be jarring so I’d try pre-warming the sheets with a hot water bottle or heading pad (removed when the baby goes in, of course). The last alternative is babywearing – you’re still going to have the baby on you but at least you can move around and have your hands free. 

How is her night sleep? My kid has always been a poor napper, but a rockstar night sleeper so her pediatrician suggested we roll with it rather than risk disrupting her night sleep. 

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olivebutton :  All the mamas are right, sleep regression. My little one went through this as well. I would suggest putting her down and letting her cry it out. I know that is so hard, but there are ways you can do it without having her cry for hours on end. After tireless nights and frustration I researched and asked friends of ways to do this and the best idea I read and found out from a friend who hired a sleep consultant was to do it in incraments…

Put her down and rub her back for a minute or so and leave the room. Wait 5-10 minutes (you need to time it too because it will feel like forever if you don’t). If she is still crying, go in and rub her back a few minutes, don’t pick her up, then leave the room again and time it. This time for 10-15 minutes. You keep doing this and extending it for another 5-10 minutes. I usually did it for up to 30-45 and after a while she started to just fall asleep. Evenutally 5-10 was the norm and she fell right to sleep. It did take time, patience, and practice. I’ll admit a few times I couldn’t do it so I would pick her up but very rarely did I do it. If you keep holding her that is what she will expect and she will just keep regressing.

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olivebutton :  I second checking out takingcarababies!  We are currently doing her ABC’s of sleep to wean night feedings.  Her instagram and blog alone though have amazing tips.

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You’re not a bad mom.  It’s totally normal and especially around 4-6mo until they settle into a 2/day nap routine after about 6mo.  I don’t have much advice.  My first did okay (though she woke up a lot at night during this age) and my second always wanted to be held.  He woke up at night 2-5x until he was 19mo.  We went on a 5 night trip and that helped him to sleep better when I wasn’t there lol.  Although he still wakes up around 3-5am each day and comes to sleep with me after that (he is 3). Always been a horrible sleeper.  He kept himself awake until 10:30pm last night and was up at 6am this morning.  On weekends I let him skip his nap so he’ll go to bed at 8:30pm.

You can try sleep training but I wasn’t a fan of it until my babies were older and even then I didn’t have the strength for it.  I sort of waited them out. 

The pick up/put down method worked okay for my first. Sometimes I let them cry for intervals (like lets say 10m) before going in and checking but I wasn’t really comfortable with that until they were closer to 1 or older.  I co-slept with mine part time to get enough sleep in the meantime.

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after 4 months of age, babies begin to have the sleep patterns they will have for the rest of their lives.  i would work on sleep associations (bed time routine, music/white noise, sleeping with a lovie) and avoid sleep crutches (rocking/nursing to sleep).

when the babies wake up not in your arms, they are going to be startled because the expect to be where they last were. 

i would not sleep train until at least 6 months.

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