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My son went through a major regression around 5 months and then a worse one at 6 months. Hang in there ABC’s of sleep and WonderWeeks App or book is realllly helpful. 
This will pass..hopefully 😩

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I did gentle sleep training around four and a half months for of the same reason. I didn’t want him to have to sleep on me or in his swing. I used a similar method to what Kendrao wrote up, but I stuck with the minute increment. So the first day I would go in after 3 minutes, pick him up, hold him until calm, and repeat. After we started seeing more success with that, I upped it to 5 minutes, then 10. I would recommend clearing a week out so you’re staying home the whole week with no changes to routine, so this can be three main focus. My son caught on with in week, and while nap time wasn’t (and still isn’t — he’s 8 months now) always a walk in the park, it has gotten massively easier!

Between some difficulties with his sleeping and his nursing, I found myself getting incredibly stressed out and frustrated. ended up being diagnosed with mild postpartum depression, but between baby doing better with sleep and nursing, and medication for me, I’m able to be a much calmer mom! ( I’m not saying you have PPD or need medication, just giving my experience.)

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I realize you haven’t answered some of the follow up questions, OP, and that may change the relevance of this, but I wanted to share what happened with me and my son.

Up until around 4 months, we were able to successfully nurse/rock him to sleep, then do the transfer into the crib and he’d sleep reasonably well. Then everything went haywire. Bedtime could take hours of getting him to sleep, attempting to transfer, then him snapping awake as soon as he touched the mattress. Or he’d sleep for 45 minutes, and wake up and we’d have to start all over again. Naps were not only on me, he had to be latched on the entire time. It was…..debilitating.

We tried many of the ‘gentler’ or more gradual sleep training methods, and none of them worked for my son at all. In fact, most of them seemed to make him mad. We eventually, in desperation, resorted to Ferber, which quickly changed to the ‘extinction’ method. And it was glorious. I mean, the first 3-4 days were incredibly, incredibly hard. But in almost no time he was putting himself to sleep in his own crib after naptime/bedtime routine, with basically zero fuss, within about 10 minutes.

If you haven’t done or considered sleep training….I seriously cannot recommend it enough. He was a much, much happier baby after we went through that, as he had the skills to let himself go to sleep when he needed it. And if the ‘gentler’ methods work for you, awesome. But if they don’t, you’re not alone, and there’s still a path forward (that doesn’t involve you signing yourself over to be a human crib for months on end).

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Sephiroth :  agree with all of this. Luckily a gentler method worked for us very quickly, but if it hadn’t, we would have moved to straight CIO without question. It’s controversial, but honestly, I’m more worried about damaging my kid by being a sleep deprived monster during waking hours for months or years on end than letting her cry a few hours one or two times. 

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olivebutton :  It is a process. I would say it took almost 2 months before we were really comfortable and in a routine with her. But it worked! By the time she was 10 months she was sleeping in her crib on her own. She is 20 months now and there are times she may wake up in the middle of the night, but she just falls right back to sleep and I have not had to go into sooth her (unless she is sick). but again, do not pick her up…i read every where and they say this will only make it more difficult keeping them in their crib, especially when they are sleepy, the change in motion will wake them more, just rub their back and like some of the others say…sound soother, and make a bedtime routine. 

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Mine’s never slept particularly well, naps have almost always been on me! I say relax – let them sleep on you, take some time out (f*** the housework) read a good book, nap with them, whatever. Your mental health is important, try not to get too bogged down in what they ‘should’ be doing. All babies are different and anyone who tells you the only way to do somehting is to sleep train/cry it out/etc etc should not be trusted!

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