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    MrsAKSkier:  It’s definitely comfort/habit at this point at night in my opinion. I was ont he fence about the night weaning as well for the reasons you were saying, that there was some crying when you cut them off. I started out at 7.5 mins and worked from there. At first there wasn’t usually crying because she’d finish drinking and just be sucking near the end, but one I was down to 3-4 mins, it was tough because I could still hear her drinking. She would cry but I would lay her down and leave it it would only be a couple of mins, max. Once I got to three mins I stopped going in. The first night she cried about 20 minutes before going back to sleep, the next night was 5 minutes and the third night she slept until 5:30am! Since then it’s between 2-4am though. Every baby is different of course, but if you don’t mind a little bit of crying and your baby is anything like mine, you should give it a shot!

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    MrsAKSkier:  Lot of good suggestions for you, and I think you’ll get some good tips from your books.  I think night weaning is your first step

    I’ll look around for where I read about the self-soothing cries, but I think it was somewhere on parents.com?  I remember the description included the staccato cry as well as baby sometimes turning their head back and forth, and I was able to observe DS doing that on the monitor.  Like others have said, when it escalates to the screaming/standing up in the crib, I do feel like I need to go in to make sure he’s ok, doesn’t have a fever, etc, then lay him back down and rub his back for awhile til he’s calm/asleep

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    MrsAKSkier:  We didn sleep train even though we were orginally against it.  After the 4 month sleep regression, DS’s sleep was so bad that he was only getting a fraction of the sleep he was supposed to get.  He was so cranky and overtired, so we decided that the benefits of sleep training outweighed the cons.  We went and spoke with a sleep specialist when he was around 6 months.  She gave us a pretty intense plan, but after the first phase which taught him to fall asleep by himself, he pretty much cut out the sleep wakings on his own and night weaned himself.  He does still wake up periodically throughout the night, espically when he is sick or teething, but he sleeps through the night most nights.  I felt our plan was really successful because the specialist had me leave the house for the first 2 nights and had my husband sleep train him, and I think that was why there was such a small amount of crying.  I hated the idea of sleep training, but DS is such a good sleeper and is no longer overtired, I feel no regret.   

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    I haven’t really sleep trained.  The most I’ve done is a few nights of letting her cry/fuss for up to 10m at a time.  It’s even worse in the middle of the night because she keeps me up if I let her fuss or cry.  So whatever I did just came natural at the time.  I don’t blame you for looking into sleep training if you’re exhausted. 

    Mine was an excellent sleeper (6 hr stretches at 6weeks) until about 3.5 month.  Then we had the 4 mo sleep regression, from 3.5 to 5.5 mo.  Increasing her daytime bottle ozs seemed to help some (started after 5.5mo).  And since then she’s improved but she doesn’t sleep all the way through the night.

    She naturally got better about going to sleep on her own, so she doesn’t fight naps or bedtime anymore (starting maybe 7.5 mo or so?).  But she still wakes up at least once per night.  Only in the past 2 weeks has she started having a few nights where she will sleep through until 5 or 6am.

    But for 9 mo I’ve been feeding her in the middle of the night!  Sometimes she is naughty and wakes up at 1/2am (5-6 hr stretch) and usually she goes till 3 or 4.  The 5/6 am has only been recently (and only happened 3x now!).  So it does seem she is getting better on her own, with time.  I just try to either hold her or let her sleep with me if it’s 1 or 2 am and not feed her.  I try to wait until at least 3 or 4 to feed her but I will give in if nothing else works.

    The only reason I’m not exhausted all the time is because I often fall asleep while she eats, and I’ll wake up an hour later and put her back in her crib.

    I think the solids did help…but not until she was able to eat a lot (like 10oz a day- 3 meals).

    Mine goes to bed at 7:30-8pm and will sleep until 8am (sometimes later) so I do feel like the one feeding is something she needs because without it she would only be having breastmilk 4x a day.  I’m just trying to get that feeding to about 5 or 6am. 

    I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to do sleep training!!

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    MrsAKSkier:  Oooh that’s awesome! You must have felt good, minus the engorgement. I never really have an issue with engorgement these days (though I kind of wish I did as I’m trying to build a stash!) but breastfeeding works on supply and demand so you should eventually adjust, though I don’t know how long it would take. If you’re wanting to stash milk at all it would be a perfect time to pump!

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    We used the book “The Sleep Easy Solution” and it was a LIFE SAVER!!!!!

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    I did sleep train my now 7 and 6 year old and it worked great (it was hard the 1st night but by the 3rd night, it was a miracle and ever since then they both sleep in their own rooms/beds). 

    My now 18 month old bedshares with me (something I did not want at all).  But he still breastfeeds too.  So I need to work on weaning (it is baby led so far so waiting for him to wean himself) But I will most likely start sleep training him  at around 2 if he doesn’t start sleeping thru the night on his own.

    I think I will try him again in his playpen (which is beside my bed) and see how he does there first, then move him to his room/bed). 

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    I’m sorry to hear you’re so tired, OP!! <br /><br />My daughter slept from 6:30 pm to 6 am one night, around 6 months and we were ecstatic. However, we learned that she needed help learning how to go back to sleep if we woke up in the middle of the night. So we trained her for 2 weeks at the 9 month mark. <br /><br />It was rough! I think she threw up once, which made me feel SO bad. I couldn’t take the crying and on some nights, I ran to her and rocked her to sleep after hearing her cry for about 40 minutes. 🙁 <br /><br />With that said, she has been an awesome sleeper with the exception of major milestones. Hope that helps!

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