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My baby is 9.5 months old.  She started sleeping through the night at 2 months old and continued until 7 months old.  She started waking up 1-3 times per night the week her bottom teeth came in at about 7.5 months old. (Normally she just wanted to be held a little while, but sometimes we had to change her diaper or feed her.) We started giving her a pacifier at that time. Now she wakes up 1-2 times per night and cries if she has lost her pacifier.  If we give her the pacifier back, she goes right back to sleep.  Sometimes I change her diaper if it feels really wet, but we do not normally have to feed her at night.  She eats expressed breastmilk from a bottle 4 times per day, and 3 meals of baby food purees or oatmeal.

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Unless there are some special conditions, you are right – at 7 months she should not need night feeds. But, you should ask your pediatrician just to be safe. You are certainly not alone in that “without intervention”, many babies wake up multiple times a night. The questions is: do you want to change it? If so, I recommend reading Ferber’s book and using his method. I was already exhausted from lack at sleep at 5 months and suddenly all methods of putting my daughter to bed stopped working. I did CIO and it worked within several days. There is also a great group on facebook Cry It Out Mama’s support group hich you can join for advice and support.

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My 4 month old gets up once during the night. But my two older children didn’t sleep at all. My oldest didn’t sleep through the night till she was about 7 years old, my middle daughter was about 4. I think some kids are better sleepers than others.

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My baby is 8 months old and has been sleeping through the night (7-6:30, give or take) since about 12 weeks.  When he’s teething or sick, or we’re traveling and sharing a room with him, he might wake up 1-2 times.  I guess we got lucky. 

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DD (7 months) wakes up anywhere from 2-10 times a night currently, on average probably 4 times though. At a certain point babies sleep cycles mature meaning they will wake up several times a night, the problem is when they can’t put themselves back to sleep. We are not interested in the CIO method, and I’m okay with our situation for the moment but we may try a no cry method of sleep training at some point. 

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I have been told that night weaning is not recommend until a baby is a year – by my pedi and others. There are so many growth spurts and developmental leaps the first year. Also, formula or breast milk should be their main source of food regardless of their solid intake.

I believe sleep is developmental. Babies sleep through the night when they are ready. All sleep training methods only teach a baby that their cries or needs are unanswered. Babies are people and they require so much attention and some more than others – personalities are different. There isn’t a one size fits all. Some sleep great and others need more reassurance. I still wake sometimes to use the bathroom, drink water, cuddle my spouse. 

As a family we are against CIO and Ferber methods. The psychology behind the reasons why are out there. I prefer to follow gentle parenting groups – so I attend to my childs needs in order to help them become secure. There are several non-sleep training groups out there to help parents during these times. 

It is best to remember that your baby is going through a hard time (think teeth, growth, etc) – they aren’t giving you a hard time. Good luck. 

Mine is 6mo – she wakes 2x a night.   

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My little one is six months old and is still getting up two to three times a night to feed. I feel it is completely normal for babies to get up through the night to feed. We do it as adults if we are hungry. We have not done sleep training. If the time comes we decide to do so, we will look at gentle methods. 

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Is he a good napper? My 8 month old started sleeping through the night at six months, which felt like an eternity compared to his sister, who did it at 10 weeks. 

Naps are key. We used Moms on Call with both our kids, and it’s trickier with the second, but doable. At that point, if they are eating enough during the day, they don’t need it at night. If it’s offered, of course they’ll take it, but they don’t need it. My doctor says it usually takes three nights of consistent behavior (i.e. you go in to soothe, but not feed) to see a change.

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My 1 year old slept through the night from about 2 months through 6 months, and then began waking 1-2x per night until just a couple of days ago actually.  My oldest daughter was a pretty rotten sleeper until about 18 months, and woke up veeerry frequently at that age.  It is normal, and  if he is waking a lot more than before, it’s probably teeth or a growth spurt.  Can your husband take a shift or two when he wakes at night? 4x per night has to be exhausting for you! 

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lovechocolate :  100% agree with everything. 7 months is very young to deliberately night wean. Wouldn’t necessarily stop the waking. 

Sleep is developmental. Every baby is different and they’ll do it when they’re ready. With all my friends babies, it doesn’t seem to have mattered what anyone did differently. 

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My LO was waking up every 45-90 minutes until we STed at 7 months. It was freaking TOUGH, but definitely needed. She and I were both much happier once she figured out how to sleep. She STTN at that point but did wake at 5am to nurse until I weaned at 12.5 months.

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daisybabybee :  I would not go in and pat and shush – it’s probably better to try the 5 – 10 -15 minutes schedule (or, some say, don’t go in at all). You should do the same thing for the middle-of-the-night wake-ups as you do when you put him to bed. The waking up itself is normal – the key is for the baby to learn to fall back asleep and eventually he will start connecting the cycles.

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my son is almost 7 months and has been a pretty good sleeper since 6 weeks, minus a rough 4 month regression!  he might wake up 1 or 2 times a night but he usually resolves it himself.  I used to rush in there as soon as I heard him, but as he’s gotten older I’ve found he doesn’t even seem awake!  he makes noises but goes back to sleep. 

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