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As far as numbers it kind of depends how often you want to do laundry and if your baby ends up being a spitter upper! bibs! lol

As for sizes, I would only get a few newborn sizes as babies grow fast and if you have an 8lb baby or bigger they wont last long!

My best advice is to buy second hand! Its just not worth buying new! Also, as soon as one size is starting to be a little snug or just on the verge of getting tight, its time to get out the next size! if you wait to long to bring out the next size half of those will be too small already! Then they get no use!

I honestly didnt listen to any of the things that tell you how many of each because I got a whole wardobe handed down to me so I just used that and counted it all out, I think I wanted about 10 pants and 10 shirts and 10 sleeprs seemed like the magic number for me! I think I had to many outfits cause he definitely didn’t wear everything a lot! lol, I had my favorites and he wore those the most!

 In June I’m guessing baby will wear a lot of onsies!


Sleepers… screw the buttons! zippers!!!! you dont want to be trying to snap buttons half asleep in the middle of the night!


I know this doesnt answer all your questions but I hope that I gave you sooooome good info!

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It really depends on the child and how much you want to do laundry. My son is above average height so we keep having to buy new clothes for him. He is 7 months and already out growing his 9 month stuff. I say maybe 1 week worth of clothes to start and if you need more just add along the way.

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You are SO not going to listen to me, but I’ll say it anyway: 

You don’t need to buy your baby a “wardrobe.” Don’t buy your baby a wardrobe. DON’T. 

All you need for the first few months are some sleepers. I would buy 1-3 month and not newborn stuff because unless your baby is very small or premature, they grow out of newborn very quickly. Generally, sleepers are nice because they keep the baby warm and you don’t have to pull it over a floppy head. Other than that, I would resist the urge to buy clothes (okay, maybe 1-2 things you can’t resist) because you don’t know how big your baby will be and what sort of shape they’ll have. If your baby is born in January but grows really fast, you could end up with a bunch of 12-month winter clothes that the kid fits in July. Plus, there are also a lot of strange preferences that you develop as a parent–my mother adored overalls and I couldn’t stand them; AND a lot of preferences your baby might develop (refuses to wear hats, hates sweaters, kicks off shoes); AND a lot of things you learn as a parent, like 6-9 month dresses aren’t so great for girls because that’s when they’re learning to crawl. The other reason is because if you are having a shower (and even if you don’t), you will get a wardrobe. Trust me. 

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I’d say mostly rely on onesies and maybe pants to go over them for the first couple months–shirts and pants aren’t really practical for a tiny baby, nor are dresses. Lightweight cotton is best. Short sleeves are also best IMO because you can get their arms in them easier, and if it’s chilly (though why would it be, inside), you can just wrap the baby in a blanket. You won’t need many hats, if any–most of what I read said babies shouldn’t wear hats inside after 1 month, and honestly how often are you outside w/ your newborn? I would also get the jammies that zip rather than snap–they really are a LOT easier. 

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BothCoasts:  I absolutely second this. My baby has always been about 2 sizes ahead by age (i.e. now at 8 months she is in 18 month clothing), so if I had tried to “buy ahead” based on season she would have been totally SOL. As it was she had lots of 9 month long sleeved clothes she never ended up wearing because while she will be 9 months old in December, 9 month size actually fit her in June/July–no way I was putting her in long sleeves and leggings then! 

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MrsMcQN:  Everyone told me that babies grow out of newborn quickley but i had a tiny baby (full term born at 40 weeks 3 days…only weight 2.71Kg equivalent to 6 pounds) who wore 0000 (this is Australian sizing, newborn size) for 6 weeks. She is currently 8 weeks and is in 000 (0-3 months) and probably will be in it for another 2 weeks. After that i estimate she will be in 00 (3-6 months) for 1 month.

For the first 4 weeks (Spring baby) she was mostly in onesies (Bonds Wondersuits). Once the weather warmed up and she had some meat on her bones we put her in more summery outfits. I only bought 5 wondersuits and some singlets. Everyone else bought me clothes.

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